Beef Recall Expanded To Eleven Western States

5.7 million pounds of beef distributed by United Food Group may be infected with E. coli. The beef bears sell-by dates from April 6-April 20; though the beef won’t be found on supermarket shelves, it might still be in your freezer.

The recalled products were shipped to stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. They were sold under the brand names Moran’s All Natural, Miller Meat Company, Stater Bros., Trader Joe’s Butcher Shop, Inter-American Products Inc. and Basha’s.

The affected grocery stores included Albertson’s, Basha’s, Grocery Outlet, Fry’s, “R” Ranch Markets, Save-A-Lot, Save-Mart, Scolari’s Wholesale Markets, Smart and Final, Smith’s, Stater Bros. and Superior Warehouse.

If you have questions, call the United Food Group hotline at 1-800-325-4164. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Beef Recall Expanded Millions of Pounds [AP]
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  1. ChrisC1234 says:

    Now I thought those safe handling and cooking instructions located on those packages of ground beef were basically stating that there IS harmful bacteria in the uncooked ground beef (DUH), and that you should cook it thoroughly before eating… So WHY is there a need to recall the stuff when they DO find harmful bacteria in the meat? If you follow the instructions and cook the beef thoroughly, there is NO danger in eating the cooked meat. Even if I had some of the beef, I wouldn’t throw it out (although I might be tempted to eat the beef, clean the package and bring it back to the store saying I disposed of it and get a refund).

  2. gamble says:

    @ChrisC1234: That’s a good point. But, you know that someone won’t cook their ground beef all the way and they’ll get sick and sue despite the warning. And chances are that the company would either be penalized settle with them for some exorbitant amount of money. They might be recalling to avoid that. All beef has the possibility of containing harmful bacteria but since it was shown that this batch definitely does, I suppose they’re traveling the ‘better safe than sorry’ route.

  3. cgmaetc says:

    I think the problem comes from when people handle the meat and then don’t wash there hands properly after doing so.

    Plus, there is an assumption of risk (that’s why we cook beef in the first place), however the LEVELS of E.Coli in this batch was so high you may not kill it all when you DO cook it.

  4. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Can I just say its hilarious that Trader Joe’s gets its meat from the same place as, like, Stater Bros.? A cow is a cow. Label whores amuse me.

    I actually watched someone grill with a meat thermometer tonight. I didn’t know what to do with that.

  5. xJake says:

    What sort of beef products does Fry’s sell, exactly? A robot cow, I could understand, but I never find myself thinking… hmm, I want a big, juicy steak. I know! I’ll go to Fry’s!

  6. umonster says:

    @ChrisC1234: Well, we can ship all the beef to you, then. Enjoy it. Hope you get your refund.

  7. sleze69 says:

    Fry’s? I knew they had good deals on computer parts and TV’s but I didn’t know they had a meat section.

  8. Skiffer says:

    This has to have something to do with China, right??

  9. Why isn’t trader joes listed as an effected store if one of their lines of beef is?

  10. Trai_Dep says:

    Would love to see a class-action suit on these meatpackers for inconvenience, the already-purchased stuff that doesn’t get returned (nice scam in and of itself) and, of course, poisoning grannies and adorable, apple-cheeked young ‘ens.

    Any lawyer types: would this be a viable suit? How come we haven’t seen any come out on this issue? Corporate negligence, profit-seeking-uber-alles, poisoning consumers…. Seems like a match made in Heaven. Err, Hell.

  11. karimagon says:


    In Arizona, there’s a grocery store chain called Fry’s. I don’t think it’s related to the electronics store.