This Bus Is Not Stopping For A Fribble

“Can you get me a Fribble?”

Who knew such an innocent request would result in a bus driver yelling at us in front of several passengers?

We were traveling by charter bus to a location outside Brooklyn, some place where they have trees with green leaves. Across from one of our stops was a Friendly’s. Our girlfriend pined for a “Fribble,” Friendly’s proprietary thick milkshake. We weren’t sure we had enough time but decided to give it a shot.

When we came to the front of the bus, the door was closed, and the bus driver wasn’t there. Outside, some passengers stood smoking. We pushed on the door but it didn’t open. Then we saw two big buttons by the driver’s seat, one red, one green, one indicating an opening door, the other, a closing door. Using our finely honed powers of analysis and deduction, we decided to press the open door button. The hydraulics shooshed the door open and we pushed our way outside…

Immediately as we got off, the bus driver rushed over and demanded to know just what we thought we were doing. We told him we were going to get a Fribble. He asked just how we got it into our head it was okay to press the button to open the door. We said we were a “hands-on kinda guy.” He went on to explain how we had no right to touch anything, how we put the bus in danger, how the bus was a sophisticated piece of machinery, how a meaner bus driver would’ve just ripped up our ticket, did we want to speak to his supervisor? Because he would call him over here if we wanted to.

We tried to say sorry, that we didn’t mean any disrespect, but he interrupted us to remind us how we had put the lives of the other passengers in mortal danger and a driver not as nice as him wouldn’t let us back on the bus. At this point we interjected to say yo, we understand, we’re sorry, but it’s not necessary to publicly dress us down. He said that he wasn’t yoing us, we were just having a friendly discussion, and then he started back up again with bus danger, supervisor, buttons, ripping tickets etc. We said, look, we understand, and then he asked us if we want to get back on the bus. We said we would love too.

We returned to our girlfriend, who appreciated our unsuccessful efforts. As the bus trundled through the towns, we fantasized about getting the driver’s name and filing a complaint. Maybe even talking to him at the end and telling him how we paid for a bus ticket, not to get a verbal spanking from a bus driver. Instead, when we got off the bus at the end, we thanked him for the ride, and set about trying to enjoy the rest of the three-day weekend.

We do a lot of kvetching on the site and encourage people who feel wronged by companies to write complaint letters. But part of being a good consumer is not just knowing to complain, and how to complain, but knowing when not to complain. Sometimes, after a little reflection, you realize you’re complaining because the bus driver won’t let you push the buttons on the dashboard, and that he might even merit praise for severely nipping in the bud uppity passengers who might endanger bus operations. — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: Friendly’s)


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  1. Crazytree says:

    you’re lucky the green button wasn’t the bus’s “SELF-DESTRUCT” activation key!

  2. ManiacDan says:

    Some buses will automagically disengage the parking break of you open or close the doors. Remember that bus driver that almost earned herself a Darwin Award by closing the doors by reaching through the window from the outside? It’s possible that the driver actually was scared that you were going to make the bus drift away.

  3. scoobydoo says:

    Poor bus driver probably spent years are bus driver school just to learn how to correctly operate his sophisticated machine.

    Oh, and this story reminds me of the Family Guy episode where the “leafers” invade Quohog :D

  4. Wormfather says:

    All I can think about is that this story would have been funnier on a plane.

  5. Abusiveelusive says:

    Am I the only one confused about the usage of “we” and “our girlfriend”?

  6. madktdisease says:

    Wow, what ever happened to not touching things that aren’t yours? You’re in the wrong here, so sit down and enjoy the ride, and get a stupid Fribble when you get to wherever the hell it is you’re going instead of putting people at risk for a stupid ice cream.

  7. eldergias says:

    I disagree, you would be complaining about a representative of a company that you hired for a service treating you with disrespect and a lack of civility.

    It is a far cry from just wanting to push buttons.

    But you are correct about knowing when to complain and when not to. My friend and I had a verbal berating from our server at the bar of an Outback Steakhouse for multiple things (we wanted to move to a booth, we asked for some bread, we weren’t done with our meals soon enough). Each time our guy was a jerk we took it and continued with our meals. At the end of the meal I asked the server for his name, which made him weary. He gave it to me, and so to throw off suspicion I extended my hand and said thank you “insert name here”. That relaxed him, he shook my hand, and said we were welcome.

