Sprint Sets Up Consumerist Reader Executive Customer Service Hotline

Sprint has set up a special phone number directly to the executive customer service queue just for Consumerist readers.

Use this number
1) For good
2) If you have a major problem with Sprint
3) After you have communicated with at least two different customer service reps and asked to be escalated to a supervisor at least once.

Magical number, inside…

703-433-4401  866-561-0035

The guidelines for good complaining still apply. When you call, state that you are a Sprint customer and Consumerist reader and you would like their help in solving your problem. When asked, succinctly state the factual basis of your complaint and how you would like to see it resolved.

We applaud Sprint for providing our readers with this number. We called it and a gal in executive customer service queue picked up. We also showed the number to our Sprint insider and he confirmed that it would go directly to that queue.

But it didn’t come easy. Sprint has been after us for weeks to take down a contact list with phone numbers and email addresses for over 25 of their execs, including CEO Gary Forsee. Seeing as sticks weren’t working, they threw us a big ol’ carrot. They also gave corrections for the contact information we posted (which had been cut and pasted from an internal Sprint database). Nice, that.

We hope Sprint’s action encourages other companies, recognizing failures by their bottom level customer service, to provide knowledgeable and proactive consumers with similar “hotlines to the ear of God.” — BEN POPKEN

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  1. If I ever switch off of prepaid cricket I would definitely look into purchasing from sprint because of this action.

  2. Sudonum says:

    Wow, this is just awesome. Our own complaint line. Does this woek for Nextel too?

  3. Helvetian says:

    Kudos to Sprint, if I ever leave T-Mobile (which is getting horrible lately) I will switch to Sprint. Nice lead in the industry, I hope others follow. T-Mobile is no better, Ben if you can get the 411 on them and post it. T-Mobile is very difficult to get a hold of higher ups and they had the same shady SMS/contract problem with denying customers the right to cancel.

  4. LAGirl says:

    i am truly impressed. they turned a negative into a positive. i was with Sprint from 1999 – 2004. i left because of poor customer service. if this had been an option back then, maybe i never would have left.

  5. homerjay says:

    Pardon me for being the nay-sayer but isn’t this just an easy way for Sprint executives to get you/us off their backs?

    Instead of cluttering up the line that they use all the time to take and make important calls we get our own super special number that, although I haven’t tried it yet, I assume just dumps you into the ‘Consumerist Complaints’ voicemail box that probably gets glazed over by Jeff the new intern under the guise of extending the olive branch.

    Prove me wrong, Sprint. Prove me wrong.

  6. JRuiz47 says:

    As a Sprint customer who is actually really satisfied with my service, this is still great to read.

    Go Consumerist!

  7. mantari says:

    Gratz, Consumerist!

  8. Slytherin says:

    I was going to move on to a non-contract service, such as Cricket or Virgin Mobile, after my sprint contract was done, but now that they are so willing to provide the CEOs number, I might just renew.

    (Wow…run-on sentence.)

  9. tastylemondrop says:

    This is unbelievable. I cannot believe how amazing you folks are. Today I had the most excrutiating call of my life with a Sprint rep. One of several this week.

    I know I’m right and will keep on them, and I’m so glad the consumerist is sticking up for all of us. You will be sure I will be using this number, and I also forwarded it onto my brothers who also use Sprint.

    Thanks a thousand million anytime minutes, Ben.

  10. gibbersome says:

    Awesome, my contract with cingular ends next month, I’m definitely going to switch to Sprint now.

  11. Bourque77 says:

    Maybe its me but them setting this up to get their execs numbers off the site doesnt seem like such a great thing. They are doing it for their benefit and to keep readers from calling execs. If some of you want to jump on the sprint bandwagon be my guest. I’ll be watching it roll off a cliff in a month when you have a customer service issue. They will have to do a hell of a lot more to get my business back. One good deed does not justify the crappy service with the employees and the phones. Kudos to sprint for actually doing something but this doesnt prove anything to me.

  12. shades_of_blue says:

    I’m impressed, personally I just went Cingular because it was cheaper for me to add a 2nd line than go out alone. But I have to say, next time I’m in the market I may just shop Sprint. They almost had me before thanks to SERO, but it just wasn’t enough.

  13. MMD says:

    This couldn’t come at a better time – the replacement phone that got shipped to my husband after a long, protracted argument has just crapped out after 2 weeks.

  14. Bunnymuffin says:

    Maybe I can now get someone to stop sending their double billing to collections and screwing up my credit. After having a “customer service” representative scream at me, the calls for months after I broke up with them and now them messing with my credit rating I can’t ever see going back to Sprint. Sprint was the closest I’ve ever come to a crazy ex.

