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Highlights From Dealhack LiteOn L100 Portable In-Car GPS Nav System $155
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  1. CyGuy says:

    I got my LiteOn L100 GPS unit today from While it was a pleasant surprise to get the delivery on Saturday, as it is my family’s Father’s Day gift to me, it was much less pleasant to have the unit be apparently DOA.

    There is some life to it – I can dock it to my PC through my own compatible USB cable (there is none supplied with it) and the unit does boot into some sort of test mode where it follows my finger when touching the touch-screen. But there is no WinCE menu or GPS interface of anykind. The oddest thing is that the User Manual file on the Cd is for all practical purposes blank.

    I have sent an email to support and will also try to work with LiteOn if I can find their phone number. The LiteOn website does not list this product. I’ve also tried to find any mention of this product in online support forums, but have found only one mention of it and that didn’t involve technical support.

    I will try to keep this blog apprised of the situation and have told such, with the hope they will want a positive report of their handling of the issue.

  2. Tim602 says:

    From: Tim602
    Well, I just received my Liteon L100 GPS unit on June 21. I can make the exact same comments as Cy Guy has made in regards to the condition of the cd manual and the operation of the GPS unit. The SD card with the map and navigator software appears to be ok though. Will try the Photo Viewer and MP3 player and or a few other things to see if the unit can be brought back to life before I contact Geeks also. I would like to hear from Cy about what had to say??
    Will write later when I find out more.

  3. CyGuy says:

    Well, it looks like the problems have been resolved mostly satisfactorily. I am a bit concerned that others will have the same experience I had, but it looks like there was one possibly somewhat unique factor affecting my experience that is probably less likely to affect others.

    It seems that to read the User Manual, which is written in English, you have to have certain Chinese fonts installed on Adobe Acrobat. I had turned off this feature and when Adobe tried to read the file, any text in those fonts, as well as any images would just fail to display.

    The CSR at (who btw need to put GEEKS.COM in the Sender Name field of email as I think they look suspiciously like spam otherwise) wrote in their first email that the screen I was seeing of just a black dot in the middle of the screen was the system calibration mode, and once I had tapped the moving dot 5 times the system menu would appear. I did as instructed and the unit since then has been performing fine.

    When I replied that this step is not included in the Quick Start guide (and in fact contradicts that guide), and that the User Manual which they had emailed me a fresh copy of still was not readable, they suggested updating Adobe to 8.x (7.0 ships on the L100 CD). I did so and the first thing Adobe said was that file needed the Chinese fonts installed. I let it install the fonts and restart – and the Manual, complete with the CORRECT initial start-up instructions (screen grab at [] )

    Still unresolved:
    – The site still describes the GPS as made by LiteOn – though there is no documentation to support this.
    – The device was supposed to ship with a Warranty Booklet, which was not included with my shipment.
    – The Quick Start Guide is still incorrect.

  4. thornbird says:

    I bought an L100 GPS unit from on June 28. I can attest to the calibration “dot” issue and weak documentation. No support for this thing anywhere on the web that I could find.

    On page 57 of the user manual, it states that an AC adapter and USB cable are included as “Bundled peripherals”. The manual also makes reference to charging with the AC adapter or USB cable. It would be useful to have the USB cable. I don’t believe that the laptop USB drag and drop test could be performed effectively without it.

    [LiteOn L100 page 57]

    I’ve generally had good luck with the products purchased from Only one return in a fair number of purchases. The L100 seems to work okay once you get past the initial issues. Can’t really say how well until I use it for a couple of days. Price was right.

  5. ralfkaro says:

    I also have a L100 GPS from The unit does a good job of navigating, I used it on a trip to New Orleans to find some street address in the area where flooding had removed most street signs. The GPS worked great. NOW, I can not figure out how to remove the locations from “My favorites or “recent” in the L100. This seems to be one of the few if not the only place for info on the L100.