Contact Wachovia CEO Robert Steel

Robert (Bob) King Steel – President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
301 S College St
Mail Code NC0005
Charlotte, NC 28202-6000
Phone: 704-590-6555
Fax: 704-427-3459

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  1. necessarilyanonymous says:

    Having a contact address and being able to reach someone are not at all the same thing. Wachovia internal “communications” generate such a monstrous volume of Lotus Notes messages that even 4th or 5th tier managers are completely buried, with routine turnaround times sometimes ranging from a couple of weeks to never. I can’t imagine Ken has time to even bother, although one of his immediate support staff might be able to notice something from an upset customer.

    That said, we’ve been ranked at the top for customer service for the last few years, and if you’re a reasonable person who’s reached the point where you’re trying to get in touch with the man at the top, something has gone very strangely wrong.

    • howie_in_az says:

      @necessarilyanonymous: Wachovia illegally reversed the terms of a refinance after agreeing to it and accepting payment on the new loan, then reported to the credit agencies that I had been 30 days late. After I had disputed the information via the credit agencies, Wachovia reported to them that the information was accurate.

      Today, talking to a front-tier CSR, I was told that I would have to dispute the information with Wachovia’s “internal credit department” even though the CSR could find no trace of my account ever being late — in fact, I overpay every month (which Wachovia insists on applying to next month’s interest, not the principle, mandating a phone call from me every month to set things straight).

      Mr. Thompson can expect my call tomorrow.

  2. Wachoviasux says:

    Wrong anonymous…I know how you work, I worked there for years…by the way…how’s your employee retention numbers? last I saw you were batting about 50% for the entire 2007.

  3. Anonymous says:

    FWIW, there are a couple of errors or this information is just out of date. First, that’s a picture of Ken Thompson, the former CEO. The phone and fax numbers both go to the Customer Information Center (CIC) in the University area of Charlotte, but College Street is an uptown address, so the numbers should be 704-383-xxxx. (There may also be other uptown NXX numbers, but 590 and 427 are both exclusively CIC.)