Blockbuster Sides With Sony Blu-Ray

Blockbuster has announced its decision to exclusively rent Sony Blu-Ray DVDs, much to the dismay of HD DVD owners. According to the AP, the decision comes following a test of both formats at 250 stores. Blockbuster found that consumers were choosing Blu-ray over 70% of the time.

“The consumers are sending us a message. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing,” Matthew Smith, senior vice president of merchandising at Blockbuster, told The Associated Press.

The North American HD DVD Promotional Group responded: “I think trying to make a format decision using such a short time period is really not measuring what the consumer is saying,” said Ken Graffeo, co-president.

Is this the final blow for HD DVD? Wait, does anyone still rent at Blockbuster? —MEGHANN MARCO

AP: Blockbuster to Favor Blu-Ray HD Disc [AP] (Thanks, Phil!)
(Photo: medalian1)

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