The Best Damn Sandwich Shop In Brooklyn

We’re slightly in love with Tempo Presto’s sopressata sandwiches, so we decided to go in with a camera. We also wanted to know why the owner publicly dressed down one of the employees for over-sprinkling oregano on a salad a few weeks ago. Some of our readers thought we were jerks for praising this kind of “mean” quality control, but you don’t understand, these sandwiches are amazing, and they’re only $7.

When Michael Fiore, the earl of sandwich, was building his restaurant, Tempo, he found there was no good sandwich place around. So in the extra space next door, he decided to open his own, to feed his employees and the neighborhood (not a bad marketing strategy either, to offer a down-market version of their high-quality product). The result is Tempo Presto, located at 256 5th Ave in Brooklyn, which brings the same intense attention to detail from Michael’s kitchen to the lowly sandwich. — BEN POPKEN

Videography by Alex Goldberg.

High Standards Maintained At Tempo Presto Sandwich Shop
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