    T-mobile customer service has been awesome though.

  15. missdona says:

    You know, I half way expected for the secret phone number to be 1-800-Bite-me.

    I have two outstanding issues with Sprint right now, but I have two reps that have been actually following up. I’m going to let them do their work without the interference from above. For now.

  16. Meat_Shield says:

    This would be one of those “trust but verify” situations.

    Kudos for them setting this up, but we need to make sure that it actually helps in resolving issues rather than just deflecting the heat from the execs.

  17. CTSLICK says:

    Call me cynical but I agree with the Bourque77 and homerjay. Seems like a move on Sprint’s part to cut down on intrusions into the executive lines. I’ll be more interested on a follow up story a few months from now to see if the line still works because I seriously doubt the ability of the general public to not abuse this service. It will likely just become another way to talk to Customer Service on your nickel (non 800-number) instead of Sprints.

  18. mmb4736 says:

    Has anyone actually tried calling this number yet?
    I have a BIG problem with Sprint right now and can’t fix it because the problem-causer is a Sprint employee.
    I’m going to call, but want to know if this is a legit number.

  19. B Tex says:

    I have Sprint and had to use the email version of customer service, and I gotta tell ya….I could not be happier with the level of help I have been getting. Plus is saves me the time of waiting on hold and trying to explain a problem to someone who cannot understand the english dilect.

    I have been a VERY please customer of Sprint and I was actually suprised how bad many folks feel about them. No dropped calls and I get service all over the country. I have travelled every where, Luisiana, Texas, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii and always worked. Legas was a little sketcy though in my hotel.

  20. Antediluvian says:

    It really bothers me that it takes a web site such as this to get companies to wise up that customer service is important. That being said, it bothers me EVEN MORE that readers of this web site may get preferential treatment. ALL customers deserve good service, not just those who know the secret handshake.

    This is just like the Geek Squad situation earlier this year:
    1. Throw a “carrot” to the annoying web site, make its readers happy.
    2. Ignore the rest of the customers who don’t know any better.
    3. Profit!

  21. rmz says:

    Is that a toll-free number?

    It’d be kind of funny if they gave us that number and let us all sit on hold for 30 minutes while racking up long distance charges.

  22. camas22 says:

    i wonder if it routes to specially preped CSR’s with special consumerist scripts.

  23. mathew says:

    It routes to a specially labeled red phone with a sticker on saying “TROUBLEMAKER LINE”.

  24. Mike_ says:


    This may solve your problem (customers complaining directly to executives), but it doesn’t solve ours. Your customer service still universally sucks nads. You can’t fix that by throwing us a bone. And I’m not biting.

    I’ll always try normal channels first. If you haven’t trained and empowered your customer service agents to address my concern promptly and correctly, that’s your problem, not mine. And you’d better believe I’m gonna make sure the right people hear about it.


  25. finster27 says:

    So, I went ahead and gave this a call as I’ve been trying to get text messages blocked and Sprint still sends me unsolicited spam messages. Customer Service has said I don’t get charged for them, so what’s the big deal? BECAUSE IT ALERTS MY PHONE AND IS SPAM! Anyway, they actually told me to call the corporate office, but they gave me the number for the front desk.

    Long story short… this number rang a number of times then I got a recording that I had reached the CEO’s office and I should leave a name and number.

    Yeah… whatever. We’ll see what happens…

  26. perkmgp says:

    My own experience with Sprint’s “Executive customer service” was very unsatisfactory. Sprint clearly discriminates against customers who, in order to protect against identity theft, elect to provide a a deposit instead of their SSN when they open a new account. My story: I opened a family plan account with 2 phones in July of 2006. My oldest daughter is now turning 16 and I wanted to add a third line to my account. I pay automatically with a credit card every month, Sprint has 10 months of payment history on me (I have never missed a payment), and in addition Sprint is holding a $150 deposit. Yet Sprint REFUSED to add a third line to my account until I have been with them one year. I talked to multiple customer service agents, wrote letters, escalated, and finally talked with the “executive service” representative and got the same story. I cannot get a third line until my one year service anniversary. I even volunteered to provide an additional deposit or to prepay through the rest of my one year anniversary: it did no good. If I hadn’t signed a 2 year service contract, I, for one, would be looking to leave Sprint. This is no way to treat an excellent customer with a perfect payment record. It does not show the flexibility and the willingness to work with customers that we all deserve from a cellular provider. Sprint’s position conveys rigidity and an unwillingness to address customers as individuals instead of as nameless members of some statistical category. I recommend thinking hard before signing up with Sprint.

