Contact Citibank CEO William Rhodes

William R Rhodes, CEO
399 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10022
NY Tel. 212-559-1000

Navigating to Citibank Executive Customer Service:
1. Get yourself into the appropriate mental state where you can be patient and speak calmly, clearly and professionally.
2. Press 8 for company directory
3. Say, “William Rhodes”
4. Press 1 to accept the first option
5. An executive switchboard operator picks up., ask her for the office of “William Rhodes.”
6. Be patient with their questions, their job is to weed out the crazies.
7. She will ask the nature of your call. State that you have a customer service concern that you need to take to executive customer service.
8. She will ask what line of business it’s regarding, like a credit card, corporate card, etc.
9. You will be asked your name, phone number, card number and the state in which your account is in. (You can say you rather not disclose your card number until speaking with the executive customer service representative).
10. You will then be connected to a person who can help solve your problems.


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  1. ramoll says:

    Not so fast! Mr. Rhodes has disconnected this email address. Emails to this address are now being bounced. : ( Does anyone have any other email addresses for Citibank executive customer service?

  2. laserjobs says:

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. The following addresses failed:

    550-Invalid recipient

  3. demosthenes07 says:

    Please, Please, Please, I need this man’s mail.
    Citicards won’t let me pay my bill! They won’t let me do online bank transfers and charged me a returned check fee even though their “investigation” sited they never processed the payment due to “missing information”. What? Routing number, checking acct number, and my name isn’t enough???? They won’t even tell me what the mysterious “missing information” is!!

    And defaulted my pristine 11% to 32%!!

    Please someone help! They won’t even reverse returned check fee, even though it can’t be returned if you didn’t process it!

  4. Zak13 says:

    If anyone can provide information on who to speak to, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Recently it seems as though there has been a “mishap” with citibank where they have mailed me someone else’s identity information, leading me to believe that they have mailed all of my information to someone else. Since identity theft is an issue, I’m not very comfortable with the bank sending out my information to anyone that’s not me, accident or not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m having terrible problems with fraud on my Citibank account. Someone faked my ID and a teller gave her $2000 from my account [though she noted the ID was suspicious] . It took Citibank 6 weeks to put the money back into my account and then they started sending letters demanding more notarized affidavits and supporting documents, even though I did all this 2 months ago. Every person I talk to gives me a different story. It is a nightmare. Any suggestions?

  6. yso says:

    I just closed my Citibank account – I had bank card numbers stolen twice in 7 years and their recent overdraft fee change (10 per day in addition to the APR on the overdraft) is ridiculous. The staff just had me close my account at the teller window but I want to let the higher ups know why I am joining my local credit union and dumping them. Who to contact – would happily CC lots of executives? I want to share my displeasure with them all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have been with Citibank a long, long time. Recently turned a check request into a cashier, received a paper showing that my account had been charged $53.90 for checks, have not received the checks, am out of checks and the bank shows no charge to my account for checks. On their automated phone line I talked to someone who said I could get over the counter checks at the local branch to tide me over. The branch says they have not done that for a long time. Because of my account balance, though, they now say I can get free checks, free cashier checks so I can pay my bills, etc . Why was I not apprised of this fact earlier. I am leaving Citibank although it will be at great inconvenience, because I have automatic deposits and it will take a great effort to change them to another bank. But I think that I will be able to find a bank that will make me happier. So long Citibank I have been with you since you first arrived on Mathilda and El Camino in Sunnyvale, CA. It has been so long I forget who you took over and became my bank.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I recently tried to pay my bill and the needed my pass word to continue. I had acc#, DOB and SS #, telephone and mailing address w/ nine digit zip code but they could not help me or take my money. The Operator Amanda #AR85691 stated that my information was all correct but can’t continue without a pss code.

  9. Anonymous says:

    several months ago citi bank was advertasing master card credit transfer i apply for this balance transfer card weeks later i cecived the card only to find out that i was refuse for a balance transfer because my credit was not good enough in calling the 1800 number i explain to the lady in customer service she again told me i was not qualfile for a balance transfer ,on 4/11/09 i reacived a bank statement from city bank telling me that i owe $50.00 i call their customer service number after speaking to 10 customers they all were rude and very very berliderent it took meone hour and 35 minunets after getting hang up on 9 times finely got speak to a supervisor who was also more rude than ever i told her about the bill that igot from citi bank for $ 50.00 and why do i owe for a card that i have not use she told me its a yearly fee i ask why should i pay for a fee that idont know any thing about she then pause then ask me if i want to cancled the card i told he she cancled the card and i dont want that cancledation to ruin my credit she then again pause citi bank runs ads that is mis leading fraudlent and is darn right wrong and these people dont give a damm about people credit and they get’s away from advertising misleading and fraudlent ads i would in every way wrire to all govertment agency about the thef and misleading corruspration and greed of this bank the Ceo (Mr Rhodes Williams) SHOULD BE FIRED ALONG WITH THE BOARD’S OF DIRECTOR’S the Govt need to menotar the bank for misleading practices

    • Anonymous says:

      I finally got a “Presidential Communication” fax number out of customer service. That number is 423-477-6557

  10. Anonymous says:

    My house is in foreclosure, and I cannot speak directly with Citibank. They use a debt collector called Homeq Servicin, and the counseling agency I am working with has faxed info to Homeq 3 times, and they say they have never gotten it. They are not offering me any help at all. I even called Rudy Guerrerro of the executive response team directly, and he never even had the courtesy to return my call. I am going to file a complaint with the Department of Banking. President Obama has given money to the banks to help struggling homeowners, and they are not offering any help at all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think the above listed comments speak volumes about how this company runs its business….a CEO thats running from customers by disconnecting his email (looks nice on the web page, tho) and inconsiderate, incompetent, ingrates running customer service.

    they are supposed to work for us in customer service.

    aren’t we the ones ‘bailing’ them out??????

