US Airways Numbers That Don't Work Quite Right

US Airways’ phone system is jacked up and many publicly provided numbers don’t seem to go to the right place. Par example:

    866-523-5333 – Customer care. Press 3 to leave a comment or complaint about a previous flight, stay on hold for 30+ minutes and/or get told they’re really sorry but there just doesn’t seem to be anyone around to help you.

    973-623-9069 – The number JFK gives as being US Airway’s lost and found. The mailbox is full.

    973-642-5506, 973-642-5507 – Alternate US Airways contact numbers JFK provides when told the previous number leads to a full mailbox. Got busy signals when calling at 1pm Eastern Time.

    480-693-0800 – Corporate HQ live operator. If you call before a certain time, you get a busy signal. Odd choice, that.

    480-693-1227 – Investor relations. Is a voicemail box. However, if you press 0, you can get into the company directory…

US Airways, fix your shit! — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Lancasterfm159)

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