Geek Squad Opens Stores Inside FedEx Kinkos

Apparently, FedEx Kinkos will not rest until it adds every possible name to its title, because now in addition to being a FedEx… and a Kinkos… it’ll be a Geek Squad. That is, if “Project Xerox” is successful.

Geek Squad has currently infiltrated 13 FedEx stores in Indianapolis and 9 stores in Charlotte. The stores are “just like any other regular Geek Squad location,” according to Best Buy. How long until they accidentally ship your PC to Abu Dhabi? —MEGHANN MARCO

Geek Squad testing out stores inside of Fedex/Kinkos [TG Daily]
(Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. royal72 says:

    “How long until they accidentally ship your PC to Abu Dhabi?”

    lol… or how long till you’re writing articles about ups, dhl, usps accounts being deleted and/or replaced with fedex on computers being “serviced”?

  2. zolielo says:

    Hopefully Geek Squad away from Best Buy will like some say bring back the old squad. In my view I have not see an change from the old days to current times.

  3. rodeobob says:

    That is, if “Project Xerox” is successful

    Hey now! What did Xerox do wrong to get pulled into all this?

  4. oldhat says:

    Why not have Kinko’s / FedEx substations in Best Buy stores?

    Does this mean the usually fucked up computers in Kinko’s will be better maintained?

  5. nffcnnr says:

    From now on, these stores will be called GeeFeKinkoDexQuad.

  6. Papercutninja says:

    Are there that many qualified techs that can staff all these GeekSquad outposts? Hmm. I guess i just answered my own question.

    I’ve got a buddy who is in the geek squad, he KNOWS what he’s doing but is an ass as a human being. That last point is irrelevant to the post, but i figured i’d share it with you all.

  7. arsenalnra says:

    I am actually an agent at one of these “project xerox” locations in Charlotte. It is definitely a different experience, but I’m loving it.

  8. justadakaje says:

    These aren’t the large-scale Precincts found in Best Buy stores. These Precincts Inside FedEx Kinko’s are only 10′ x 10′ and are usually staffed by only one Agent at a time.

    We offer the exact same Geek Squad services as the Geek Squad Precincts inside Best Buy. The only difference here is that Geek Squad has chosen to create a new partnership rather than just our largest partner, Best Buy.

    Oh, and we won’t fix you vacuum cleaners in the FedEx Kinko’s stores! :P

  9. octopede says:

    God, FedEx Kinko’s really needs to stop trying to cram more services into its existing business model. I’m all for one-stop shopping, but only if it works. Kinko’s has a hard enough time meeting all of its promises as-is. You walk into a FedEx Kinko’s and you’re presented with three line options: do you want the long line to front counter for full-service copying? Do you want the line for the sign n’ banner services? Or what about the one for FedEx? And now there will be another irritable line of people, PCs in hand, waiting to talk to one guy/gal in the Geek Squad. And of course they will market this to give the impression that you can just walk in with your broken PC, no wait time, and can stroll out 10 minutes later, problem solved, and for oh-so-cheap.

    FedEx Kinko’s is hitting physical constraints…you can only offer so many services in smaller retail space. Walking into a Kinko’s now is an exercise in confusion. Signs everywhere, too much information, it looks like a Windows 95 retail package: so many logos and slogans…what’s going on? They have a counter, but in a misguided effort to keep the floor plan open, you wander up to a copy machine and realize you’re back behind the counter and the employees are wondering who you are, what you’re doing. You wait in line for 15 minutes, only to find out you were in the wrong spot…the shipping services location is over there.

    And, Lord…I don’t envy the line that is sure to form at the single-person-staffed Geek Squad counter. One computer-illiterate person at the front, demanding one-on-one walkthroughs on how to place an image into a Microsoft Word document. And one single employee who’s about to lose their mind. No sir, this does not bode well.