Maytag Sends You A New Dishwasher?

Steve thinks he may be getting a new dishwasher. Steve’s old dishwasher was part of Feburary’s potentially flammable dishwasher recall. He called for the repair kit, and never received anything. Someone from Maytag called to follow up and was shocked to hear the dishwasher was still out of commission. So they’re sending Steve a new one.

Read his email inside.

Steve writes:

A few months ago, I saw a full-page ad in Parade (or one of the Sunday supplements) about a recall of Maytag dishwashers. The photo in the ad looked like mine. I checked the serial numbers, and mine WAS included. I called the Maytag number, and followed the instructions. I got a letter from Maytag with instructions on who to call. The local repaiman came to the house and said that he would also need to replace the circuit board, and would order it from Maytag. That was almost a month and a half ago.

Last night I got a phone call from Maytag, asking me if I’d received the circuit board and if the dishwasher was repaired. I said we hadn’t received the circuit board and that the dishwasher was still out of commission. The woman from Maytag (I’m sorry, but I forgot her name–I was kinda shocked by the call) said that Maytag regrets that they will be unable to supply the circuit board, but that she would forward my file on to another division. They would be in touch with me regarding the delivery of a free, new dishwasher.

Time will tell if they’re as good as their word. I’m just shocked that they’re replacing the whole damn washer instead of just giving me a coupon for $100 off a new washer (that was one option when I first called–either a repair or a $100 coupon off a new dishwasher).

I remember the trouble a friend had getting satisfaction with her Maytag Neptune clothes washer and the bad press they got. Maybe someone at Maytag is on the ball.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to know about a company that seems to have its customer service hat on correctly.

Well, yay. Anyone have a similar experience? Or is Steve just popular with Maytag?—MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: redjar)

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