Your Punching Bag Was Full Of Dirty, Stinky Underwear

If you have a punching bag by TKO, you might want to check to see what’s in it. It could be dirty underwear! Joe Heckel was moving his punching bag from his garage to his basement when he decided to see what was in it… just in case it ever leaked. What he found smelled “bad, real bad.” The bag was stuffed with men’s and women’s underwear. Used underwear. Heckel says:

“I called to ask them if they could tell me if these were clean underwear, but I don’t think that he believed me,” Heckel said. “I said ‘I’m a cop, I’m telling you that’s what’s in there!’

He further describes the incident as “gross but kind of funny in a way.”

The company that makes the punching bag has apologized and is sending a pantie-free bag to Joe and his family. As for the person who decided to fill the punching bags with someone’s dirty undies? They’ve been fired. Check out the link for more pictures… if you’re done with lunch. —MEGHANN MARCO

Family’s Punching Bag Holds Smelly Surprise [wlwt](Thanks, Francis!)
(Photo: Joe Heckel)

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