UPDATE: Geek Squad CEO Promises To Resolve Any Consumerist Reader Complaint He Receives, And Then Does So

Geek Squad CEO Robert Stephens just emailed us:

I have some good news… I am building a full time dedicated team just for The Geek Squad to help with any service issues. We have also setup a system to manage the volume.

Email info@geeksquadcentral.com with the subject line, “For Robert”

Stephens says your email will go directly into a trouble ticket system that, “hassles me and the other execs until the stuff gets resolved.”

He gave us an email address like this before, and it’s worked wonders for readers who used it, but Stephens says the new address will get to him even faster than before. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE 8/27/07 – Readers are reporting that Geek Squad doesn’t seem to be monitoring or acting on these complaint lines anymore.

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