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• offers $30 credit if you get their Visa card. Are there reasons not to get it?

• Bargain calling cards. Get what you pay for? Reader runs into poor call quality and even poorer customer service.

• Circuit City holds back installation information from reader in order to extort the purchase of ‘Firedog’ professional installation.

• After nearly a year of troubleshooting with VoIP provider reader gets a quick technical resolution… through Linksys’ online help chat.


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  1. yooper1019 says:

    i got $30 off my Garmin Forerunner GPS using the amazon visa which was sweetly priced at amazon already and their rebate center screwed up and doubled my rebate to $100 instead of $50 and initially trying to deny it. How often does that happen??!! Of course I immediately paid the card off and will never use it again. :)

  2. jeff303 says: card doesn’t seem like a good deal at all. You basically get Amazon gift certs (not cash) at the rate of 3% from Amazon and 1% from select partners. A regular rewards card like Discover or Chase Freedom gets you 1% *cash* on *every* purchase plus 3-5% for varying other transactions.

  3. Pipes says:

    As my first credit card, the one’s been pretty good to me so far. The credit limit is a pain though. Mine is only at $400 right now, and I’d love to get some more, especially since I am cash rich. Come on, Chase! Since I received your credit card in February I have bought a car and been paying that off, in addition to student loans, insurance, etc, everything on time, and am now starting a $45K/year job, and you can’t give me a $100 credit increase? My new freaking apartment is $1K/month, I’d really like to pay it by card.