  27. MMD says:

    In case anyone’s wondering about this number – I called this morning and got right through. My problems (a broken new phone and a billing error) were both solved within 10 minutes and I have a case number and a full name and direct call-back number for the rep who helped me. Assuming the replacement phone ships out in a timely manner, I’d call this little experiment a success. Thanks, Consumerist!

  28. Melikoth says:

    Well, after 1.5 hours of sitting on hold and talking to representatives I finally had enough notes on my account to try this number. It said I had reached a voicemail box and that the customer did not subscribe to this service.

    Looks like I’ll be using the other phone number list.

  29. Melikoth says:

    Actually, I guess I’ll try again tomorrow during the day. This line might not be staffed outside of the 9-5 business day.

  30. Melikoth says:

    I managed to get though yesterday, and after a bit of phone tag today got my issue resolved.

    The office hours are 8am – 5pm Central time.

  31. Ben Popken says:

    John writes:

    “I am so pleased you posted those numbers – I spent an hour on the phone with sprint customer service this morning trying to resolve an OBVIOUS issue which they repeatedly told me “Sorry, there is nothing we can do about it” (costing me $400!). I got off the phone so upset and I got online and immediately came across the numbers you posted – I called CEO Forsee, talked to his secretary and actually spoke to someone else, but they completely took care of my problem and what’s more – the person on the phone was really intelligent and nice! Thank you so much!”

  32. Shoghon says:

    My only frustration with Sprint (and I assume it works this way with all wireless providers) is the company values new customers over dedicated ones. Even as a resident in the (previous) HQ of Kansas City after a two year contract is up I get a $150 dollar discount on a new phone-with a new two year contract. So a MotoQ would still be $349. If I quit the service and come back six months later the MotoQ is 49.99!
    When I called Sprint about this they simply said, sorry that is how it works.
    I’m thinking my 8 years with Sprint is ending soon.

  33. mulletmandan says:

    Well, let me add my experience to this thread, even though it is a bit old. I have been on the phone all weekend with Sprint trying to get a (so I thought) fairly easy issue resolved. I called this hotline, and my problem was solved within 10 minutes.

    Kudos to Sprint! I just wish they would train all their CSAs like that.

  34. Jopy says:

    What a HUGE help this is. Just got off the phone with the folks at Sprint and the issue is resolved. Not only that, the rep could not have been nicer. It was like flying first class!

    I have always had decent luck with Sprint calling regular numbers…but usually I would have to resort to threatening to cancel my account. This call couldn’t have been easier.

    THANK YOU to Consumerist and to Sprint for creating the hotline.

  35. BG says:

    Used the number today, found the woman on the other end to be exceptionally polite and totally helpful. Thanks Ben!

  36. outsiderlookingn says:

    I called Sprint through the normal CSR # today and was told the expected wait time was greater than 20 minutes. So since I had an ongoing issue I tried to give the # a try. The phone was immediately answered a Sprint Executive Customer Service. He pulled up my account and found notations where I had asked for my second line to be canceled and it was not done. He canceled the line for me and went ahead and checked my usage. Since there was no usage he credited the monthly fee (and taxes) back to my account. It was nice to not have to argue through CSR and retentions to get the issue resolved. Thanks!!!!

  37. jadielinn says:

    I’ve been with Sprint for a little less than two months now and my husband and I have had SEVERAL problems already. Including a CSR charging our checking account for over $1400, causing our bank to lock us out of our account and charge us many over drafts fees. Of course it was on a Friday, so we had no access to our own money for 4 days. Meanwhile, we had a 30-day guarantee on our plan and I wanted to exchange my phone for a different and got the run around cause no one seemed to understand what a 30-day guarantee meant. Then our phones service got interrupted cause of a temporary credit on our account that was supposed to be a permanent credit. We were also supposed to receive 2 months free service and $50 off the third month due to all these complication, but have yet to see any of that on our bill.

    I have tried to call this number and I waited on hold for a CSR for 25 minutes and just after I finally told my entire story (which took another 25 minutes) the call dropped due to a faded signal. So does this number really work? I’ve had no success.

    Does anyone have Gary D. Forsee’s e-mail address?

  38. consumehermist says:

    I LOVE Consumerist. I was getting assessed for a contract breaking fee when I was told there would be none after I left the country last summer. I get back to the US and what do I find? Massive pile-up of mail from a collection agency for this bill that shouldn’t have existed. After a bunch of fruitless attempts to resolve the issue through regular channels, I realized that Consumerist might have the answer. I went to google, searched for “site:consumerist.com sprint phone number” and instantly found exactly what I needed. I called, reached a human being who not only saw exactly what the problem was, that the fee was assessed unfairly, but also immediately handled it and contacted the collections agency to fix my credit. I feel so incredibly relieved right now. Thanks a lot, and great work!


