Smackdeal Shopping Event Starts At 3pm Eastern

The Consumerist Smackdeal shopping game starts at 3pm Eastern. Today, announced Jellfyish there will be no more 60-day wait for the rebate. You only pay the discounted price…

It works like a reverse auction, where price drops as the time goes on. The game is to buy the product at the lowest price, which can get up to 80% off. However, you don’t know how many they’re selling so if you wait too long, you lose out. Side games and a real-time chat enliven the affair.

Based on your comments, we asked for these products, we’ll see how many show up in the game:

80gb ipod
X-Box 360 Elite
rechargeable batteries + charger
Mac Mini
Keyspan TVI-200C Tuneview For Ipod (Keyspan TVI200C)
Nikon D40
200 gig + external hard drive
Garmin Nuvi 370
HTC Pocket PC/Smartphones

Check out the action here.

p.s. We’re not getting paid for this. We just thought it would be fun. Don’t want the deals? Don’t play.

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