How Can I Get Comcast To Match AT&T's Offer?

Reader Chris writes in wondering how to get Comcast to match AT&T’s offer:

Tried to get Comcast to match any of the 4 different offers I received from AT&T to switch and save over 55 dollars a month for the same or better services I receive from Comcast now. (I don’t particularly want AT&T-branded satellite and DSL, however.)

I’ve tried twice before, and I know the general idea is to keep calling/chatting back and get a new person. This time, however, it seems as if they are all sticking to their reading points.

Chris continues:

This was the end of my last chat session.

I explained that my $150 a month bill for partially-high speed internet (only fast when my condo community isn’t awake) and my HDTV digital cable that seems to get more compressed each time they add another hi-def channel can’t be justified at this time. I also explained one offer, which she apparently ignored when she copied and pasted the following two DSL lines. The kicker is in red.

Me(Tue May 29 08:38:32 EDT 2007)>
I know you can make offers to existing customers to prevent them from switching, I know that’s pretty much why I’m talking to you. What offers can you make for me?

Stephanie(Tue May 29 08:38:32 EDT 2007)>
Our service is faster then the DSL service since it is on a phone line

Stephanie(Tue May 29 08:38:47 EDT 2007)>
You will have to get home phone service in order to have the DSL service

Stephanie(Tue May 29 08:38:56 EDT 2007)>
We do make offer

Stephanie(Tue May 29 08:38:59 EDT 2007)>
We offer service

Stephanie(Tue May 29 08:39:10 EDT 2007)>
If you want a service we will provide it

Wow, Stephanie was pulling out all the stops with that side-splitter.

Her only “offer” was an option that wouldn’t have lowered my bill, but in fact, would have added an additional $33 a month for a feature I said I’d never use!

It doesn’t seem like they’re budging as of late, perhaps too many people have tried cutting their costs with this department just because they can, not because they’re getting competitive offers. Is there a specific person I can speak to that will make the offer, or is the entire cancellation/downgrade department the “retention department” and I just have to keep sticking my arm in the barrel of fish?

Well, Chris, without knowing what sort of deal you have with Comcast, we can’t really calculate the likelihood of a price-match. We will say this, if you’re one of their triple-play customers, they are more likely to attempt to retain you.

That being said, you are not likely to get a better deal than the promotional “triple-play” package. In order to get Comcast to price match, do the following:

1) Call to cancel your service.
2) When you are directed to a retention specialist, they will ask you why you are canceling. Tell them they are too expensive and you’re going to go without cable and use the money to take Spanish lessons.
3) They will give you a retention offer. If it’s better than AT&T’s take it, if not, cancel or hang up.

Don’t waste your life arguing with a Comcast CSR. It’s just not worth it.—MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: Spidra Webster)
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