Craigslist Blocks "ListPic" Tool For Viewing Craiglist Pictures

ListPic, a tool that was like Google Image Search for Craigslist, has been blocked and people are freaking out. With good reason, too. ListPic made craigslist easy to navigate for those of us who like pictures better than words when we shop.

There’s even a sort-of flame war going on between Craig, founder of craigslist, and Ryan the Listpic guy. Craig claims Listpic was stealing their bandwidth and attempting to monetize their site, Ryan says that it’s not wrong to make money and points out that craigslist isn’t a non-profit despite the .org at the end of the URL. Craig says its his bandwidth. Ryan says Craig won’t write him back. Here’s the original TOS violation notice emailed to ListPic. In his last email, Craig says, “Do like the visual aspect, taking internally.” We think this means, “Nice idea, we’ll block your site and use it.”


The main page for ListPic dumps readers to a craigslist forum where they are free to express their outrage.

Sit back and watch the backlash unfold. —MEGHANN MARCO


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