Contact Charter Communications CEO Neil Smit

Charter Communications
Neil Smit, CEO
ph: 314-965-0555 (ask for “the office of Mr. Smit.” This gets you forwarded to a voicemail box. Who knows whether anyone who cares actually checks it. Dial by name directory doesn’t work either).
fx: 314-965-9745


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  1. Wormfather says:

    Alright, blah, blah, blah. I’ve been patient where the hell is the last Investigation chapter? What do you think this is the soprano’s where I’ll wait a week, post it now or I’m comming down there to get it…whereever there might be.


  2. whereismyrobot says:

    Ugh, Charter is the worst. A couple of weeks ago, I canceled my service, they of course kept charging me. Then some service guy called and wanted to pick up my modem and cable box. I told him I wasn’t in and would return it at the Charter office. Thirty minutes later, at 7:30 at night, I hear a POUNDING at the door. It was Charter wanting their stuff back.

    I didn’t answer because I had just gotten out of the shower. He pounded on the door for ten minutes before leaving.

    Effectively, Charter likes to harass and bully single women who live alone. Stay classy, Charter.

  3. crazychris says:

    I had a problem with charter several months ago and attempted to leave Neil a message, but his last name was too short to be recognized by their voicemail system. I ended up spelling the CFO’s name (Fisher) and left a message for him describing the overbilling and the unwillingness of the regular CSRs to fix it, just like how I read on Consumerist. The following day, sure enough, I get a call from executive customer service and I get the rate I was promised and everything fixed. Not only that, the promo rate never expired after that. Unfortunately, the number on caller ID was just a regular Charter 1-800 number or else I’d gladly share it with everyone. Thanks Consumerist!

  4. Buran says:

    @Wormfather: This has what to do with Charter?

  5. Buran says:

    @whereismyrobot: You should have called the cops and reported that there was a strange man pounding on your door and that you felt threatened since you were alone. Oh, yeah, that’d go over real well to that guy’s boss.

  6. AstaJ says:

    Where to begin? 11 days in Hell (I might get better service in Iraq). Sporadic phone, internet and cable (bundled for sure). The Cust. Svc. dept. at Charter is truly laughable. If they are capable of understanding the issue, they’ve been trained to manipulate the situation and place customers on hold indefinetely. Either they lie intentionally or eat the **** that dispatch feeds them with a spoon. I worked as a CSR for a messenger company, and I always believed they were the lowest of the low, until I called Charter. They know they’ve got us by the ‘short ones’

  7. AstaJ says:

    I want the real phone numbers at Charter’s headquarters. As it is I’m tracking down Paul Allen. Chairmen of the board always hate speaking to the common customer. They don’t even like having to speak to executive assistants of other board members (I should know). Whatever I find, I will be sure to share.

  8. Madmamma says:

    After spending over 3 hours, talking with 6 people in 4 countries, and 3 Live Chat “helpers” online with Charter, I still don’t have my billing issue resolved. I too had a man come to my door to collect the modem, WHICH I’D bought, & could produce documentation. Upon initial installment, they cut the lines, which is their usual tactic, knowing that they’ll be dropped soon & another company will have to reapir the lines. How do they keep employees, with SO MANY IRATE customers?

  9. badcommo says:

    Eight years of great service until. Until I got the bundle group (phone/cable/internet). First part, for four months I would have to call since no statement arrived. Once ended up getting a notice from a collection agent. Last month called four times, last one I supposely talked to a ‘team leader’, said the system showed I wasn’t to get statement via mail. Well!!! For eight years had no problem what changed?? About three weeks later (on the day due) I get not one but four statements for the month.
    Second part, bundle support. Since day one the tech’s have been here 3,4 maybe 5 times I lost count. First I was not getting full internet support. AW!! Phone and internet support on same splitter. Next was a beeping sound 4-5 times when I dail a number, ok fixed. Next, lost support on part of my cable channels, ok fixed. Next, got the beeping sound when dialing back plus again lost some of my channel support. As a former tech sounds/looks to me another cable coming to the house to provide support is called for. Called corp office waiting on hold for 32mim then left message on machine, not one person has called. Send letter to corp office there to no answer.

