Great Moments In Commercial History: Montgomery Flea Market

Reader Corey writes:
I can’t believe the Montgomery Flea Market hasn’t made the Great Moments In Commercial History. It’s practically a landmark in Montgomery AL, unless you’re from there.

You’re right, Corey. We’ve just been waiting for the right moment to feature this, uh, classic.

Honestly, the dude just really creeps us out. Now its your turn to feel uncomfortable. For your entertainment pleasure, we’ve collected a variety of remixes inside. Because it’s just like, it’s just like…

If you’d like to nominate a commercial for our weekly series “Great Moments In Commercial History” send us an email at tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Be sure to put “Great Moments In Commercial History” in the subject. To see other commercials that have been featured in the series, click here.—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. does gawker have some sort of tool that we could use for posting youtube clips that are not direct links from youtube?

    I would love to be able to watch all these from work. Of course, if I am the only one who has trouble viewing then I guess I better deal with it. Are there others?

  2. Ben Popken says:

    This man is genius.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    That I’m not sure what’s supposed to be compelling about a flea market that’s just like a minimall is beside the point. The rap is entrancing and he keeps shifting into different outfits. And then he opens his eyes up very large.

  4. homerjay says:

    The fact that I was captivated for two whole minutes by that guy is testiment to his genius… or his lunacy…

  5. bluegus32 says:

    And now that jingle will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  6. igj says:

    If all TV was like this, I would actually watch it! Brilliant, in an in(s)anely ridiculous way.

    Don’t analyze – just make it a dance now.

  7. alk509 says:

    Argh! The song’s stuck in my head! Get it out! GET IT OUT!!!

    Damn you, Consumerist!

  8. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Gah…that was painful, frightening and lame all at once.

  9. Venkman says:

    You know, maybe this is too new to garner more than an honorable mention– but Easterns Motors (in DC I think) has really been trying (too hard) to create commercial genius. Check out their all-star ad feturing Carmello Anthony, Clinton Portis, LaVar Arrington and other sports notables singing the worst tripe you’ve ever heard.

  10. tozmervo says:

    Wow. I, too, had just assumed that this commercial had already been featured and was probably the impetus to starting “Great Moments” in the first place.

    Its just like.. its just like….

    OH GOD

  11. Ikki says:

    @bluegus32: Same here.


    AGGH. Now I bet I’ll be singing it around my school. It’s so cheesy it’s catchy.

  12. Smashville says:

    What’s worse? The fact that I watched the whole thing…or the fact that when it was done, I hit play again…

    I’m with Ben, though…what’s the draw of something being like a mini-mall? Maybe he thought it was a good hook…

    Living rooms! Dinettes!

  13. pillow says:

    so much for the “all blacks are great dancers” stereotype, must have had a caucasian somewherte along the lineage ^-^

  14. StitchPirate says:

    But my question is: is it anything like, say, a mini mall?

  15. CRSpartan01 says:

    Why do all of these terrible, terrible commercials seem like they come from the South??

  16. Don Roberto says:

    Did he say ellen degenerate?

  17. AcidReign says:

    …..Greyware/pirated DVD capitol of the south. It’s like the streets of Bejing, there. To me, the worst Montgomery commercials were when I was in school, at Auburn. WSFA, channel 12, was the only TV station we could get with a clear picture. I’d get home from class, fix dinner, and sit down to WSFA news with Phil Snow. (Which was a damned fine local newscast back in the late 1970s/early 80s, BTW.) Just as I was prepared to dig in, we’d get the “cattle de-wormer” commercial. “MOOOOO!” bellowed the cow on our little black and white screen, as some dude in overalls behind the cow lurched forward and appeared to be forcefully jamming something up the cow’s behind… Put me off my feed every time! Ick.

    …..I should try to find that damned thing on YouTube and link to it.

  18. Havok154 says:

    His little step dance reminded me of the “Super Mario Bros Super Show” theme.

    For those of you too young to have seen it:

  19. Pinget says:

    Here’s their website. You can sign the guestbook and tell them how much you love the hook and the dance! When I lived in Montgomery, this building was a Winn Dixie.

  20. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    This ad is historically painful in the same way that the Head-On commercials were…

    And who thought someone other than the Cookie Monster had googly eyes


    BTW–since when is ‘mall’ pronounced ‘mawwwwwl’


  21. lindyman77 says:

    @caholla: it’s actally pronounced ‘miinie mauw.

    THAT WAS AMAZING! I think I saw a couch in there I liked.’

  22. Deusfaux says:

    …but this was posted here a few months ago?

  23. backspinner says:

    Let’s not make it a dance… my god.