Your Punching Bag Was Full Of Dirty, Stinky Underwear

If you have a punching bag by TKO, you might want to check to see what’s in it. It could be dirty underwear! Joe Heckel was moving his punching bag from his garage to his basement when he decided to see what was in it… just in case it ever leaked. What he found smelled “bad, real bad.” The bag was stuffed with men’s and women’s underwear. Used underwear. Heckel says:

“I called to ask them if they could tell me if these were clean underwear, but I don’t think that he believed me,” Heckel said. “I said ‘I’m a cop, I’m telling you that’s what’s in there!’

He further describes the incident as “gross but kind of funny in a way.”

The company that makes the punching bag has apologized and is sending a pantie-free bag to Joe and his family. As for the person who decided to fill the punching bags with someone’s dirty undies? They’ve been fired. Check out the link for more pictures… if you’re done with lunch. —MEGHANN MARCO

Family’s Punching Bag Holds Smelly Surprise [wlwt](Thanks, Francis!)
(Photo: Joe Heckel)


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  1. zibby says:

    1. Collect underpants.
    2. Use as filler for punching bags.
    3. Profit!

  2. faust1200 says:

    Heckel said. “I said ‘I’m a cop, I’m telling you that’s what’s in there!’

    Yes everyone knows that law enforcement officers are required to go through 30 hours of UIT or “underwear identification training.”

  3. Lewis says:

    @zibby: Ah yes, the first rule of acquisition.

  4. Coder4Life says:

    I assume this persons rarely used it if at all… I mean coulndt you tell that you are punchinga bunch of underwear.. Or the fact that it might leak out some stinky smell..

  5. Uriel says:

    hmm, sounds like just another everyday occurrence for a chinese company, if they are indeed chinese.

  6. letoofdune says:

    Seriously, what the hell? I feel like this is some sort of Dali surrealist painting, with the dripping clocks and whatnot.

  7. chrisgoh says:

    Heckel said. “I said ‘I’m a cop, I’m telling you that’s what’s in there!’

    I’ve seen this happen multiple times where a police officer will make sure to point out that they are one even when they are off duty and it has no relevance to the issue at hand. To me it seems a bit unethical as almost a veiled threat that they should take you more seriously as a consumer because you are an officer.

  8. Uh oh... Cleveland says:

    Look on the bright side–underwear for life for he and the missus!

  9. enm4r says:

    @chrisgoh: I’m glad someone brought this up. I don’t care who you are, cop, Pope, deep sea diver, none of that matters when you’re talking to me about something completely unrelated to the matter at hand.

    To be honest, chances are if they have to use that line it doesn’t even matter that they’re a cop when they’re on duty, let alone off. But that’s another matter.

  10. Canadian Impostor says:

    I’m a cop you idiot!

  11. Mills says:

    At least the company didn’t tell him that by opening the bag he had voided the warranty.

  12. cgmaetc says:

    What Heckel said: “I’m a cop, I’m telling you that’s what’s in there!”

    What Heckel meant: “I’m a cop, so I can’t be lying!”

    What TKO CSRs heard: “I’m a cop, so I must be full of shit.”

  13. MeanMachine says:

    “The people who made the decision to put underwear in the bags have been fired.” That would have been a great meeting to be a fly on the wall…

    “Hey, it says here on we can buy a shitload of used underwear from some Chinese guy.”

    “Really? Cheaper than sand?”

    “Yeah. Much cheaper. This could score me that promotion I’ve been bucking for. I’m gonna be the Vice President of bag filling here at TKO after this!”

    “Gee, Carl, you think someone will notice? Is it sanitary? Is it legal?”

    “Nah, no one ever opens those bags. They don’t want to get sand everywhere. I’m gonna do it.”

    “OK, but you’re fillin’ the bags!”

  14. spanky says:

    As a highly trained punching bag company support representative and the Pope of deep sea diving cops, I can assure you that this guy filled up his own punching bag full of underwear! It happens all the time! Punching bag companies ARE NEVER WRONG.

  15. Nearsite00 says:


    I agree with with both you and chrisgoh’s comments regarding the line about about him being a cop – WTF does that have to do with getting dirty tighty whities in your punching bag?

    Anyway, maybe the guy stuffing the underwear knew he was sending the punching bag to a cop.

  16. Couldn’t they have at least used clean underwear? How much do you have to loathe doing laundry to be desperate enough to do this?

  17. faust1200 says:

    Sometimes I get real drunk and come home and punch my underwear.

  18. tvh2k says:

    Best line in the story:

    Heckel said Thursday that the representative told him that the underwear in the bag was a “quality problem” that they were dealing with, and that the people who had made the decision to put underwear in the bags had been fired.

  19. Uriel says:

    He meant “I’m a cop”, as in, a judge will take my word waaaaaaaay before yours’. In that case, its completely relevant, since it’s usually quite true.

  20. Xabora says:

    PANTIES!!!! He has been blessed with PANTIES!

    Lucky lucky man.

  21. Uriel says:

    BTW grow a brain.

  22. RandomHookup says:

    Will he be using that underwear, cause, I…um…ahh…nevermind.

