Wendy's Breakfast Attacks Unsuspecting Nation

The myth, the legend… that is Wendy’s breakfast is expanding, according to the Daily Southtown. The breakfast will consist of items such as ” a biscuit sandwich, a steak and egg sandwich on a Kaiser roll and a breakfast burrito. Some stores will sell chicken biscuit sandwiches and sausage, gravy and biscuits.” Wendy’s is expanding the number of stores that carry the breakfast menu to 650 nationwide.

Could it be true? It is, here’s photographic evidence. We don’t know about you people, but Wendy’s breakfast sounds kinda good to us. Anyone tried it?

Wendy’s joins scramble to lure morning diners [Daily Southtown]
(Photo: Growl Roar)


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  1. ohayorisa says:

    The University of Texas in Austin has a Wendy’s that served breakfast…it was delicious. I was very sad to move away after graduation and find out that it was one of the only locations in the country authorized to do so! There’s even a short film made about a local celebrity cashier who’s worked at that particular Wendy’s forever…check it out – [www.thewendysguy.com]

    There was a cover story about the growing fast food breakfast industry in Business Week I believe a few months ago…the announced Wendy’s plans to start offering breakfast around the country.

  2. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    They had breakfast in Columbus when I was a kid, and at the Ohio Union at OSU when I was a student there in the late 90’s. Really good stuff. Their hash browns are these adorable little disks. Worth checking out.

  3. uricmu says:

    I’m not a big fan of the “American breakfast” in its fast-food form. That stuff belongs in a plate in a diner, not in a oversynthetic package through the drive-in window.

    I was always hoping that Wendy’s would just offer the Tim Horton menu as its breakfast option, I thought that’s why they bought that chain in the first place. Better coffee anyway.

  4. Brian D says:

    Finally! I worked there one summer, and I can’t tell you how many times people would be sitting in the drive thru for 5 minutes, then finally knock on the door only to have us tell them that we didn’t serve breakfast. I do still like their food, in spite of having worked there.

  5. AcidReign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp I’d give it a try. IF…

    &nbsp &nbsp They don’t cook their bacon to a crisp. Bacon is well-preserved, cured, salted pork. It doesn’t NEED to be burnt to be good.

    &nbsp &nbsp They fry their REAL eggs over easy in real vegetable shortening, or lard. No powdered, frozen or plastic eggs. Bonus points for cooking the eggs in leftover bacon grease…

    &nbsp &nbsp Covered, smothered, and splattered hash browns to rival Waffle House. What? Frozen corn flour instead? I don’t THINK so!

    &nbsp &nbsp While I’m wishing for the moon, let’s add GOOD, strong roasted coffee with real cream.

    &nbsp &nbsp Damn, now I’m hungry…

  6. ThyGuy says:

    I hate eating fast food, and most food on the breakfast menus in all these fast food joints is extremely unhealthy. Do yourself a favor, eat some cold cereal and a banana.

  7. B says:

    @ThyGuy: Should I buy the ceral with a credit card, or should I eat it at a credit union? I prefer to eat apples, myself.

  8. monkey-knife-fight says:

    The Wendy’s restaurants here in Cary, NC are serving breakfast now. In fact, I tried a chicken biscuit from the Maynard/High House Wendy’s just this morning. The biscuit was undercooked, and thus, kind of doughy and the chicken was…well…I’ll have to take their word for it that it was actually chicken. It was nothing short of disgusting. Now Bojangles, there’s a chicken biscuit you can set your watch by.

  9. TVarmy says:

    Why can’t these fast food places ever think of anything that original? It seems that they hit a dead end with the Egg McMuffin. Now everything is on a biscuit or croissant, and it’s always a sad-looking egg or sausage patty. What’s the point of going to one place or another?

    Then again, biscuits and gravy are awesome. If they taste good after the fast food processing, Wendy’s may have found a customer. Unless they just limit them to the deep south where there’s a real diner down the street that can serve them up faster and better due to the waning popularity of such places.

  10. uricmu says:

    @TVARMY: I agree. It’s funny that in Europe you can have a sub for breakfast (well, a sandwich anyway), and yet when you go to Subway or Quiznos in the US they offer you the same McMuffin variety, even though they’re actually in the position to offer you an alternative.

    Perhaps Wendy’s should just contract with a bagel company. In most suburbs, there are more Wendy’s around than donut places or bagel shops.

  11. infinitysnake says:

    I’m actually quite depressed that anyone seems to be looking forward to this..doesn’t anyone feed you guys?!