  10. kfbris says:

    These people at charter are impossible!!!!!! Is there a collective lawsuit going against them? We want in on it. One rep says we are one month ahead on our payments, one that we owe 40 some odd cents. on their website one page says we owe three hundred, one that we owe 116, and one zip. They disconnected us, and we have paid them every month. They don’t even know how much we owe. Our bill is never the same. We pay basic & expanded with our rent. Yet they still charge us $60 more for three movie channels, and a sports pkg. One tech told us our cable was out because of tech difficulties. They hung up on us three times, blatantly lied plenty of times, and laughed in our face a few times. They think they are invisible. This is the very short version.

  11. firemanva says:

    Hey guys, good news, i acually got a result from calling the CEO’s office and leaveing a voice mail, i acually got a call from a guy from their Coporate Dept, and bing bang boom, after 60 hours of no cable TV, now i have TV…. and a nice credit on my bill…. he even called to find out what was going on…. and the dial by name directory works….

  12. LetterK says:

    I wanted to share my experience with everyone. I talked to customer service on 5 continents (USA, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and India). You can request a US rep when you get a foreign rep, but it won’t make much of a difference. All the basic level people are script readers.

    For basic everyday service that isn’t major, call the toll-free number and select the cancel service option. These are the only true people who can issue credits and get things done. Everyone else reads from the script, “after we’re done discussing your problems, I’d like to talk to you about you service options”

    For major problem solving call the corporate number as suggested. You’ll hit voicemail and select Brynn Palmer, the director of consumer Experience out of the phone tree. You can leave a message for her (like I did) or you can hit zero and be routed to a corporate customer advocate. Her voicemail message will instruct you. I got a callback within hours from a corporate customer service rep. He had a telephone supervisor call me and setup an install at 6 pm after work. She even called back the day after the install to ensure everything was ok and to give me several months of service credit too.

    Letter K

  13. scammedbycharter says:

    On or about December 14 I called chater to have my service reconnected (i had failed to pay novembers bill).I had made my delinquent bill but was told that I could not get the same rate that I had previously had.I told the non english speaking s.o.b. that if I could not get the same rate then I did not want the service reconnected.On December 21 a tech showed up at my home and reconnected my cable and internet service but could not tell me what the rate for the service was going to be. I assumed that it would be the same rate that I had been paying since that was what I had told the foreigner would be necessary for me to continue being a charter customer.To my amazment on December 27,to my amazement, I recieved a bill for 270.84. I tried to contact charter but had no luck being able to talk to anyone,all I got was a voice mail box. Fourteen days later,on January 11 I recieved another bill for 305.75. I had now had my cable t.v. and internet service connected for a total of 20 days and was being billed over $300.00. It is obvious that charter and it’s employees are nothing more than scam artist and thieves.If charter thinks for minute that i am going to pay these outrageous rates they are crazy.

  14. apatnode says:

    I found several other board members names and executive officers see below- Neil Smit is the one to contact as he’s the President and CEO but the other names can’t hurt.

    Neil Smit
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Michael J. Lovett
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Jeffrey T. Fisher
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Marwan Fawaz
    Chief Technology Officer

    Robert A. Quigley
    Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

    Grier C. Raclin
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Lynne F. Ramsey
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

    Eloise E. Schmitz
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning

    Kevin D. Howard
    Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

    I must say that after reviewing some of their “credentials” it’s no wonder Charter’s customer service is so awful- Neil Smith used to work for AOL and I’ve heard some horror stories about them. I just tried the voice directory and it put me right through to Neil’s voicemail so I will keep all posted on the status. I’ve also sent emails to all of the corporate executives and may forward the information to my local media outlet. Each member’s email address is their first name period last name Good luck to everyone else. I’ve already tried the better business bureau and some lady in Fon Du Lac, WI (she quoted herself as an elevated call representative) quoted us one price and then when this price kept chaning she said we lied. For the past year and a half we’ve had regular problems with Charter. My fiance and I lived in an apartment for some period of time and had nothing but problems. Our On Demand service rarely worked, our internet was always going out and our phone line had a constant beeping and buzzing sound. Several times they sent our customer service reps to review the situation. I cannot tell you what a waste of time that was. An all day open window which means we had to be home all day waiting on them. I’ve had to take off of work just to meet the needs of Charter so they can fix their crappy service. Unfortunately, nothing was ever fixed and more importantly Charter stated they were “so busy” that they had to contract out a local mom and pop broadband company to take care of their owrk for them. Needless to say our service was crewed up even more! After having all of these issues we contacted the Better Business Bureau and an individual actually speaking English. She apologized up and down for our issues and agreed to give us a “one time only credit of $150”. She also agreed to give us two DVR- HD services for the price of one and include every channel offered with our phone and 5 meg internet for $146.90 with taxes and fees (modem rental etc.). We thought this was a great deal and they were truly trying to keep us as customers! BOY WAS I WRONG! The next month we moved into our first home. In the process of the move some idiot created two accounts for us. Our statement because of the $150 credit showed a $0 balance- great! However, the next month (Jan. 08) we get our bill and it showed over $500 plus late fee’s etc. We had separate bills for the Charter Bundle package and additional fee’s for phone, internet. Needless to say we were pissed off. We called back our Better Business Bureau rep and she stated that we were misinformed and did not understand what she said. We immediately canceled our service for the first billing cycle in Feb. 08. My fiance spent several hours on the phone with “supervisors” who had to look into the situation further and we were told would contact us back. Guess what- no phone call or email back! Our bill is still over $200 and all we have is basic internet. Unfortunately in WI where we live- it’s ok for Charter to be the only cable/phone/internet provider so we’re stuck with them until a new law gets passed hopefully sometime this year. I’m sick and tired of the run-around with them. What ever happened to the days of quality customer service and the customer being right? I’m not asking anyone to bend over backwards and I’m not saying they’re completely in the wrong. I could have easily misunderstood things HOWEVER stand by your product and your word. If that can’t be done then I expect generous compensation for my troubles and emotional distress. As I said earlier I’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome. Who knows if they actually come through I may just be singing their praises again. But- that’s doubtful… afterall it is Charter!