    I then went straight to the manager, and told her I had just had the worst service of my life. He had been rude, demeaning, condescending, and sardonic. I told her that my family is in the restaurant business and that having worked and managed them before, this is worst worker I have ever encountered and that I would never allow someone like that to work for me. She responded that she had never heard any complaints about him before and that it was a busy night. I responded that just because he might not have been rude before does not mean that he will never be rude in the future and that how busy the place is is never an excuse for berating customers.

    She agreed profusely, and apologized greatly and promised to speak with him. However I have very little faith that anything was actually done about the incident. Sufficed to say, I have never returned to that Outback location. And thanks to reading the Consumerist, if I encounter a situation like that again in the future, I will be sure to get all relevant details (full server name, location number, manager name) to send a letter to corporate.

    But if I had confronted the server I would not have gotten his name. I am sorry that I didn’t confront him after getting his name, because he deserved a talking down, but maybe next time.

  8. Hoss says:

    Man, gets really really confusing when “we” involves two people

  9. akyiba says:

    @madktdisease: Exactement!

  10. umonster says:

    @Hossofcourse: Popken has an odd fascination with the “royal we.”

    As usual, Wikipedia is there to explain it:
    “The royal we (Pluralis Majestatis) is the first-person plural pronoun when used by an important personage to refer to himself or herself. It’s best known usage is by a monarch such as a king, queen, or pope.”

  11. eldergias says:

    @umonster: Don’t forget to mention that this is done so because the person believes that they represent a large portion of people. So they say “we” refering to the people that they are representing. So if the Pope says, “We are saddened.” He means that Catholics, as a whole, are saddened.

  12. acambras says:

    Perhaps you are new here?

    Believe it or not, getting a commercial driver’s license is not an easy thing to do, so the driver was probably pretty upset that anyone besides him was messing with anything on the dash.

    So it started out looking like a complaint. Then Ben said at the end that it was a non-complaint. Is it a free ad for a Fribble? It seems to have worked, because now I want one. Damn.

  13. RandomHookup says:


    Actually Ben does this so that we too can have the ‘girlfriend experience’ without having to know an actual girl. It’s ego-boosting and it’s carbon neutral.

  14. Tallanvor says:

    @Abusiveelusive: It’s MPD… There are several people living in Ben! Haven’t you figured that out yet?

  15. Voyou_Charmant says:

    @Abusiveelusive: Damn Mormons endangering everyone’s life for a milkshake!

  16. Voyou_Charmant says:

    @thisaintsweettea: dont they have multiple wives, not boyfriends?

  17. Voyou_Charmant says:

    @thisaintsweettea: shhhhhhhh

  18. bbbici says:

    I would sue the bus company for emotional trauma of a driver locking you inside a vehicle. If the driver is not in the vehicle and passengers are inside, there should always be an easy way for them to get out.

    what if there was a fire, or violence, or a medical emergency? the bus company’s insurance could be liable for $ millions.

  19. timmus says:

    “Bus driver goes on power trip” sounds like it could be a headline from the Onion.

  20. kerry says:

    @bbbici: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Why would the driver step off the bus with some passengers and close the door behind him? Seems like strange behavior at a rest stop.

  21. jmuskratt says:

    Maybe he closed the door so the passengers wouldn’t de-bus, thus creating a delay that someone would have written to the Consumerist to complain about.

  22. Canadian Impostor says:

    Touching the buttons is crummy, but locking people on the bus is crummy too. I’d say those two things are a wash.

    As a mechanical engineer, if you engineer the parking brake on a bus to turn off when someone opens the doors, you’re a complete failure.

  23. Buran says:

    @umonster: Sounds more like “I’m more important than you so I can’t talk like you because that would bring me down to your level” snobbery … always has when I see it used, even here.

  24. Buran says:

    While you shouldn’t have pushed any of the buttons on the dash (were there no open buttons next to the door?), the driver really did go over the top in his behavior. He should have been polite and explained WHY it’s not a good idea to press buttons on the dash and then politely asked you not to do that, and explained to you how you could have exited the bus (e.g. open buttons by the doors, I’d be surprised if there were actually none) on your own.

    I’d say there would be valid grounds for complaint of the “driver flips out and is a total jerk to passengers when it wasn’t really warranted” nature.

    I also probably would have gotten off the bus and waited for the next one.

  25. SugarRob says:

    Good call on not complaining.

    You can’t say you approve of a public berating for someone overdoing the oregano on a salad but then be against a similar berating for you commandeering a public bus.

    One question, was there a designated time frame for the passengers to get off the bus if they deisired? You did say you saw some passengers smoking outside.

