XBOX360 Consumer Pwns Microsoft Using Level 34 American Express Powers

Remember Richard? Microsoft and numerous commenters mocked him for trying to get his XBOX360 fixed under warranty repair because he had a random tech pry open the box, thus voiding the warranty.

A Microsoft tech on the phone even said to Richard, “”Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”

While it’s indisputable that he shouldn’t have cracked open the case, it looks like Richard has the last laugh:

Thanks to the people who posted comments to my story I have been able to get a refund from my AMEX card. They did extend Microsofts 1 year warranty by another year. I was able to get a full refund of the original purchase price, thanks to American Express.

I guess Jose did me a favor by ticking me off enough to seek you and your readers help.

Thank you to You and your readers… oh and Jose… I am thanking at you right now.

Credit card extended warranty, for the win. Check to see if your issuer offers it on items purchased with the credit card. — BEN POPKEN

Xbox360 Tells Customer “I Am Laughing At You” And Hangs Up
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