  12. Anonymous says:

    My local Citibank branch (Lindenhurst, NY) has refused to honor a properly executed, durable Power of Attourney to handle my 80-year old mother’s banking. She has dementia and is unable to do this herself.

    They not only have refused, they have been nasty and unprofessional.

    I have a friend who works in another bank who says they hear about things like this happening all the time at Citibank, and that they absolutely MUST recognize a POA and it is illegal for them not to.

    Even she couldn’t get anywhere to find a name or number to complain to at Citibank.

    Citibank is not regulated by the NYS Banking Dept, but by this agency:

    Office of the Comptroller of Currency
    Customer Assistance Group
    1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
    Houston, Texas 77010

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been a citibank card holder for 21 years. It was my first credit card. I always had a balance and always paid the interest. I paid this credit card off many times and they made alot of money from me during good times. However just a couple of years ago my son 11 developed kidney problems. my father developed cardio vascular problems and my mother bone cancer.They both died in there fifties and I paid medical house hold and funeral cost on my credit cards. My husband and I carried 2 jobs to keep these bills under control. Then the economy went bad and jobs and hours have been cut. These people borrowed billions of tax payer dollars. But won’t consider helping the people who were good paying customers for years and for that I should pay crippling interest rates. this makes sense to me?? They deserve every negative posting I have read. I hope they go down and with the customer service people they have there no doubt that it won”t happen!!!

  14. ro011079 says:

    I must say that I followed the above instructions to the letter and here are my results: In 2004 I got a 1.99% apr for the life of the purchase. I bought my daughter a new car on my premier pass card. My payments are due on Aug 17th but I was late and paid on Aug 19th online. They changed my rate to 25.99%, big difference. I always make more than the miinimum payment and never paid late before. Regular cust svc would not change the rate. Kendall Stork is the CEO of Citibank now and I just spoke with one of his assistance who handles esculated cust svc concerns. I am proud to say that the lady changed my rate back to 1.99% and said she could see that I am a good standing customer. So let me say that going to the top does work sometimes. It did for me.

  15. Notredame says:

    I have a credit balance coming from one of my citicards. I also received a letter from citicards stating that my disputes have been resolved and I can request for a refund check. I called citicards customer service toured the world and spoke with scores of representatives and got my concerns escalated to supervisor to supervisor and all I received was bunch of hogwash. It is like Around the World in eight dollars. Citibank has call centers pretty much every part of the globe. You will be talking to different people with nice and miserable accents. It is like mixing honey with vinegar! LOL. The representatives such a wrong information it is so annoying I feel like pulling my hair. I had nice hair but I pulled almost half of it after talking with citicards. I also aged! I will try calling Mr. Rhodes and see what kind of response I get. I will post a comment after speaking with the office of CEO Mr. Rhodes. They all make tons of money at the expense of the consumer. The CEO of Citicards/citibank and Motorola are the highest paid CEOs.

  16. Notredame says:

    I have been calling Citicards representative the number in the back of the card since about two weeks. My call travels all around the globe. Even after making calls I am getting conflicting answers although my calls have been escalated, escalated and escalated with no vail. I had a credit balance in my account and I was attempting to get a check. It is indeed criminal waste of money to have call centers in all around the world speaking with people and getting inaccurate responses. Well, it about time that our high paying executives would look into this matter and protect the consumer. The citibank does exists because of consumers. What a joke and utter shame.

  17. Notredame says:

    I attempted to call Mr. Rhodes office. I punched 8 and then 1 and finally got a disgruntled lady who is a nice on the phone because of my call. I said the lady to be polite and explained my position. I also said that consumers comes first and citicards exists because of consumer not other way around. Finally she said something which did not make any sense to me. What a pathetic entity! The big CEO Mr. Vikram Pandit might not know about the consumer face by calling call centers which goes round the globe. Well gets a hefty salary, bonus, perks etc. and he doesn’t care. Finally I have sent a letter to Mr. Rhodes. I will tell you the outcome if I get a response.

  18. Notredame says:


  19. Notredame says:

    I have been experiencing lots of problems with citicards since about a month. When I call citicards, the call goes to call centers all around the globe. The personnel at the call center are not qualified to give consumers definite answers to our queries. Out of frustration, I wrote to CEO Mr. William Rhodes about a month ago with no response nor call from his office. He does have a very large staff and some one could have either called nor responded to my letter. I though buck stops with the CEO and I am utter wrong. I was the CEO of my company and I used to make sure all queries and or complaint were answered to the satisfaction of consumers. I am very disappointed in this regard. The call centers although money saving ventures would tarnish the image of Citibank/Citicards.

  20. Notredame says:

    It is getting very much frustrated in getting accurate replies to my queries. Every time I call citicards, I am getting inaccurate information. My letters to Mr. Rhodes seem to have been ignored. Even my call to his staff went into deaf ears. I cannot believe citibank or citicards are not geared to help consumers. They received economic stimulus money from Feds and I am certain the money went to pay executives hefty bonus and pay raise. Still the stock has not gone up above $ 4. Will someone from citicards wake up and straighten the mess? Thanks citicards.