ASAP Van Lines Dispute Resolved In Favor Of Consumer

The results of a reweigh yesterday showed that ASAP Van Lines mistakenly overcharged Candace for her shipment.

In a reweigh conducted under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Weights and Measures, Bailey’s Public Scales found the weight to be 980 lbs. ASAP Van Lines had billed her for 2100 pounds. Initially, based on her item list, ASAP quoted Candace for 1800 lbs.

The inaccurate weight seems to have sprung from a computer error at the original weigh station, says ASAP Van Lines.

Colorado Department of Weights and Measures is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Candace says she plans on filing a complaint with the State’s Attorney.

In an email, Tiffany from ASAP Van Line wrote, “If a customer has any questions on a move, all they have to do is request a reweigh… the best way to close a matter is to just simply follow procedure and remain calm.” — BEN POPKEN

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