Credit Union Charges $2 Fee For "Not Having Your Deposit Slip Ready" At The Drive Thru

So, this is weird. A credit union in Florida charges a $2 fee if your arm isn’t hanging out of your window with your deposit slip in hand as you pull up to the drive-thru window. And that’s not the only fee that SunState Credit Union charges. They’ve got a $2 fee for coming in more than 4 times a month, and another charge for not using the telephone banking system.

Bank and credit union fees are designed to be difficult to avoid and easy to accrue and they’re going up all the time. The President of SunState Credit Union responded to media backlash over the “credit slip” fee with the following observation:

“As consumers are expecting to pay less in interest charged on loans, banks and credit unions need to find other sources of income,” Woodward said. “I think that if you look at our competition, you’d see that the fees we’re charging are fair based on what’s going on in the market right now.”

We assume he said that while wearing mismatched socks, because if he didn’t, we’re going to have to assess our “wearing matching socks while making a PR statement” fee of $30 dollars. Sorry, bank-president-guy, that’s blog policy. —MEGHANN MARCO

Bank fees growing more numerous and expensive [Gainsville Sun via US PIRG]

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