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  • Credit Card Companies Limit Gas Station Purchases
    Code0 says: “The only way around these limits is to pay inside with your card. Although this is inconvenient, you can at least pay for the gas on the same card.

  • This Walmart Birthday Cake Shows Excellent Craftmanship
    Minneapolistite says: “I’m with the people who recommend working with a local baker or baking it yourself. Better yet, bake the cake and frost it–then let your daughter help decorate it with sprinkles (and when she gets a little older, a pastry bag frosting kit). By age 6, she might even be doing a better job than Walmart.

  • Sir, That’s Not Fecal Water Flooding Your Cruise Ship Stateroom, That’s Brown Glue
    The Nature Boy says: “I’ve heard of being passive, but my god, living in a small room with shit-soaked carpets for three days?!! Come on man! I agree with everyone else…I usually roll my eyes at sue-happy Americans, but this warrants a lawsuit, the neglect is so unreal.

  • Shell Station Owner Raises Gas Prices In Protest Against Shell
    Missdona wonders: “Is it just a coincidence that the guy’s name is Oyster and he owns a Shell?

  • Target’s Everyday Ineptitude Reminds Me Why I Like Online Shopping
    Geran says: “The most they can do is check backroom stock on that. Even that will only show the physical location of the item. The only real way to know for sure if we have an item is for the team member to go out on to the sales floor with PDT in hand to see if there are any in the location given.

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