  15. SumatiHapland says:

    i find 2 good things with charter.i unlimited calling
    in usa.24hr help line just when u get phone thay dont
    tell u that it will end.the 24hr help ur lucky if u
    get someone that can know what thay are doing much
    less understand what thay are saying most the time.ohh
    that grat bundalnot all 3 end at once thay drop them
    off 1 at a time.then if u are cant drive or mail a
    letter with the bill and can only pay throw the grat
    net that will only work less then 1/10 the time u cant
    pay the bill once u have to 2 times if u do pay over
    the phone u are to pay a extra 2.00 for service
    fees.What a good INK. NOT

  16. sadigis says:

    I had an issue with charter about 4 weeks ago. Came aross this site, emailed the CEO stating I was giving them 3 days to fix my issue- that had been on going for several weeks. Got a call the next day at 9am and my probelm was resolved by 3pm that day. Thank you The Consumerist and its community =)

  17. QuintessaJapanties says:

    Thank you Consumerist! Charter’s MX server was blocking my customer’s mail server so they couldn’t email Charter customers. Try telling that to a regular CSR. They put you on hold for a few minutes and then hang up because they don’t know what to do. The CTO’s secretary was much more helpful.

  18. RandolphAerope says:

    updated list of Charter Execs. if you have problems then call Andre Brown at 864-297-2280. his title is Exec Escalations Mngr and he is in SC. i was not getting any responses from Charter on a poorly incomplete job. Tech also left trash all over my yard. I finally emailed all the execs from Neil Smit down and i got a call 20 minutes later. i told them i filed a report with the BBB (which i did) and contacted local new affiliate (which I did) and would then file a police report for damage to my property and that my atty would be calling next. Needless to say someone is at my house now cleaning up the mess and the Tech mngr is coming on saturday to fix the installation problem. I am also going to be heavily compensated or credited they told me as well. And this all happened b/c i was gonig to pay them $50 to put in two more outlets.

    Neil Smit
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Michael J. Lovett
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Marwan Fawaz
    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    Ted Schremp
    Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

    Grier C. Raclin
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Lynne F. Ramsey
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

    Eloise E. Schmitz
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Kevin D. Howard
    Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

    Field Leadership

    Paula Trustdorf
    Divisional President/West

    Joshua L. Jamison
    Divisional President/East

    Mary L. White
    Divisional President/Central

  19. Anonymous says:

    You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision at

  20. Anonymous says:

    If you have a problem and think that it can not be resolved by the outsourced CSR in India, you can: 1) Call 314-965-0555 and hit the number 7 or you can fax your bill and a letter to 314-965-9745. The former worked for me and I was very satisfied speaking to the escalation department.