  12. eli_b says:

    Did you hear that? It’s the sound of America getting fatter. Thanks Wendys. What would really be original is if they served apples, oranges, bananas, etc in a drive through.

  13. Mom2Talavera says:

    fast food makes me go into anaphylactic shock.

    we wonder why the nation’s collective medical bill is so much! Sure the system is broken but it takes 2 to tango!

  14. joemono says:

    I’ve only seen it in two locations – the MSU Student Union and the PDX Airport. In college I got pancakes once at the Union and they were gross – but I think it’s because they weren’t all the way done (and it only takes one bite to find that out).

    @ELI_B: I doubt adding Wendy’s to the already long list of fast-food breakfast options is going to have any effect on America’s waistline. Look on the bright side – people with a Wendy’s on the way of their morning commute won’t have to drive out of the way (and waste gas) to find a place that has it. As for your suggestion of wanting fruit in a drive thru – it’s not a bad idea, but wouldn’t it be healthier to get out of your car and walk into a grocery store to buy that?

  15. Tallanvor says:

    Raleigh was one of the test areas for this. Some of it was pretty good. Not healthy, granted, but still far tastier than McDonalds.

  16. Red_Eye says:

    Please no, say it aint so! Its one of the few places you can get Lunch early!

  17. HawkWolf says:

    you know what I don’t understand? I used to eat breakfast at wendy’s all the time. I’d go there every morning I had to do AV setup for the lit school orientation presentations for my college.

    I’d get a bacon egg and cheese thing. Delicious.

    I tell this to anyone I know, and they go, “haha, wendy’s doesn’t have breakfast!”

    But… but… it was a wendy’s?

  18. discounteggroll says:

    chicken and waffles here I come!

  19. Amsterdaam says:

    They Wendy’s in Key West on Duval Street has been serving breakfast for at least 5 years. Basic stuff, biscuits and such, until 2pm I believe.

  20. bangoskank says:

    ELI_B: They do serve some of that stuff. You can get yogurt and/or mandarin oranges as a side instead of hashbrowns if you want. Not exactly earth shattering but a step in the right direction.

    I love all the people who make comments like, “fast food restaurants are making Americans fatter!” No they aren’t. Americans are making Americans fatter. Has personal responsibility gone completely out the window?

  21. alpha says:

    I love fast food breakfast. Now…I don’t eat it very often mind you (like 1-2x a year?), but man, that stuff is delicious.

  22. SmoovyG says:

    @HawkWolf: I don’t know when this was, but when I worked for Wendy’s in high school, back in 1988, they just started running a breakfast menu. I don’t think it lasted very long, but it was tasty, with all the biscuits made from scratch, fresh eggs, etc. You know, like McDonalds was until the mid-90s.

  23. nidolke says:

    You know I love me some Wendy’s. Breakfast menu? Bring it on.

  24. any such name says:

    in my part of ohio growing up and college, we never had wendy’s breakfast. boo. time to send this link to my sister who worked at our local wendy’s for years!

    also, i think that most people who care about health at least a little will choose wendy’s over mcdonald’s or BK anyday – the whole fresh not frozen patties thing, etc., even though it’s still fast food.

  25. JPropaganda says:

    Absolutely true rumor. I used to write advertising for wendy’s and although I never had the opportunity to eat the fabled Wendy’s breakfast, I knew a few guys who had some when they flew out to Ohio. They gave it a very good review.

  26. eli_b says:

    @bangoskank: That’s like saying the police shouldn’t bother with drug dealers on the corner, because it’s a ‘personal choice.’ I don’t give a damn either way, I don’t eat there. I just think it’s ironic that the more studies and press about the ‘nations health’ the national chains continue to go in the opposite direction. Oh no! People are having to spend more gas driving out of their way because they can’t get their heart-exploding breakfast closer?

  27. fulanoche says:

    In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Wendy’s has had a breakfast menu for about 10 years. And like infinitysnake, what’s the excitement?

  28. Wendys-Griller says:

    Hey all, I’m an employee of Wendy’s, the breakast combos are good, but notice the spelling of “breakast”.
    all over the U.S. there are type-Os on the drive thru menu boards, either some guy in marketing tried to abbreviate, or the dude was an idiot, Either way, I think it’s funny as hell. see for your self, while your there, try the new jalipenio cheddar melt, not at all stores, but thats how it’s spelled on the ad on the paper liner for our dining room trays.