What Makes For A Good Wedding Present?

It’s June, which used to mean nice weather in the Northeast. Now it just means it’s wedding season, which will never change.

Kiplinger.com‘s Cameron Huddleston recently wrote an article called “How to Avoid Overspending on Wedding Gifts.” It’s worth checking out for some ideas on getting a present that won’t get lost in an Everest of pricier, flashier ones.

Sure, maybe I’m just inexperienced at wedding-gift shopping (after all, most of my good friends were divorced before we met), but some of these ideas stand out…

(Photo: Getty Images)

• Buy a group gift in order to get them something you otherwise couldn’t afford
• Go with whatever strikes your fancy in the registry (there’s a registry? Okay, I’m kidding, but I forgot that one)
• Offer your skills at the ceremony (say, you’re a musician or the world’s greatest bartender, maybe)

I take issue with Huddleston’s final suggestion, which is basically re-gifting, which is only acceptable if you just lost your job, had your identity stolen, and you’re being evicted. Maybe not even then, either. —BRIAN FAIRBANKS

Avoid Overspending on Wedding Gifts [Kiplinger]

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