  26. MeOhMy says:

    Sure, you probably shouldn’t be dickering with the bus controls. It may seem like a simple “door open” button, but I’ll give the bus driver the benefit of the doubt here.

    Nonetheless if the bus is stopped for more than just a quick pick-up/drop-off, why are there passengers on the bus with no obvious means of getting off the bus? The bus driver is just asking for trouble doing that.

  27. MostNutsEver says:

    @Abusiveelusive: Ben and Meghann share a girlfriend.

  28. LAGirl says:

    why in the hell was the door closed while the driver and other passengers were outside?? seems like the door should have remained open.

    the driver sounds like a real a**hole. so, maybe you shouldn’t have touched his ‘button’, but the he overreacted. he could have given you a little talking to, let you go get your Fribble and everyone would have been happy.

    next time, maybe ‘we’ should take the train?

  29. Skylar says:

    @Abusiveelusive: You mean you don’t know about the Consumerist communal girlfriend? There have been many an entertaining tale weaved on the subject.

  30. jeffislouie says:

    You bastards put the lives of every living creature in danger and deserve no less than the death penalty.

    Or something.
    I would wager that driving a bus requires a massive amount of training on such topics as:
    green button opens doors, red button closes them 101
    how to turn left for advanced students….

  31. lemur says:


    1. All buses are equipped with emergency exits.

    2. If there is an emergency, and you need to open a door that you should not otherwise open, the legal system would recognize that you have a right to open it to take care of the emergency. There was no emergency in this story.

  32. @Buran: None of the buses where I live have normal open buttons near the doors (the emergency open requires you to break glass).

    It also isn’t unusual for the drivers of the city buses (as opposed to the campus transit buses) to trap passengers on the bus by closing the doors after they get out for a break. I don’t think they are allowed to leave the bus doors open while to go to the bathroom but I’ve seen a couple do it even when they were only going to stand outside near the bus.

  33. lemur says:

    As a frequent Greyhound customer, I’m glad the driver had a serious talk with Ben. Heck, I’d give the guy a medal for that.

    There’s little I hate more on a bus than customers who don’t know how to behave. The worst are those who think the whole world revolves around them and it does not matter if they delay the bus.

    There’s been a number of times when I took the bus when some passengers decided that it’s their god-given right during a stop to walk over to the restaurant next to the bus station to get something. “I’m just getting a candy bar. Will just take two minutes.” Right? Wrong!!! Next thing you know the bus driver is closing the door and someone from the back of the bus yells that so-and-so has not come back yet.

    The bus driver then has a choice between leaving or waiting. In other words, between having to face a complaint for having stranded a customer or a complaint for additional delays. Most likely, stranding a customer looks pretty bad so delay it is! The guy comes back ten minutes late because there were more people than expected at the restaurant or he received a phone call from his best friend and forgot the time. The upshot is that some of us miss our connexions because somebody with “highly attenuated powers of analysis and deduction” (attenuated is the right word here; it means “weakened”).

    As far as Ben’s story goes, if some passengers were outside smoking it means that the driver had opened the door at some point to let them go out to smoke. That’s a fairly frequent way of operating: the driver keeps the door opened for a bit at the beginning of the stop and then closes it. Why? There may be a gazillion reasons but one of them is to avoid having people decide one minute before the bus is leaving that they need to go out to get something and almost surely delay the bus.

    And for those of you ready to crucify the driver, remember that we’re getting only one side of the story here.

  34. Max2068 says:

    What’s missing here is the important instructions from a former Friendly’s employee, on how to make a Fribble:

    1) Take a large glass, fill 2/3 with soft serve ice-cream. Chocolate for chocolate or coffee, vanilla for vanilla or strawberry.

    2) Add about 1/2 or so the glass height with milk.

    3) Add a liberal dose of the syrup of your choosing, (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or coffee.)

    4) Blend on milkshake blender, or if you don’t have one, a hand blender or home blender will work as well. Make sure to blend evenly throughout the fribble.

    So the rub is in getting soft-serve, which is actually what differentiates if from being a traditional milk-shake. If you can get around the difficulty of acquiring soft serve, you can easily make a close substitute at home.