  21. Anonymous says:

    give me two cans and a string will do better than charter.for weeks now i’ve had problems with my bundle service,mainly internet/phone, sometime works others times there out for hours.had to get cell phone just in case something happened.upgraded my one box to ‘hd’ not one problem,went in with my second box and got the grilling of my live.lady was very rude,quoted and billed me wrong. her and her girls were to busy talking about personal things.called billing office,panama city,panama, lady very nice got my billing correct,even offered a upgrade in my tv package to include all channels for $12 more a month.then when i went to check to ensure i had them nothing more was added.called again got hold of different person(gee) she told me no such package exsist and i’ve never been set up for this.mean while my internet/phone service keeps going on/off, csr said to power clear and check connections call back later if that dont work.been reading and checking the net out for changing over to directv or dish satty. over 22 years of cable service and this first company i’ve had that can’t keep service to there customers. good by charter.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This thread is great I called the 314-965-0555, I hit option 3 customer escalation option and talked to an actual native speaker of english, no script, no pushing for me to sign up for more worthless crap, just a complete painless resolution of every issue in about three minutes.
    This was after probably an hour on the phone to the Indian sub continent, understanding about every fifth word Alice, Eilene or Mary said.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I signed up for a Charter bundle in Dec 2008. BIG MISTAKE, do not sign up for Charter. What I got was a really bad picture and sound. Damage to my house and an internet connection that was down more than it worked. I had technicians up here 4 times with no improvement. I canceled the service within the 45 day charter policy. My house was already wired for cable. During installation the tech screwed the new cable to the siding instead of the eve and left the old cable hanging from the eve of the house and left trash all over the place. The new and old cable is very unsightly and the damage to the siding is permanent. According to charter policy the $170.00 installation fee they charged me will be returned if you cancel within 45 days. Also, I was told by three charter representatives that the installation fee would be returned to me. After several emails and phone calls I still haven’t seen a dime of the installation fee returned to me. Charter reps are liars!!! Apparently the reps are trained to tell you what you want to hear but it’s all lies. My next course of action is to file a lawsuit in small claims court and include the damage to my house, estimated at $750.00. What ever you do, don’t sign up for charter.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure if someone can top this. I closed my account last year in August. Charter is supposed to send me a refund check for the last bill I wasn’t supposed to pay. It’s almost June 2009 and I still haven’t gotten the refund check. I am currently in Europe and have done quite many long-distance calls or have been chatting thru Charter instant messaging. Every time the representatives told me that they would send another form to the account management so they can send me the refund check. Every time the 6 to 8 weeks have passed, I am still contacting them inquiring about the missing refund check. No one there really cares. All they want is getting rid of the customer on the phone as quick as possible. There is still no response from Corporate regarding my letter of complaint I sent last March. If the refund amount were small, I would just forget everything. However, it’s still quite a lot of money. Honestly! Who knows how much longer this will go on. I am so fed up with Charter. I have never experience such bad customer service before. Disappointing!

  25. Craig Obrist says:

    About 4 years ago i moved into an apartment and bought a cable modem at bestbuy to use with my new comcast internet service. after 2 years I moved out and into another apartment across town which required me to use charter internet services. After a few months the internet would go in and out. I had service man after service man come to take a look at it. One of those service men decided that it would be okay to take my modem that I paid $120 for and replace it with his charter modem. I ask him
    “hey thats my modem I would like to keep that I want to pay a monthly fee to lease a modem from you when i can just use that one.”
    He told me he is giving me the charter one and that he is required to take my modem even though he said mine was working fine. I said ” are you sure? I don’t want to pay any fees” and he reassured me that everything was fine and it was a 1 for 1 thing. I thought okay well he must be right since he is taking my modem. so for the next year and a bit my bill has always said customer owned modem on it. Even when I had them take a look at it again for speed purposes through an online tech.
    On to today. I just recently bought a house and had to have my service transfered. When the tech came out to start my service at the new place he said is this your modem, do i own it? And i told him ya a service guy swithced it out for my modem that I owned. He said okay and called his office and told them customer owned modem and I thought “great now back to normal life.”
    I get my first bill and there it is: modem lease charge $5!!!!
    I thought well I guess I have to just call them and they will straighten everything out. wrong. first person transfers me to another and then another where the lady tells me that it is a modem in there inventory and that I owe them for the leasing of it. I told her the situation and she argued over and over how it was their modem and i owe them. i told her i have bills that say i own it. then she says she can give me $50 credit. I told her cant she take it off my bill i would save way more then 50 bucks over the course of my 2 year contract with them. they are basically admitting to the mistake but wont reconcile it. I denied the money and she hung up on me. I called in again and got transfered around again till I got to LOU id# 05DY from charter a “supervisor”. He began the same argument and told me I would need to prove that the tech took my modem.
    I have every bill from when i started with them but not one tech ever left a paper telling of there services with me and Lou tells me that he does not have any records of it. So I told them come get your modem and bring mine back. Lou tells me I can cancel my contract but i will have to pay the cancellation fees!!! WHat is going on. Are none of these people human over there.
    How do i get this resolved?
    I have had to call them so many times when i was with them at my apartment because of weird things randomly appearing on my bill and they would always correct it. It seems like they are always trying to slip something by.
    My next step is going to the local office. I told them your ruining your reputation over 5 bucks a month and I am going to tell as many people as I can not to get your services.
    Argh!!! I don’t know what to do.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh My God, Charter is the worst cable company to work with . I have been dealing with a billing issue since august of 08. for a dvr I no longer own. I returned due to a defect to the cable office the fat B…… at the counter could hardly be bothered with the fact that i returned it becuase it was so hot when we pluged it in we were afraid it was going to catch fire she said they didn’t have any more and then finally gother big butt out of the chair to check and see and lo and behold she came out with a hd dvr. But she wrote the wrong serial number down now they keep charging us for a extra dvr. I have spoken to several agents and account specialist and supposidly supervisors to fix the problem and all say next month all will be off of our bill. They tell me the amount to pay that is different then on the bill always less than what is on the bill but the next bill it’s taced back on. I have just left a voicemail for Mr. Smit told him i was going to contact the fed trade comm and file a complaint As God is my witness when I fix this problem I will be changing cable companies.

