Repeatedly Delivers Wrong Dryer, Doesn't Correct Website

All Ian wanted was a dryer. Ian tried ordering a GE DWSR463GGW dryer from The dryer that arrived at his door was labeled DWSR, but was in fact the smaller, less desirable DBXR463GGW. Ian called and told them to fix their mistake. delivered another DBXR labeled as a DWSR; when Ian pointed out the repeated error, they inexplicably offered him yet another DBXR.

Fed up with’s incompetence, Ian told them to issue a refund and take back the DBXR they had delivered. Ian then went to a brick and mortar Sears, which delivered the proper DWSR dryer without any confusion or difficulty. first promised to issue the refund within 5 business days; now, they’re saying 14 business days. If Ian doesn’t receive a full refund by then, he should call corporate for some executive customer service loving. More concerning, still matches the wrong picture and description to the wrong dryer model number, guaranteeing that this will happen again. Sears, if you’re reading this, fix your broken website. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

“Recipe For A .com Shopping Disaster”, or “How I Just Wanted To Do My Damn Laundry” [How Sears Ruined My Life]


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  1. Buran says:

    If you think Sears really is ruining your life over a DRYER, how bad are the rest of your problems? As for implying that you can’t do your laundry … how exactly was the dryer you were given incapable of doing your laundry?

    Sears is not ruining your life. You can do your drying because they did give you a dryer. Stop being a drama king.

    You got what you wanted from somewhere else, and keep on them for the refund and gift card, but you are overreacting.

  2. cabinaero says:

    Sears has been sending my warranty information for an air conditioner I do not own and that was supposedly delivered and installed on a date when I was living over 7000 miles away from the nearest Sears store.

  3. r81984 says:

    You should at least report to the BBB Sears illegally labling that other washer with a different label to try to trick you.

    Also you might want to write a letter to the GE explaining how Sears is trying to pawn off a cheaper dryer as their more expensive dryer.

  4. bombaxstar says:

    As a Sears employee…seriously, don`t bother with It sucks. The people at the brick-and-mortar store will be more helpful, as shown in this guy`s situation.

  5. ShadowFalls says:

    Don’t use ever. Their website is quite simply broken. This is not the first issue with the online store, there are numerous others as well. I have not seen a store with so many problems for their online site. I think some of their issues are regarding their antiquated computer systems, the online and the stores are probably not directly compatible.


    When you are not full of money, every little bit counts. Sears is not just holding your money, they are earning interest off it as well. I will always be amazed at how they can have your money in 3 seconds and take 3 weeks to get it back to you. It is a big inconvenience to wait, then wait again. It typically takes them 2 weeks to deliver appliances, that is a long delay and inconvenience since you have to go to a laundry mat to take care of that. It is something you have to deal with, their numerous screw ups lengthened this process.

    The person bought a larger dryer, Sears simply sent them a smaller and cheaper one, so it is not even a reasonable swap, though there is not any reasonable swap from what you choose to order.

    Also, you can not use the wrong one they sent you, as this would constitute your acceptance to the item being acceptable as your purchase according to law. The person had to go and eventually get another dryer to use since did nothing to correct the issue.

  6. Buran says:

    @ShadowFalls: The fact remains no matter how much you nitpick that sears did not “ruin anyone’s life” or any such crap. And if you read the original post, these people DID use the dryer they got — it specifically mentions that the problem was noticed while the laundry was being done! If what you claim is true they could have rejected the claim at that point, but they didn’t. So.

    Ruining someone’s life would be if they sent something that exploded or was otherwise actually dangerously defective.

    And besides. It’s a DRYER. Come ON. Get the refund of the difference, or get them to take back the one they sent you, and if they don’t after repeated efforts to get them to remove it, have it removed by an appliance recycler, and get over it.

    Some people just make mountains out of molehills.

  7. valthun says:

    I am going to post this once and never post it again. The BBB is a scam to businesses. In order for a company to have a good rating, they have to pay the BBB an annual fee, which is not cheap. They only care about responses, the actions do nothing, regardless if it is for or against the customer. If a business replied to all of the complaints, but are not a member of that organization then that company will not receive a high grade (if grades are given in that local area). Kodak figured this out and quit paying that organization an annual fee. Yes, if a company has legitimately wronged you, complain higher, or go to an actual government consumer agency. The BBB is a private non-profit organization. They won’t do anything for you as a consumer. They will just send your complaint, if the company responds then as far as they are concerned the issue is closed.

