Contact Citibank CEO William Rhodes

William R Rhodes, CEO
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10022
NY Tel. 212-559-1000

Navigating to Citibank Executive Customer Service:
1. Get yourself into the appropriate mental state where you can be patient and speak calmly, clearly and professionally.
2. Press 8 for company directory
3. Say, “William Rhodes”
4. Press 1 to accept the first option
5. An executive switchboard operator picks up., ask her for the office of “William Rhodes.”
6. Be patient with their questions, their job is to weed out the crazies.
7. She will ask the nature of your call. State that you have a customer service concern that you need to take to executive customer service.
8. She will ask what line of business it’s regarding, like a credit card, corporate card, etc.
9. You will be asked your name, phone number, card number and the state in which your account is in. (You can say you rather not disclose your card number until speaking with the executive customer service representative).
10. You will then be connected to a person who can help solve your problems.


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