Update On That ASAP Van Lines Dispute

The reweigh for the reader in a dispute with ASAP Van Lines over her moving bill has been moved forward to sometime after June 3rd .

The reweigh was planned for yesterday, but according to Tiffany at ASAP, “[b]ecause of the timing for the holiday weekend, and the amount of work for the moving business,” and Candace, the reader, was out of town, they had to postpone it. Candace is still waiting for the original weigh documents, which ASAP says the driver has yet to fax. Both parties are contacting the scale where the load was originally weighed to try to get a copy of the weight ticket.

So, we’ll check back in again next week and see how it all turns out. — BEN POPKEN

ASAP Van Lines Responds To Complaint Alleging $400 Bilking
Watch Out For Scammy Movers
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  1. He says:

    How about a poll to establish a favorite so we can figure out a good line for betting?

  2. chrisgoh says:

    I’ll take ASAP for the win and 2112 pounds for the over/under.

  3. arsenal4 says:

    im going to have to agree with ASAP on this one. especially with the person writing in from the company to give their side of the story.

    side bet: customer doesn’t fax the paperwork, claiming the number was incorrect.

  4. r81984 says:

    $400 seems too little for this much hassle and the company seems to be following the law.

    To prevent stuff like this from happening,
    Why can’t each item be weighed before getting onto the truck?

    Why not have a large scale that can site at the base of the ramp so as you go to load the truck you pause on the scale and get a weight.

    Then people can know before the truck leaves how much they will have to pay.

  5. fearuncertaintydoubt says:

    Seems suspicious to me on the part of ASAP. When a business really cares about resolving an issue, they will do whatever it takes. Find the driver, call the location or send someone down to track down the paperwork. These kind of delays almost always indicate that they aren’t that interested in the case, they just need to be able to say that they are working on it and who cares if it drags on for weeks and weeks? Their excuses are lame and consistent with any typical shady operator or just plain lazy service people.

  6. kmccoy says:

    @r81984: Because freight scales aren’t cheap?

  7. Bay State Darren says:

    Scene: A secret underground ASAP facility in an undisclosed location, one that has a big scale.

    Employee one: How much does it all weigh?

    Employee two: x lbs., where x
    [I’m taking summer session algebra right now, so my brain’s talking like this.]

    Employee one: Shit! This weighing never happened. It never happened, okay? Um, because of, uh, the timing for the holiday weekend, and the amount of work for the moving business, we have to postpone. Yeah, that’s it. But postpone it to when?! It takes at least six months to get the parts I need to properly sabotage this scale.

    Employee two: How about after June third, according to this dude I kinda know that works at NASA, they discovered that gravity gets weaker then.

    Employee one: Yes. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    All: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (gasp for air) ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

    Employee two (aside): Although, my NASA buddy does only stock the vending machines there. But decisions sealed with evil laughs are final, so I’ll just shut up about this.

  8. Uriel says:

    I smell bullshit Tiff.

  9. MercuryPDX says:

    @nerodiavolo: Not really. I know most summer rentals run Memorial day thru Labor day.

    The only thing that “gives me pause” is the missing weigh ticket.

  10. chrisgoh says:

    Plus lots of people like to wait until the school year is over to move, plus if they are starting a new job, the holiday weekend is ideal.

    I’m still calling BS on the consumer since the “screaming voicemail” has yet to materialize.

  11. Seth_Went_to_the_Bank says:

    Candace’s original story sounds very genuine, frustration and all… and Tiffany’s reply sounds very pat.

    My favorite part is that they claim the customer was told that they don’t work by cubic feet. Why would they tell you what they don’t do?

    Not a credible story by Tiffany.