Internal Geek Squad Memo Acclaims "Notorious" Service

We received an internal Geek Squad memo that acclaims the world-renowned service for which they are “notorious.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines notorious as: “famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.”

Perhaps a copyeditor misunderstood the word. We don’t know, and we don’t care. We appreciate the truth behind the slip-up, regardless of its origin.

The full June 9 issue of Geek Squad’s The Retail Insider, which contains absolutely nothing of note aside from the word “notorious,” after the jump…



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  1. Marcus says:

    This goes along with the geek squad “secret agent” schtick. A lot of internal communication uses language that one would expect to find in a 007 movie or something along those lines, just part of the internal marketing of the segment, hence the choice of “notorious” over “famous” or something similar.

  2. visualbowler says:

    anyone else notice the link that is in the newsletter for the online backup? I found my store number on and typed it into the URL and it seems thats all I needed to set it up for myself… 25GB for $50 per year, not so bad…I didn’t complete the sign up but it looks promising

  3. hn333 says:

    I woundn’t let Geek Squad touch my pc with a 10 foot pole !

  4. lore says:

    I’m glad Geek Squad is not in the paper editing service.

  5. Msgundam84 says:

    $59 to set up a wireless network and $99 to install Vista? Geez, I knew these guys were a rip-off….but wow. So sad that people actually pay those prices for such simple services.

  6. Msgundam84 says:

    Oh…I got those numbers after poking around their website.

  7. not_seth_brundle says:

    When I was in school, there was a coop grocery store that was pretty much the only game in town, at least without driving a fair distance. This store was constantly out of stock of things, dirty and had the worst customer service. And their slogan? Something like “Great Products and Outrageous Service!”

    I would roll my eyes every time I saw that sign because it was so true… outrageous indeed. And I always wondered if they said it with a wink… like they knew the service sucked… but you had to shop there because there was nowhere else!

  8. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    Setting up a wireless network? Installing vista? I’ll do it for $25 each.

  9. Serial says:

    The definition can be taken both ways. According to dictionary dot com the definition is: publicly or generally known, as for a particular trait.

  10. bohemian says:

    $59 to set up wireless? There was a nightmare client story going around the IT lists of a woman that got charged $400 for a wireless install because they tech was there for hours trying to figure it out.

  11. gershinator says:

    A few stories down:

    “China has rejected and destroyed three shipments from the United States that failed to meet China’s notoriously strict food safety standards. China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) objected to the shipments, which contained bee pollen, health capsules, and Sun-Maid Golden Raisins:”

    Pot meet kettle.

  12. skrom says:

    And you spend that $25 or more just in gas to get to the job

  13. Ikki says:

    Gershinator, meet sarcasm.

  14. coss3n says:

    “You keep using that word . . . I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    — Inigo Montoya

    @gershinator: That’d be using it correctly.

  15. Mmmm. “Notorious” by Duran Duran. What a great song.

  16. TPIRman says:

    @Marcus: I’m with you. I think the writer was aware of the word’s connotation and used it intentionally in the “secret agent” context.

  17. Trackback says:

    Notoriety isn’t all bad; The Geek Squad clearly likes its reputation so much that it’s happy to declare so in its own internal memos.

  18. Michael says:

    You don’t understand–Consumerist can use the word ironically because they’re bastions of consumer protection. But Geek Squad can’t have a sense of humour because they’re evil, I tell you! EEEEEVIIIILLLL

  19. dbeahn says:

    Notorious. Wow. I never expected such honesty from them. Apparently they know what kind of service they provide after all.

  20. MeOhMy says:

    It’s kinda like “infamous.”

    What does that mean?

    In-famous is when you’re
    more than famous.

    This man El Guapo is not just famous,
    he’s in-famous.

  21. ElizabethD says:

    Umm, actually that memo concerns the company’s new ghetto division: “Notorious G.E.E.K.”

  22. jaredharley says:

    @Troy F.: Damnit! That was MY comment! Way to beat me to it…

  23. shdwsclan says:

    Its correct….notorious is the proper word of choice…