  39. bungiecord says:

    wow. Sadly I came to this post a couple of days too late. I purchased a sprint plan a month ago, and don’t recall ever ever in my life spending so much time on hold or getting transferred to people who had no clue about anything.

    My impression of Sprint Customer service is that it is one big exercise in job security because the whole system creates as many customer problems as it solves, thus creating a need for more CS reps, who create more problems, etc. etc. The few lone CS reps who actually help are swimming against a tough current, I’m afraid.

    I will summarize my sad and sordid 3 week long journey into the kafkaesque hell which is sprint customer service in numbers. 18662898375+8664041335+8888768381+8662502221+8885033078,
    +8602641218 back to 8662898475 4 times *2 + 4 (round) trips to sprint store.
    Steven, Megan, ashley, pam, ed, heather, (+4 whose names I could not decipher)3 activations, 21 phone calls totaling 472 minutes.
    14 lies, deceptions or misstatements. 3 bad surprises.

    And finally I have an (almost except, oops, the data plan isnt working, and the sprint website does not show my correct phone, and says I do not have a data plan though I do)

    Well, at least voice works. Maybe I should give that number a whirl.


  40. RottNDude says:

    Consumerist, you rock. I have been fighting with Sprint to let me out of my contract due to coverage issues at my new home (last month the “map” said no coverage, now it says “fair” – how convenient) and the rep at Executive Response was courteous, understanding and let me out of my contract with no hassles!

    They DO read your account notes (I had MANY regarding this issue) so please do not abuse this service unless you have a legitimate concern and a documented history of no resolution.

  41. mikala says:

    First off, you guys rock! I cannot believe the results I got in 10 minutes that I couldn’t get in 6 months by using your website.

    Long story short, well, as short as I can – I’ve been a Sprint cellular customer since the dawn of my cell phone existence (probably about 10 years). In January of this year I purchased a new phone in a Sprint store. I was told by the salesman that if I added a new line of service I would qualify for deep discounts on the new phone. My previous plan was no longer available but he enrolled me in a new plan that he said would only be a few dollars more, if anything, than my old plan.

    I was told the $150 rebate could take 6-8 weeks to appear on my bill. After three months with no sign of it I called customer service. I was told it would appear on my next bill. Didn’t happen, called again, told it would appear on my next bill. Repeat, repeat… For four months in a row I was told it would appear on my next bill.

    I was beyond anger, and felt rather hopeless and defeated. I was about to call customer service again when it occurred to me to search and see if consumerist.com had a better customer service number. I found the Executive Customer Service number [703-433-4401]. I tried that number but it rang about 10-15 times and then an announcement that my call could not be completed. Back to Consumerist.com where I found the number to the CEO’s office, Gary Forsee 703-433-4040. I called – “Gary Forsee’s office can I help you?” I asked for Executive Customer Service and she transferred me.

    A woman answered and after my brief introduction/problem she asked me how I got her number. I gave her the history and that I read on Consumerist.com that there is Executive Customer Service for these types of things and that I called Gary Forsee’s office and was transferred. She was so SO friendly and helpful.

    She explained that I actually never qualified for the $150 rebate in the first place. In order to get it I had to not only add the new line of service but activate the new phone on that line of service. This was never explained to me in the store. Since she was so nice I also told her about how my bill was more than I expected but that I’d never complained because I didn’t really feel I had a right to since I’d signed up for that package. It was my fault for not knowing exactly what the costs would be. She made it right. She credited my account the $150, she also gave me an ongoing $10 rebate on my Vision Plan and an overall 15% rebate on my overall bill.

    But the main thing was how nice she was. She apologized repeatedly, said that is not the way Sprint likes to treat their customers, and thanked me several times for being tenacious and for tracking down her group.

    Thank you Consumerist.com, I could have never done it without you. And a big shout-out to Sprint for making it right in the end.

