Great Moments In Commercial History: Augusta Express

Reader and commenter JPropaganda is responsible for this week’s GMICH: “I have this week’s classic commercial moment,” JPropaganda says,”Shazaaaam!”

Shazaaaam, indeed. As if the commercial wasn’t enough, our dear reader even did a remix for us. We love this.

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  1. KF4 says:

    Never thought Augusta would make it to the Consumerist. This makes two things we’re known for, I suppose.

  2. homerjay says:

    Way to perpetuate that stereotype, dude.

  3. Why is it always Georgia?!?!


    I’m sorry to say that I’ve actually seen this mess on TV.

  4. jde says:

    The sad part is, I live about 3 miles from that place. They are owned by Augusta Dodge (which also have some awful commercials). However, if you read Augusta Express’s signs as you drive past, you’d think about pulling in there to buy a new car yourself. Where else can you get a Benz for 250 a month?

  5. John Stracke says:


    Never thought Augusta would make it to the Consumerist.

    This is at least the second time; they covered the guy who drove his SUV through the Augusta Mall, too.

  6. royuncg says:

    A modern day minstrel show. I hate it that he would resort to such buffoonery to sell cars. And how degrading for women at the end.

  7. @Rectilinear Propagation:

    It’s always Georgia because the people in Louisiana (which has ads that put this one to shame…) don’t have VCRs or TiVOs, and haven’t quite figured out this “UTube” thing yet.

  8. gamble says:

    That seriously made my day. I wish we got commercials like that here. The only weird commercials that I see are more creepy than funny. (Norton Furniture anyone?)

  9. JPropaganda says:

    YES! I knew I had a winner in Augusta Express!

  10. Pinget says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  11. jimmythefly says:

    There’s a Vern Fonk Insurance commercial version of this that cracks me up. Can’t seem to locate it online yet, anyone?

  12. martygras9 says:

    This commercial is a complete rip off from a comedy troupe in New York City. It’s verbatim.