Hacking US Airways' Company Directory To Reach Lost And Found

Since US Airways Lost and Found number was nowhere to be found, and no one was picking up the direct line to their company switchboard, we decided to hack their company directory

Here’s the recording of us, spruced up by the visual wizardy of our video slave Alex Goldberg, calling Investor Relations (480-693-1227) yesterday, pressing 0, and brute forcing our way to somebody, anybody, any live person to help us just file a simple (and yes, probably totally hopeless) Lost and Found request.

We recommend this technique if you’re faced with an antagonistic operator, or, as in our case, a company that tries to prevent you from even talking to an operator. — BEN POPKEN

US Airways Lost And Found: “That’s Pretty Low On Our Priority List”
UPDATE: US Airways Broken Lost And Found Page
US Airways Numbers That Don’t Work Quite Right
US Airways Broken Lost And Found Page


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  1. JPropaganda says:

    I love the pictures!

  2. Designersheets says:

    Good luck finding anything lost in transit, you would probably be better off going straight to the place where they sell your stuff when you lose it – the unclaimed baggage store in alabama. Hey a guidance system for an F16 fighter jet valued at a quarter of a million dollars belonging to the U.S. Navy made it there, what hope is there for your stuff?

  3. gondaba says:

    Wow, Ben, all this effort … what did you lose?!

  4. faust1200 says:

    @gondaba: His I-pod with the full Hanson anthology and New Kids on the Block box-set.

  5. ptkdude says:

    @faust1200: I happen to have the NKOTB box-set, and let me tell you that’s some of the best music I’ve ever heard. Hangin’ Tough is my all-time favorite.

  6. bchains says:

    you gotta be kidding me. it seems as if they lost TERRI too!!

  7. MercuryPDX says:

    @ptkdude: Oooooo Donnie is so dreamy


  8. bhall03 says:

    This is CLASSIC!

  9. mconfoy says:

    Has anyone followed up with what is on the broken page? “If you believe there is a problem, please send an email to technical support or call our Internet Help Desk at 800-327-7810.” I am curious as to what the Internet Help Desk says.

  10. shoegazer says:

    @mconfoy: Probably tells you to go visit their broken web page.

  11. HearsMusic says:

    Those pictures in the beginning of the guy drinking and the keg stand look just like Will Leitch from Deadspin. Which doesn’t surprise me. I couldn’t listen with the sound though, so I’m not sure of the context.

  12. SexyRandal says:

    “I hacked your phone directory.”

    While that is technically correct, it sounds really really lame.