    This website is more affective against companies doing something wrong than the BBB ever will be. Threatening a call center agent that you are going to complain to the BBB is not going to make them give you what you want, in fact they will probably laugh about it after that call to their co-workers. As long as that call center rep is following the procedures that have been given to him by his management, and isn’t specifically rude or nasty to that customer he doesn’t have anything to fear from the BBB.

    In this guys case, yes he ordered one item and was constantly shipped the wrong product. Now if this is an issue with the website, or with the warehouse that packs the item is unknown at this point. Technically wouldn’t it be the manufacturer packing the boxes? SEARS is taking a long time in refunding his purchase, that could be a number of logistical issues, not to take the companies side, just stating possibilites. But SEARS does need to give the guy his money back as long as the product was returned to SEARS. Since the product was GE, at this point I probably would have gone to another store to get the item and wouldn’t have gone back to SEARS for anything else.

  8. not_seth_brundle says:

    @Buran: I think Ian is being tongue in cheek, given the subtitle to his blog:

    “How Sears Ruined My Life: A slight exaggeration in title. Zero exaggeration in facts.”

  9. FromThisSoil says:


    It’s definately not going to ruin your life, but it is very annoying.

    The models look somewhat similar and I know I would be pissed off if I installed and used it, only to find out that it’s the cheaper, less desiarable model.

    The point is, you should get what you pay for. Sears is a huge corporation in business since the early 1900s and they should have their business down to a science already.

  10. j-o-h-n says:

    A similar deal happened to us with our dryer from Lowes. We bought the model with the stainless steel drum, and once they had it in the basement and unpacked I discovered that it was the cheaper painted-drum model. The delivery guys seemed to show no interest in carrying it back up the stairs and delivering the model we actually purchased — I suspect because that had earlier delivered our dryer to a customer several hours away who got a free bonus upgrade.

    To Lowe’s credit, when I called the store, within 90 minutes the dept manager was at my door with the proper model. He was all alone and so needed some help getting the dryers up and down the stair, but that seemd a fair trade to me.

  11. ShadowFalls says:


    Wow, they are dumber than I thought…

    Guess I could say you are damn lucky Sears let them return it…

    I know and understand mistakes happen, it is how a company handles that which matters the most. When you make a mistake then proceed to make the same mistake again, something is wrong there…

  12. Buran says:

    @ShadowFalls: Oh, I’m not arguing with that. I’m saying the poster is a little … well, you know. And then tries to explain it with a lame disclaimer in the title.

  13. Carson Daly says:

    1) I’d probably be irritated too. I mean, it’s not like it was the wrong kinda pizza being delivered… it’s a huge ass dryer.
    2) is bad news — noted.
    3) That’s amazing (though, possibly a bit much). Is Sears paying for the hosting fees?

  14. spanky says:


    The guy’s just goofing with the domain name. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t literally believe that Sears ruined his life. And the problem does go beyond a simple, one-off error.

    Sure, he’s being intentionally melodramatic, but who has a more legitimate complaint? The guy who dealt with repeated clusterfucks with a broken online ordering system, or the guy who was annoyed by the first guy’s domain name?

  15. mmcnary says:

    I had a similar experience when I got my new dryer last fall. I picked it out at the Sears store, arranged for delivery and went on my way. They delivered it while I was at work, (my wife works from home) and she didn’t know the difference. When I noticed that the dryer was significantly smaller than the dryer, I started checking model numbers.

    I found that they had sent me a dryer that was about $200 cheaper than the one I ordered. I called the store and they said they would arrange for me to get the correct dryer. They delivered another dryer, but it was the same model.

    I sent another email to the manager of the store and mentioned the term ‘fraud’. I was told to come in and ask for the manager, who would straighten out the mess. He took me back to the appliance department and told me to pick out any dryer I wanted. While I was tempted to pick out the $1200 Whirlpool, I just picked out a dryer that had the same capacity as my washer. It was maybe $50 more than the one I originally ordered. It was installed in my house the next day.