Clearance Items: Fast Food Crime Watch!

That’s right, it’s…. The Consumerist Grease Blotter


Man knifed in back , court told [EADT]
SHOCKED shoppers saw a man plunge a knife into another man’s back in Bury St Edmunds’ town centre, a court has heard. Nicholas Reed was walking to McDonalds when he was approached by two men before one punched him in the face

Deliveryman robbed by men with gun [Capital-Journal]
A Pizza Hut deliveryman’s call to a vacant house late Friday turned out to be a recipe for robbery.

Terror and death inside the KFC kidnap siege [Shanghai Daily News]
Other witnesses recalled that the mother was crying. She had taken out her wallet and pleaded with the man to release her little girl. The man was yelling out that “I want to eat KFC,” witnesses said.

Witness plea after robbery in broad daylight [Dunstable Today]
Two men in balaclavas jumped over the counter at the KFC restaurant in the White Lion Retail Park and threatened staff with a knife on Wednesday last week



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  1. hc5duke says:

    In case you were wondering where that creepy Ronald McDonald is from (or maybe I’m alone in that regard), the flickr page says Bangkok, Thailand.

  2. asherchang says:

    That is so fricken scary

  3. That thing creeps me out…

  4. EtherealStrife says:

    “During talks between police experts and the man, three pot plants and two bundles of roses were carried into the store”

    Flower power man!

  5. faust1200 says:

    As opposed to a ‘non-creepy’ Ronald McDonald????

  6. TheSlate says:

    So what’s crime at fast food restaurants have to do with consumer rights?

  7. shdwsclan says:

    Fast food is totally unsafe……

    On the way to the fast food joint you get robbed/mugged/wounded/killed because only bad element eat such cheap food….bums..lowerclass…etc….

    And if you actually make it to joint, and eat the stuff, you face artery disease, heart attack, obesity, and when you come out to go home, you face being mugged,carjacked, wounded/killed again….so whats the point of getting fast food….
    and if you order out, you also might get robbed, killed…etc..

  8. snowferret says:

    So do fast food crimes get tried in food court?
    Sorry, sorry.. yes I know.
    Also am I the only one that thinks that the KFC guy sounds like a total crackhead? I just remember watching supersize me and how he drew paralels between drugs and fast food.