Morning Deals

Woot: Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod for $19.99

ComputerGeeks: 2 DigiPro 5.5×4″ Graphics Tablets with Cordless Stylus Pen for $49.99

Comcast: Up to $200 cash back after Mail In Rebates

Highlights From Dealhack

Tiger Direct: Motorola V3 RAZR Unlocked Mobile Phone $115
Smart Bargains: Two Adirondack Chairs $159 & Free Shipping Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio v.8.0 only $25


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  1. homerjay says:

    Do you seriously have a COMCAST ‘deal’ up here?????

  2. kopfhorer says:

    I was just at the BUY.COM link. The rebate deals on Sound Forge are nowhere to be found.

  3. spanky says:

    Tiger Direct has a FORM LETTER for when you order a new, unlocked phone and they send you a used, locked one.

    Ordering from Tiger Direct is like buying a raffle ticket. Maybe you’ll get what you wanted, and maybe they’ll just mail you a box full of twigs and used Kleenex.

  4. pestie says:

    No shit. What’s with the frequent whoring of Tiger Direct on this site? That company is criminal.