Mayor of Philadelphia Camps Out For An iPhone

NBC 10 in Philadelphia had some people camped out for an iPhone when what did they see? Wait, is that… the Mayor? It was:

Donning a white baseball hat and warmup suit — complete with an iPod strapped to his arm — a casual Philadelphia Mayor John Street patiently sat on a lawn chair on a South Philadelphia sidewalk, hoping to get his hands on the new Apple iPhone Friday morning.

Street said he was No. 3 in a line of about six people, but said he was sure things would pick up later in the day.

“I’m out here with the rest of the gang, and we’re all waiting for the iPhone,” said Street, a self-proclaimed technology advocate. “This is the latest and I’m going to have it.”

Reader Nicole remarks: “Apparently, not too many people like this guy.” Well, Apple probably likes him. AT&T probably does, too.

What’s Mayor Street Doing? Waiting In Line For iPhone [NBC 10]
(Photo: NBC 10)