US Airways Numbers That Don't Work Quite Right

US Airways’ phone system is jacked up and many publicly provided numbers don’t seem to go to the right place. Par example:

    866-523-5333 – Customer care. Press 3 to leave a comment or complaint about a previous flight, stay on hold for 30+ minutes and/or get told they’re really sorry but there just doesn’t seem to be anyone around to help you.

    973-623-9069 – The number JFK gives as being US Airway’s lost and found. The mailbox is full.

    973-642-5506, 973-642-5507 – Alternate US Airways contact numbers JFK provides when told the previous number leads to a full mailbox. Got busy signals when calling at 1pm Eastern Time.

    480-693-0800 – Corporate HQ live operator. If you call before a certain time, you get a busy signal. Odd choice, that.

    480-693-1227 – Investor relations. Is a voicemail box. However, if you press 0, you can get into the company directory…

US Airways, fix your shit! — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Lancasterfm159)


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  1. fizzer fits says:

    Ha! I just got back from the worst f#$@-up airways jaunt ever. They gave me those numbers… To put a finer point on it:

    The 866-523-5333 number, after pressing a certain option, will route you to a 480 number (not listed above I think). That number, when pressing for the same option (refunds I think), will put you back to the 866 number.

    I got four other numbers from operators, two of them where the 866-523-5333 number in disguise, one was a voicemail referring me back to the 480 number (seriously people, at least identify numbers that no longer exist!) , and the last one I am trying today, though I was told that I had to get the call in very early if I was to actually speak to someone. This was for customer support. Errrmm, why are they telling me that I should call customer support at 5 a.m. and be prepared for a ‘very long wait’? Isn’t that a red flag for someone at corporate to, I don’t know, get more support people?

    That’s not even talking about their service – hell on the jaunt I was on yesterday, when I got rerouted for the second time due to their error, one of their puddle jumpers had no air conditioning (arriving and waiting in Pheonix no less!), and another one their lavoratory didn’t work. At least they informed us before boarding that if we were to go make water we should do it in the terminal, but still.

  2. phypennwl says:

    Not only that, but their website is just about the most useless consumer website ever. For several months, the flight status checker from the main page didn’t work (I refuse to fly them anymore, so I have no idea if they fixed it). Another time, my friend reserved a specific seat on the plane, only to find that they gave him a completely different seat when he printed his boarding pass. I really could go on about their website, but I don’t want to wear my fingers out.