14 Days To Return The iPhone, 10% Restocking Fee If Box Is Opened

If you’re planning on buying an iPhone, make sure you won’t have buyer’s remorse because if you do, it’ll cost you 10%. AT&T has released a PDF of “pre-purchase understandings” that read like warnings:

• You have to have iTunes and a credit card to activate the phone. It even runs your credit, which is sort of scary. You can also choose to have your credit pre-approved in an AT&T store.

• “To use iPhone, you’ll need to sign up for a 2-year service agreement or a renewed 2-year service agreement if you’re an existing AT&T (formerly Cingular) wireless customer.” Existing customers can keep their voice plans, but must sign up for the iPhone data plan.

• “iPhone is covered by the Apple Warranty. There is no eligibility for the wireless phone insurance program.”

• “You can return your iPhone within 14 days for a full refund, but there is a 10% restocking fee if the box has been opened.”

Here’s the rest of the return policy from the FAQ:

Q. Do you have a special return policy for iPhones?
A. Yes. Apple branded equipment is covered by a 14-day return policy and must be returned to the original point of purchase. If the Apple branded equipment is returned unopened and in the original shrink wrapping, it will be refunded back to the original payment method. Opened Apple branded equipment that is returned within 14 days will be subject to a 10% open box restocking fee. All products must be packed in their original, unmarked packaging including any accessories and manuals that shipped with the product.

iPhone Frequently Asked Questions [AT&T]
Pre-purchase understandings (PDF) [AT&T]