Walmart Subsidy Watch: Why Do Public Officials Give Your Tax Money To Walmart?

Here’s something we don’t really understand. Why do public officials feel they need to give government subsidies to the nation’s largest employer? It’s sort of baffling.

Non-profit watchdog group Good Jobs First has put together a website detailing Walmart’s government subsidy deals.

Our home state of Illinois leads the pack with $152,130,000 in taxpayer money generously donated to Walmart. For example the community of Belleville, IL issued $9.9 million in subsidies to Walmart to build a store… and close another store 2 miles away when the new facility is complete. What gives? We’ve heard of taxpayers getting screwed when an NFL team wants a new stadium across town… but paying $9.9 million to relocate a Walmart? Did the blue vests start playing some sort of sport that we aren’t aware of? —MEGHANN MARCO

Wal-Mart Subsidy Watch
(Photo: northernplateguy)

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