  27. puddlejmpr says:

    I have been a Charter customer for over 10 years. In those 10 years I have gone through about 5 DVR boxes (one which burned my livingroom wall), had techs out more times than I can count. Charter replaced ALL the wiring in and outside of my home, replaced equipment on the pole outside and I still get crappy service. Well after finding this website, I called the number given and I got my bill issue resolved. It took all of about 10 mins. I really wish I knew that after trying for 2 weeks with the regular reps. Well, we ended up getting different service for our cable (still have internet through charter though) Techs were supposed to come to my house yesterday to pick up the DVR box, well customer service never told me that it was an all day window for that, but i told them to be here by noon. They never showed up. But they did come this morning, but only after I e-mailed Niel. 2 hours after I sent an e-mail I got a call from Andre. Well, I was at work at the time so I missed the call. He called this morning and gave me a very nice credit on my account :) Plus he is the one who sent the techs to my house on MY time so I didn’t have to miss work. Plus he gave me his direct line ( 864-297-2280 ) and told me to contact him if I have trouble with my internet after they disconnect my cable and he will make sure someone fixes it the right way.

    So if you have any issues call Andre or use the e-mail listed on the main post.

  28. princessmonster says:

    Just wanted to chime in on the quick & positive response I had by calling the 314 area code number. After three months of receiving overdue bills for an account I did not have, one simple call speaking with Veronica fixed everything. Unlike the three other reps I’d spoken to over the last three months, she actually identified the problem and fixed it.

  29. stellamc says:

    I had a bill from charter and went to pay by phone using the automatic system. When entering my visa number, the system said that it did not recognize my account so I decided to pay in person. I went to the office and paid the amount that was on the bill. Later I went to pay at a store and the clerk said my card was declined! What had happend was that Charter’s automatic system did charge my account a total of two bills: phone and cable and did not give me a total or authorization number so when I talked to Robert in the service department at Charter he agreed with me that they had charged my visa without my permission! I told him “Now try living on $2 for the weekend” and he said “YOUR WELCOME.” I then tried to email charters CEO and the email came back undeliverable!

  30. kkhcon1 says:

    changed account to include my wife so she can bitch at charter for downed internet. 18 months ago went from phone to internet and cable as well. 2 yr. contract. Bill for January $177.15, up from $141.91. Called today to complain that March bill is $188.26. 2 people and 1 supervisor later, told never finished 3rd party agreement. Bullshit I called. Hour and a half later superv. Nicole said she would give me locked price for a year, but not refund on over charge. 10 min. later with quoting Federal Law violations, supppose to get my money back and one yr. fixed rate. Still sent Better Business Bureau a complant. In court attorneys fees, refund on over charge plus 1% interest and pain/ suffuring. Be in the thousands and take 3 years if they didn’t settle out of court, plus fines for Fed violations.

  31. kkhcon1 says:

    Mike Lovett is the new CEO of charter. Address for letters only as he doesn’t take calls is 12405 Powers court drive, St. Louis, MO 63131