Home Depot Is Still Really Sorry That You Hate Them

It’s shareholder’s meeting time and Home Depot’s new CEO Frank Blake is running things a little differently this year. Last year’s shareholders meeting was something of a spectacle of oppression, NPR’s Joe Nocera describes last years meeting:

“He [Former CEO Robert “Big Bob” Nardelli] refused to answer a single question from shareholders, and had a timer count down from a minute, after which burly bouncers would walk towards them to drag them off the stage. I’d never seen anything like it in my life.”

This year’s meeting was, by Joe’s account, much more pleasant.

“The first thing Mr. Blake did when he got up on the stage was he apologized for last years meeting and he said it wouldn’t happen again.”

Home Depot is turning into JetBlue when it comes to constant apologizing. —MEGHANN MARCO

At Home Depot Meeting, a Tale of Two CEOs [NPR]
(Photo: cmorran123)

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