Sprinklers Douse Travelers At LAX

A water pipe broke, dousing travelers and workers and causing an evacuation at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday. Fun! From CBS:

At the Southwest Airlines check-in counter, computers were covered in plastic. The baggage claim area on the lower level was cordoned off, and sawdust and puddles of water lined the floor.

Garbage cans and buckets were spread out in a large section of the baggage claim area, gathering water drops that continued to fall from ceiling tiles.

Soaked passengers missed flights and had to be completely rescreened after the evacuation. We think this was just a clever terrorist plot to get more than 3 oz of fluid past the TSA checkpoint. Obviously, they’ve become more sophisticated after the failure of the sippy cup plot. You win this time, terrorists. —MEGHANN MARCO

Sprinklers Douse People At LA Airport [CBS]
(Photo: Kenny Miller)

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