Kmart Pays $15,000 Fine For Not Putting Price Tags On Merchandise

Kmart has paid a $15,000 fine to Westchester County, NY for not putting price tags on its merchandise. “Westchester’s law is clear: Items on store shelves must be clearly marked with a price tag, so consumers can verify how much an item costs and be sure that they are being charged the correct price at the checkout register,” County Executive Andy Spano told Lower Hudson Online.

Whoops. According to the report, many of the unmarked items at the Westchester County store were part of the Martha Stewart Collection. Scandalous! —MEGHANN MARCO

Kmart pays $15,000 fine for violating Westchester County’s item pricing law. [Lower Hudson Online]


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  1. Hoss says:

    In many areas with this law, big box stores like Cosco, BJs and Sams Club find it cheaper to pay the fines than to comply.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Department of Weights and Measures representin’!

  3. rebecca l says:

    How is there a Kmart in Westchester??? I’d think the community wouldn’t even “soil” their hands at a Target.

  4. Bryan Price says:

    Might as well throw Martha in jail for this as well.

  5. joopiter says:

    @rebecca l: There are Wal-Marts in Fairfield County as well. Rich people buy cheap crap too.

  6. rreimund says:

    Interestingly enough – Home Depot also got fined by the county last month… for not issuing rain checks on sale items:(only $1500 though)

  7. smallestmills says:

    Michigan has similar outdated pricing laws. Every item must be physically priced with a price ticket. It sounds good on paper, but individually pricing a gross of Tic-Tacs wastes a lot of time, as opposed to just being able to price the shelf. Stores are only exempt from not pricing 25 specific SKUs (Stock Keeping Units, a.k.a. items), so only one type of mint candy (i.e. Tic-Tacs as opposed to all mint candies) are covered. I think the fine in MI is per item not priced. And don’t even get me started on the scan-error laws.

  8. bnissan97 says:

    I wish that was a law everywhere.

    People if it isn’t tagged, get the manager. I do to hopefully draw the managers attention to the fact that the store is a mess. I make them come to where I found the product.

    No I don’t do this on all non tagged, I am not that anal. But if I am interested in something and it I can’t find the price, I do.

  9. Bix says:

    @rebecca l:
    Yeah, damn those greedy JEW YORKERS who think they’re too good for Wal-Mart, too!