  23. mattshu says:

    I used to work at a rather large sporting goods store, and all of the punching bags that we sold were filled with rags, not sand. I wonder how many people have these “panty bags.”

  24. Crazytree says:

    I Chinese.

    I play joke.

    I put used underwear in your TKO.

  25. Gev says:

    At least it’s not filled with Wal-Mart Nazi shirts.

  26. girlfriend 6.0 says:

    So. Weird. I wonder how they were able to find the person who made that “quality problem.”

  27. faust1200 says:

    @msb2: Probably by following the direction of the skid-marks. (Ducking)

  28. shades_of_blue says:

    Too bad eBay changed their policy on selling soiled ladies underwear [no longer allowed]. You could have made paid off the bag, came out ahead on the deal and tipped the Feds on several possible sex offenders. Now that should have been a win win deal for everyone, but the sex offenders. heheh

  29. rrapynot says:

    Now even punchbags come tainted with E.Coli.

  30. EnderVR46 says:

    @msb2, I wonder how that someone got a least one punching bags worth of used underwear to the place where they fill them up? TKO makes it sound like this happened to more than this one bag, so that’s a lot of underwear to be smuggling to your stuffing station.


    QC must have been sleeping.

  31. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Heckel said Thursday that the representative told him that the underwear in the bag was a “quality problem” that they were dealing with, and that the people who had made the decision to put underwear in the bags had been fired.

    Well, at least filling your product with dirty, smelly underewear is merely a “quality problem,” and not some kind of creepy weird sexual fetish.

    One must ponder the question..where would somebody get enough dirty, smelly underwear to fill not one, but potentially several punching bags. On second though, maybe I don’t want to know.

    “Hey boss, Johnson is filling the punching bags with underwear again……”

  32. bbbici says:

    dude’s got a goldmine. he just needs to set up a vending machine in tokyo.

  33. wow. just… wow.

  34. Sudonum says:

    Do you take them off first?

  35. cde says:

    So they let him keep the old one? Fill it up with sand and now you have two working bags :D

    And I have seen punching bags new filled with rags. They looked new, but were like those red car cleaning rags you buy at AutoZone and stuf.

  36. zolielo says:

    @Mills: That would have been awesome.

  37. ivieso says:

    serious, let me have the bag with the underwear

  38. FMulder says:

    Used underwear?

    Maybe it is too much Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, etc., but perhaps we should be looking for victims?

    “All the bodies are missing underwear, maybe they were kept as souvenirs…”

    “S/He is a suspect, but we searched her/his place and can’t find the missing underwear…”

    Nice way to ditch evidence, who’d think to look inside the punching bag they just bought?

    A Cop!

    Oh the irony, you try to hide evidence and cop ends up buying it.

    Could be a Law and Order episode; Could be a commercial for laundry detergent, Febreze.

    I think the criminal is a man — a woman would likely have done a quick wash before stuffing. We think these things through.

    I wonder how many people are now looking a bit harder at those punching bags.

    I wonder if the victims were missing any body parts…

  39. homeslicer says:

    give me the bag! id love to lay in a pile of soiled undies!

  40. LAGirl says:

    is ‘I’m a cop’ the new ‘Don’t you know who i am’?

  41. GitEmSteveDave says:

    @noasalira:A punching bag full of dirty knickers, how many times has this happened to you? What a mess.

    ‘ello, I’m Ian Mayes. Did you know with just one application of QRBoxyClean, you can clean, sanitize, freshen, refinish, AND fire the people responsible for your punching bag filled with surplus stained Asian undies?

    Hard to believe, but it’s true. All this for just 23 EASY payments of .97¢.

  42. quagmire0 says:

    To some people, this would be considered erotic.

    Also, it could have been worse, it could have been Jimmy Hoffa.

  43. That is one expensive laundry sack.

  44. Gopher bond says:

    Yeah, punching bags aren’t just filled with sand. Do you know what it would be like to hit a bag that big that’s packed with sand? It’d be like hitting a brick wall. I had an Everlast that was full of plastic sand bags with obviously recycled/shredded rags. When I was taking out some sand bags to make it lighter, I noticed an obvious bra-strap that didn’t get shredded too well. I couldn’t tell if it was dirty or not though. I just figured the company bought errors from textile manufacturers and ground them up for filling. It wasn’t stinky inside. How convenient is it to buy dirty used underwear?

  45. MrTibbs says:

    It appears that this is not an isolated incident:

    2nd Underwear-Filled Punching Bag Found At Firehouse

    I don’t see the big deal. People pay to have other people’s dirty underwear sent to them. Now each punching bag is a start-up business opportunity! It’s not a lemon, it’s lemonade-o-rific!

  46. GitEmSteveDave says:

    OK, dirty underwear filled punching bags bought at Dick’s. There’s a pun or limrick in there somewhere.

  47. Gopher bond says:

    There once was a boxer named Rains,
    Who purchased a bag so he’d train.
    After one extremely tough punch
    He lost his whole lunch
    ‘Cuz the bag let loose panties with stains.

  48. Kromem says:

    Moral of the story:

    TKO should use this as marketing for sales in Japan.