  35. mac-phisto says:

    ben – consider yourself lucky. if that friendly’s is anything like the one by me, that fribble would’ve taken a half hour to make & you probably would’ve been assaulted by a busload of ppl IF the bus had waited for you.

    more likely than not, you would’ve walked back to see your g/f sitting on the curb; busless & in the middle of nowhere. you’d have nothing but a fribble to console you while your g/f drilled on about how getting off the bus was just the latest in a series of bad decisions that you’ve made over the course of your relationship together. then, as luck would have it, her ex would pull up in his brand spanking new corvette convertible to whisk her & her tasty fribble away.

    that bus driver saved your relationship…he deserves an above & beyond tag.

  36. bbbici says:

    “1. All buses are equipped with emergency exits.

    2. If there is an emergency, and you need to open a door that you should not otherwise open, the legal system would recognize that you have a right to open it to take care of the emergency. There was no emergency in this story.”

    re. 1: A person having a heart attack should not have to egress through a window 6ft above the gound.

    re. 2: If someone is trying to rob me, i am having a heart attack, or am on fire, i should not have to search for an obscure button to open the frigging door.

    One could easily sue in this instance, claiming being locked on the bus brought back traumatic memories of child abuse or something.

    I would make up an emergency and get my lawsuit on just to get back at this driver and the company.

  37. Yourhero88 says:

    Having worked the tables at a Friendly’s for over 4 years, I find public chiding a steep price to pay for a hastily made cup of soft-serve and milk.

    I will now sing the Friendly’s birthday song:

    Friendly’s has a birthday song,
    It’s not too short, it’s not too long.
    If you’re good you’ll get your wishes,
    And if you’re bad you’ll do our dishes.
    Sound off;
    Sound off;
    Happy Birthday, TO YOU!

    God damn them…

  38. Pipes says:

    @eldergias: I suppose I can understand not being happy about the request to move to a booth (a request to move anywhere besides where the hostess put you greatly disturbs the floor plan, amongst other things) but there was still no need to get snappy. More bread? Honestly, I hope you didn’t tip him.

  39. madktdisease says:

    @lemur: well played! thank you!

  40. madktdisease says:

    I somehow missed this the first time: “We didn’t think we had enough time but decided to give it a shot.”

    Right, because other people getting to their destination who will be waiting for you don’t matter. Dissapointing, guys. So selfish.

  41. pestie says:

    …yoing? Is that “yo-ing” or does it rhyme with “boing?” More to the point, what the hell does it mean?

  42. Chaoticfluffy says:

    @mac-phisto: It’s not just you. Every single Friendly’s I’ve ever been to (which is a fair number, there were a lot in the area i grew up in) has required an extra 50%-100% of the time a normal restaurant would have you in and out in.

    I would hope that Ben didn’t know that, because if he did and they decided to “give it a shot” knowing it would take a long time, then he and his gf (or should i say “they and their girlfriend”? The royal we drives me nuts in things like this) were the people who inevitably hold up any transportation of more than two people. “Omg I am just going to [insert random thing]. Just wait for me, I’ll be right back! Really, I swear! [takes half an hour and comes unconcernedly strolling back, wondering why everyone is glaring]”

  43. zolielo says:

    Ben you get a thumbs down on this one.

  44. tylerkaraszewski says:

    They always do this on this site. It’s annoying and confusing. You are *one person*, not *we*!

  45. Buran says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Seems to me like it’s time to write a complaint, cc’ed to the public advocacy column of the local paper. I’m sure that if the general public finds out that they’re trapping people on buses, things will change fast. Works around here — Metro gets publicly shamed, it fixes things.

  46. eldergias says:

    @Pipes: That is what I feel worst about. My friend was paying for the bill and I was gonna split it with him and pay him back later. So he asked me what I thought about tip, and I said not to leave any. Then he pointed out that the bar staff and bus boys share tips, so he wanted to leave something. So I grudgingly said 2%, but I wish we hadn’t left a penny.

    I am not even being kidding what I say he was sardonic. This was the last act of ass-hat-ishness we had from him.

    Server (to friend): Are you done, or are you still working on it (the meal).

    Friend: No, it’s okay (making a take it away gesture).

    *The server starts to walk away*

    Friend: No, sorry, I meant that I was done with it, you can take it.

    Server (in voice you use to talk down to someone like pretending they are a child): I asked if you were done and you said, “No”. Normally, when you say, “No” to that means that you are not done. If you want me to take it away you don’t say, “No”.

    Friend: Yeah, sorry, but I thought you asked if I was still working on it, which is why I said, “No”.

    *server turns to me wide eyed*

    Server (VERY slowly in a “I think you are an idiot voice) to me: ARE… YOU… DONE…?

    Me (trying to imitate his exact tone): YES…

    Server (same tone): THANK YOU

    Then he glared at my friend, and took our plates.

