Clearance Items

N.Y. Ends Ticket Scalping Caps [The Southern]
Open your wallets, Yankees fans. New York scalpers can now legally sell tickets to the highest bidder without fear of getting pinched.

Reprisals on Appraisals [Washington Post]
A federal class-action lawsuit is focusing attention on an issue that’s important to homeowners nationwide: Who — or what — tells you how much your property is worth? Is it a person? A digitized substitute? Does it matter?

Is there a statute of limitations on debt? [MSN Money]
There are two major types of limitations on debt that you need to know — and that many people confuse.

Studio CEO: Blockbuster, Best Buy to launch movie download services [Ars Technica]
Best Buy and Blockbuster are both set to enter the growing movie download business–at least that’s what Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told a bunch of industry analysts during a conference call…

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