    Michelle A
    Novato, CA

  42. InfamousQeue says:

    Sadly, after over a decade of various c/s & marketing jobs, I find myself now working for an outsourcing company as a Sprint c/s rep.
    I now, more than ever before, believe that outsourcing = awful customer service. Of course, it saves the big company $, but can it really be worth it?
    My “supervisors” often do not understand basic concepts like the difference between long distance charges & roaming charges. I am often chided for “getting too involved,” or “thinking too much into it.” I’ve been reprimanded for “speaking for the customer” and told I should give them one answer (the wrong one or the right one they don’t want to accept) and “keep repeating it to them until they hang up or ask for a supervisor.” And, yes, the company even tells us that most of the work we do is just correcting our co-workers’ mistakes, but if not for that, “we wouldn’t have a job.”
    I honestly have no tips for success in solving your problem. In the lottery of outsourced CSR’s, you will likely lose. I do recommend that you call this number above, & do state your displeasure with the quality of treatment you received from “regular” reps if you’ve been already been passed through several.
    I don’t mind the work – -it’s nice to make a teeny, tiny difference every day among a sea of idiots……but I must agree that, in general, Sprint’s customer service majorly sucks. :)

  43. Janabell says:

    Thank you Consumerist,
    Call one of the number’s you posted and the Exec
    called me back and straighten out my issue’s with SPRINT. Won’t say the man’s name but his Anthony S.
    Thank you for listening to me and helping me get my phone. (the right one).

  44. chi_ra says:

    This is really great.
    I have been trying to resolve an issue with early termination for about 10 days by calling customer service but no one was really ready to help.
    Then I call this number and voila! within minutes the issue was resolved.
    Thanks a lot consumerist for this number

  45. jeff275 says:

    Well I can’t say my experience with this line was much better than regular Sprint customer service. I got through to a person quicker and they were nicer but they still had to go back to the regular customer service people so you can imagine how well that worked. They also took a week to get back to me and of course they had no resolution for me. When I asked about a couple other avenues that we could try the woman was nicely rude to me, if that makes any sense, and that was as far as I got.

  46. richtaur says:

    Incredible. Power of the Internet man.

  47. ZacharyKonowalchuk says:

    This is the greatest number ever!!! Thank you Consumerist. I had Sprint for 8 years and their customer service has been horrible! I had a major billing issue and called this number and it was resolved in 5 minutes. I no longer have Sprint and am a Happy Verizon customer. GO VERIZON!

  48. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING!!! For one, they pick up immediately. I’m on the phone explaining my situation as I type, but this is a first not to have to wait. I’ll let you know if the problem gets resolved or not.

  49. Anonymous says:

    OMG, this number really really works!! I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to cancel my 3 lines of service with no ETF and they wouldn’t budge sayint the admin. charge that they changed doesn’t qualify for no ETF (even though there are tons of people that did it) after numerous people telling me NO, NO, NO and promising manager call backs etc. I called this number and it was easy breezy….we’ll see if I get the email confirmation (she said by tuesday as it will be processed) THANK YOU A MILLION!!! I don’t know what to do now…so many choices, I don’t ever want to be in this situation again. I feel liberated!!

  50. bendsley1 says:

    I have been trying to get Sprint to cancel all of my lines under a business account except for one line and have had major problems. I have called numerous times, been promised call backs, talked to “escalations”, etc.

    I have been a long time reader of Consumerist and finally decided to try talking to the Sprint Consumerist hotline. They lady that I spoke to was very professional, was able to help me immediately, didn’t put me on hold. So far, I have been impressed with this number. Though my issue isn’t fully resolved yet, she did give me her full name and two numbers (toll free and toll) to get in touch with her and a case number which she said only the people in the executive customer service area have access to.

    If this number proves to be helpful, I will quit bashing Sprint…..so much. I won’t go back to them, but I will try to limit my hatred of them when talking about them.

  51. Alkmist85 says:

    I spent over a month trying to get some serious issues resolved with sprint that included one of their employees stealing my credit card information and making a payment on their own account. Finally I was so mad I called this number and still nothing got done. So I resorted to emailing each and every one of the executives that was listed on this site hoping that someone would finally get my issues resolved.

    I had a call within 1 hour, and a check in the mail that weas overnighted to me for the refund of the money that was stolen from me.

    The number may not get you far if you have a really serious problem but emailing the executives sure will. My suggestion is though don’t go that far unless you really have too.

  52. wiper says:

    I went to a Sprint corporate store (an actual Sprint store, not just branded Sprint) to exercise Sprint’s 30 day upgrade policy to get an HTC Evo on launch day. After waiting outside for 2 hours, I was informed by several guys who introduced themselves as managers that their district manager directed them to not honor the 30 day upgrade on the Evo “because it’s launch day”.

    After reading through the fine details to make sure there was no option to not honor the 30 day exchange, I dug up this number. The number was answered immediately by a very polite woman who agreed those policies did not sound like they were in line with Sprint’s official policies. Within 7 hours I received a call from “the” store manager, he apologized for the misinformation and promised to correct it with all of his employees. He then set a phone aside for me.

    Thanks Consumerist and Sprint!