Kmart Employee Busted For Letting Relatives Walk Out With Shopping Carts Full Of Stolen Stuff

Employee theft is a serious problem for retailers. It makes prices go up and return policies more strict. So when we hear about an employee getting busted for such a spectacularly stupid, yet probably effective and routinely performed scam we are glad.

Police arrested Derrick Devin Smith, 18, and his aunt, Eyvonne Marie Johnson, 29, both of Des Moines, on charges of second-degree theft involving some $1,082 in allegedly stolen property,according to the Des Moines Register.

Smith and his aunt pulled a real Ocean’s 11 caliber scam. The aunt filled her cart with the items she needed. Smith pretended to ring them up. You can guess what’s coming next. From the police report:

“Derrick’s aunt, Eyvonne Johnson, came into the store and put numerous items in a shopping cart and went through Derrick’s check-out line. Derrick scanned a couple of items to make it look like Eyvonne paid for it all. Then Eyvonne walked out the front door with a cart full of unpaid property.”

Smith admitted to letting his friends do the same thing. One too many times though, it seems.

Kmart employee fired in alleged theft scam [Des Moines Register]

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