Repeatedly Delivers Wrong Dryer, Doesn't Correct Website

All Ian wanted was a dryer. Ian tried ordering a GE DWSR463GGW dryer from The dryer that arrived at his door was labeled DWSR, but was in fact the smaller, less desirable DBXR463GGW. Ian called and told them to fix their mistake. delivered another DBXR labeled as a DWSR; when Ian pointed out the repeated error, they inexplicably offered him yet another DBXR.

Fed up with’s incompetence, Ian told them to issue a refund and take back the DBXR they had delivered. Ian then went to a brick and mortar Sears, which delivered the proper DWSR dryer without any confusion or difficulty. first promised to issue the refund within 5 business days; now, they’re saying 14 business days. If Ian doesn’t receive a full refund by then, he should call corporate for some executive customer service loving. More concerning, still matches the wrong picture and description to the wrong dryer model number, guaranteeing that this will happen again. Sears, if you’re reading this, fix your broken website. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

“Recipe For A .com Shopping Disaster”, or “How I Just Wanted To Do My Damn Laundry” [How Sears Ruined My Life]

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