    Some day the ninja will come for this man, and on that day I will not stop them.

  47. Buran says:

    @lemur: Oh, I agree bus drivers need to make sure things don’t take too long etc.

    But flipping out on passengers when the whole thing could have been addressed calmly? THAT is going too far.

  48. Havok154 says:

    If the bus catches on fire, is it ok to touch his “very important” buttons? Or do you have to wait for the driver to properly operate the vehicle so everyone doesn’t die when the you accidentally press the “make bus implode” button?

  49. orig_club_soda says:

    This isn’t about buying a milk shake at all! This about some yahoo messing around with the bus without authorization. Who in their right mind thinks they can start pushing buttons on a bus!? The passenger was disrespectful and would have probably gotten less of a dressing down if they had kept their mouth shut and accepted that they were 100% in the wrong.

  50. JustThisGuy says:


    “I would make up an emergency and get my lawsuit on just to get back at this driver and the company”?

    You’re a dick. Seriously.

    For anyone else who believes that Ben should have complained and escalated: Ben’s right about this. His complaint would have been very petty, since it would involve him doing something that he obviously should not have done in the first place, and the driver–overzealous exhortations aside–was likely worried about losing his job for an act that was both not his fault and out of his control.

    And for everyone else making snide comments about the abilities of bus drivers: you people are dicks, too. Get over yourselves.

  51. lemur says:


    Hmm… I see “attenuated” has been changed “honed” in the original post. (Yes, I’m talking to myself.)

  52. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Ben…no touch the buttons! I can see the bus driver’s point of view about people not touching the controls. I mean, even if you know what you’re doing, somebody else less intellegent could have knocked the bus into gear, causing it to flip over a cliff and explode into a million pieces, causing gas prices to shoot up to $4.00 a gallon. If anything bad had happened, it would have been the driver’s nuts on the chopping block. How would you like to be the one to explain how your bus rolled into traffic, causing a 32 car pileup and 10 deaths?

    It’s just not good practice to touch the controls of a commercial vehicle that doesn’t belong to you. You wouldn’t barge into the cockpit of a 737 or the bridge of a cruise ship and push buttons. The driver is still “captain of the ship” and is responsible for everyone on board.

    I agree that the bus driver could have been more polite and I would have thought he would have accepted your apology and skipped the second lecture on bus safety and whatnot, and maybe he wigged out when he shouldn’t have, but started it :P

  53. neuromantic says:

    really? “bus drivers can be dicks”? unheard of.

    no need to make up an emergency – that woman was having a fribble attack!

    in seriousness, i must say that, having panic disorder, and frequently riding the bus, i very often AM traumatised when a bus driver locks me in the bus, without so much as a, “by your leave”, TO GET HIS OR HER OWN DAMN COFFEE/LUNCH/CIGARETTES (we have no fribbles, hereabouts). in case i’m being unclear, being locked into things causes me to have panic attacks… and, sometimes, i’d like to get out and get something, too, seeing that the driver can sometimes take as long as fifteen minutes to get whatever he/she/it (sometimes i wonder if they’re human) feels THEY need.

    waiting for the next bus – assuming it will stop at some random ice cream shop – will just result in the next bus driver being radioed not to pick up an “unruly” former passenger.

    *crosses fingers in hopes of passing commenting audition*

  54. Nickelking says:

    @Max2068: Thank you, living on the west coast I was wondering what the heck a Fribble was.

    In other news I’d have gotten off at the first notice of a stop, or have been too afraid to get off later in the stop, I’ve been abandoned before by bus drivers (granted it was in mexico) and considered it my own fault as they usually mention how long they’re stopped for.

  55. Robobot says:

    You might be better off without that Fribble. I went to a Friendly’s a few weeks ago and my shake had dozens of jagged plastic shards in it.

  56. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    Guys, this was a charter bus. A CHARTER bus. That means everyone is going to the same damn destination. That also means that whatever the passengers say, goes. And any engineer who designs a bus to disengage the parking brakes when the door opens is an idiot and should not have an engineering degree. Anyway there were no connections to miss, no people heading somewhere else, and most likely you probably know most of the people on board. And why the hell would the driver close the door behind him after he got out, when there were passengers still in it? Most of the time the door is open the whole time.

  57. CumaeanSibyl says:

    You know, if a story actually got posted here about a passenger suing a bus company because he/she had a panic attack when locked onto a bus, all the people advocating a lawsuit here would flip out and start ranting about tort reform and stupid made-up mental disorders and customers who shouldn’t be allowed out of their houses because they’re too weak-willed to deal with a bus… and so forth.

