Top Posts Of The Week

AT&T Giving Consumers The Runaround Over Secret $10 DSL
“We’ve been hearing that consumers who try to sign up for the plan are getting a sales pitch for a more expensive plan, hung up on, transferred to the switchboard, etc.”

Man Teaches Apple To Not Repair His Macbook By Smashing It With Sledgehammer
“…or a magic moisture cloud descended on the Macbook in the dead of the night, we’ll never know, but what’s unquestionable that once the sledgehammer came out, we gave the computer screen a little “rock on” hand sign.”

XBOX360 Consumer Pwns Microsoft Using Level 34 American Express Powers
“Credit card extended warranty, for the win. Check to see if your issuer offers it on items purchased with the credit card.”

AT&T’s Secret $10 DSL
” As part of a concession made to the FCC in order to get its mitts on BellSouth, AT&T is required to offer basic DSL for $10 a month to its entire 22 state coverage area for a period of 2 years.”

Calling DirecTV President Results In New, Non-Broken, HD DVR For Nearly Free
“To my delight, I actually did receive a return call from Shannon this morning. In the end, she apologized again for what I had been through and said they were sending a brand new DirecTV HD DVR to me…”