Fake Toxic Colgate Still On Store Shelves

The Herald News of New Jersey conducted an informal survey of local dollar stores and found that 4 out of 9 were still selling fake Colgate toothpaste flavored with a toxic chemical more commonly found in antifreeze. The FDA reminds you:

The counterfeit toothpaste can be easily recognized because it is labeled as “Manufactured in South Africa.” Colgate does not import toothpaste into the United States from South Africa. In addition, the counterfeit packages examined so far have several misspellings including: “isclinically” “SOUTH AFRLCA” “South African Dental Assoxiation”.

Colgate did not manufacture the fake toothpaste and claims that the health risk of the counterfeit paste is minimal.

As with all recalls, you shouldn’t assume that just because the product is still on store shelves that it’s “OK.”

When a clerk at a dollar store that was still selling the toothpaste was questioned by the Herald News, she claimed to have heard about the recall, then stated: “They said it was from China or something,” she said, referring to news reports. “But when I checked, they weren’t from China.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Tainted toothpaste still in local stores [Herald News]
(Photo: tuppaware_01)

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