    And Ben was totally in the wrong. Keep your hands to yourself! Plus, the only real worthwhile menu item at Friendly’s is that clown hat sundae.

  58. Jasmo says:

    man, yet another Consumerist story that makes me wish for that five minutes of my life back.

  59. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @IRSistherootofallevil: Even if it was a charter bus, it doesn’t give passengers the right to screw around with the controls, no matter how much they want a Fribble for their girlfriend. If it were a charter airplane flight, would that give the passengers the right to kick the pilot out of the cockpit and fly the plane upside down and do barrel rolls? I think not. It’s a charter bus, not a pirate mutiny.

    Granted, driving a charter bus isn’t a very glamorous job, but it requires a commercial driver’s license and a knowledge of how to drive a bus; which, I may add, probably looks easy, but I’d bet the average person would sideswipe at least three Hondas before they even got to the Interstate. The bus company still owns the bus, pays the insurance, and the driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers, even if they are all going to the same place. If the driver stopped and waited for each passenger to get a Fribble, a Coke, a Whopper with cheese, a Zagnut bar, or would take all day to get from point A to point B, everyone would get pissed off, and nobody would ever charter that bus company again.

    The guy probably closed the door so the rest of the people on the bus didn’t have to drown in all that lovely second-hand cigarette smoke.

  60. lemur says:

    @IRSistherootofallevil: Charter buses are frequently hired to operate just like buses on a scheduled line (that is, like Greyhound). Usually, people on these buses are trying to get from point A to point B as fast as safely possible (keeping in mind it is a bus, not a plane) and with a minimum of trouble, just like people who take Amtrak or Delta.

    So the mere mention that it was a charter bus really makes no difference.

  61. GrandmaSophie says:

    Anybody else here reminded of the Robert Munch book, _Angela’s Airplane_? “Angela loved to push buttons.” (Of course, I’m imagining this in Robert Munch’s voice, as he read the story on his website. Clearly, I need more tea this morning.)

    Ok, now, what if there’d been some minor emergency? Let’s say, the author of the story (was it authored by Ben? The “we” thing surprised me, proofreading on this site is usually much better than that) was on the verge of dropping a load in his pants and there was a line for the little bus potty? Should he have removed one of the emergency exit window thingies for that? Clearly, the driver was in the wrong for failing to leave the exits open during a rest stop. How were inconvenienced passengers supposed to get the driver’s attention if the door was closed?

    Should a passenger have taken such liberties? Given the obvious error by the driver, what other choice would a passenger have had? Fribble, impending loaded pants, doesn’t matter. The bus’ control panel wasn’t labeled that only a licensed operator may operate the controls. The idea that one might open the door one’s self is a pretty logical assumption, in the absence of posted rules to the contrary and particularly in the absence of the driver to do it for you.

  62. @Buran: I might if I cared more but I am far more irritated by the overcrowding caused students getting on the city buses instead of the campus buses. (I know, it’s mean.)

  63. jeffislouie says:

    Why not call the CEO at 5 in the morning to report it? That ought to learn ’em…

  64. says:

    @Jason: As a mechanical engineer, if you engineer the parking brake on a bus to turn off when someone opens the doors, you’re a complete failure.

    As a mechanical (specifically, manufacturing) engineer, this sounds like typical design engineer behavior to me ;-)

  65. Max2068 says:

    @ Quietly

    Might have been because fribbles are actually mixed in the plastic cup they’re served in. So if the mixer grinds the side against the milkshake blender, it can completely destroy the cup.

    Either that or they got “Fribble” confused with “Cracker Jack” and you tried to eat your prize.

  66. hildeaux says:

    The use of the Royal We on this blog really bothers me. It’s kind of pretentious and really effing obnoxious.

  67. DJFelix says:

    Do I sense just a tad whiff of white liberal guilt? Some guy goes ballistic on you, and you’re the asshole? I don’t think so pal. Only a white liberal with a permanently ingrained sense of guilt would believe that. I would have said “Yeh. Let’s talk to a supervisor. Right now. Get him over here, and if he doesn’t apologize to us, we’re getting of the bus, and if you don’t give me my money back, I’ll file a chargeback.”

    You laid down and took the abuse, like a good little sheep consumer. One would think that a regular reader of consumerist would know better. I would have been all over that guy like a cheap suit.