United Flight Attendants Scoff At Grounded Flier Compensation Plan, Lobby For Passengers Bill of Rights

You know who has to deal with a planeload full of sweaty, angry grounded passengers? Flight attendants. Know who wants a passengers bill of rights? Flight attendants. Specifically, United Airlines flight attendants. They’ve issued a press release through their union criticizing United’s “Flights of Note” compensation plan for grounded fliers.

Under United’s plan, flights grounded for more than 4 hours before take-off or held waiting for 90 minutes after landing will be declared “flights of note” and passengers will receive 20% coupons and a $10 meal voucher.

“Flights of note? Who are they trying to kid? Trust us when we say flight attendants won’t be whistling while they work on hot, minimally staffed, dirty airplanes full of understandably disgruntled passengers,” said Greg Davidowitch, president of AFA-CWA at United Airlines. “All United workers will be doing their best this summer. But no matter how hard flight attendants, pilots and other employees work we will never be able to make up for the operation management built like a house of cards.”

“Flight attendants know first hand the frustrations of United’s customers. We encourage Congress to take action for passenger rights. It’s clear that United management either refuses or has no ability to provide even the most basic service; getting from point A to point B,” Davidowitch stated.


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(Photo: Drewski2112)