Bank CEO Uses NYPD As Personal Thugs

NYC citizen Jeff Boyle called the CEO of Valley National Bank at home to complain about some illegal construction noise. The CEO Gerald “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Lipkin, rather than apologizing for the racket, “flipped out.”

According to the NY Post, Boyle’s version of the story goes like this: After numerous calls to 311 about the noise, Boyle called Lipkin’s listed number to complain. Lipkin “flipped out” and shouted, “I have no control over what goes on! You’re violating my privacy!”

Lipkin then had his security chief contact the NYPD, convincing them to launch an investigation of Mr. Boyle. A detective came sniffing around Boyle’s place asking his neighbors for personal information. We’d call that a far more serious invasion of privacy than simply calling a listed phone number, but that’s us. We’re not important bank CEOs.

Boyle was told by the NYPD that he didn’t actually commit a crime, but was warned, “Don’t do that again.”

Boyle says, “I was stunned. I didn’t do anything illegal. For the CEO of a bank to use the NYPD to get in a pissing match with me, for Gerald Lipkin to try and intimidate me this way, is outrageous.” It certainly is. He adds, “…For the NYPD to waste New York taxpayer dollars over a private matter just because some guy decides to throw his weight around is a violation of public trust.” We agree. Valley National Bank is run by a douchebag of the highest order. —MEGHANN MARCO


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