If Banks Came To Life…

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  1. mopar_man says:

    Not surprising that BoA jumps out to an early lead. I predict that they’ll take this by a landslide.

  2. Uriel says:

    hey!! you stole my post!!!

  3. Uriel says:


  4. AcidReign says:

    …..I voted with the BoA landslide, but I’m surprised that Household didn’t get more votes…

  5. mikesfree says:

    No US BANK? Jeez

  6. consumerwhore says:

    Wells fargo is a meth addict who is always stealing $35 at a time from me.

  7. timmus says:

    BoA would be the unimaginative, mean-spirited business executive who picks fight with the neighbors and tells the kids with lemonade stands to get lost.

  8. saram says:

    No no, BofA is the exceedingly obese parent who is too large to even pry themself off of the couch.

  9. peokuk says:

    @mikesfree: ditto!

  10. Ben Popken says:

    @peokuk: @mikesfree: It’s there now.

  11. Brie says:

    WaMu’s the clueless teenage kid: “Mom, I need ten dollars”

    “What happened to the twenty I gave you yesterday?”

    “What twenty?”

    “The twenty I gave you yesterday before school.”

    “Uh, I dunno. So can I have ten dollars?”

  12. polarogak says:

    People really hate BoA? I have had nothing but spectacular experiences with them, customer service wise. Maybe they get the most votes because they have the most customers, and thus the most negative total experiences?

  13. mopar_man says:


    You must be new here. Search “Bank of America” and you’ll find out why they’re ahead.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    Geez, fellahs, less choices for multiple choice quizzes next time, huh? Reading all those 0.023% makes my eyes bleed!

    Suggested followup question: “If [winner] were a feline, what would it be …”

    Just because it’s been damned near two days since I seen a Consumerist kitty picture and I Jonzing. BAD.

  15. cabinaero says:

    This poll doesn’t make much sense to me; at most people are going to limit their banking relationships to a few different banks and, even then, many of those banks are going to be regionals.

    That said, I’ve been a Norwest/Wells Fargo for about 14 years now (pretty good since i’m only 27) and they’ve never seriously screwed me. They accidentally double-pulled a fee on me, but have also waived many other fees and didn’t balk at covering my late charges when they sent my rent check late. (I use their bill pay to pay my rent; they just cut a cashier’s check and mail it to my rental agency. No charge for that.)

    The only other bank I’ve dealt with is HSBC in the US, the Philippines and the Hong Kong mother branch itself. Flawless customer service.

  16. MFfan310 says:

    Wow… BofA has a 36-point lead over Chase. Could it be becuase Chase actually treats their customers with respect?

    Seriously, though, I’d pick Fifth Third Bank. Partially, it’s because there’s no Skank of America branches in my neck of the woods, but it’s also due to the fact that they can’t even get their math right. Who on earth would want to bank with improper fractions?

  17. AcesMcLeod says:

    WaMu’s like the smooth-talking deadbeat dad who keeps promising he’ll give you your allowance or take you to the game next weekend… the dad who really wants you to believe he’s number one, but who lets you down every time.

  18. KitN says:

    Bank of American hands down…

  19. Havok154 says:

    I’ve personally never had a bad BoA experience. I know they get a lot of coverage from here but until I have a bad experience at all I’m going to stick with them.

    I do feel the fact they are one of the largest banks kind of makes it biased though. If you have 3x’s the number of people using your service or product, you’ll have at least 3x’s as many disappointed customers….or maybe I’m just lucky. /shrug

  20. GorillaK says:

    B of A is not a dead beat dad. They are much much worse. In fact, I find it insulting that you would compare such an upstanding group of people to such a higher form of life. In the great words of Arsenio Hall, they are “diseased rhinoceros pizzle”.

    10 pts for whoever knows the movie. It’s an easy one though… then again.. if i was B of A you’d get your 10 pts, then there would be a 2 pt charge for processing, a 6 pt overdraft fee and some other random ass charge that they can’t explain without hitting you another 3 pts. Just saying… screw those guys.

  21. captain_james says:

    BofA is just one of many banks that rip us off. After purchasing our credit card company they went and raised our interest rate from 6.something to 17.95% After they reviewed our credit and saw were had more charges elsware and we were a higher risk we were told even though for over a year we were paying at least three times the min payment and never late. There answer when ask why was “because we can”

  22. BFIrrera says:

    No, no…Bank of America has stayed around in it’s child’s life…to molest it.

  23. Her Grace says:

    I don’t get the BofA hate. I know, I know, I’ve read all the articles, but they’ve treated me like a princess (which, admittedly, I am). I have never had a problem with them, ever, and many little things that make me happy to stay with them for the rest of my money-having life. I think they dick around probably a similar percentage of their customers as anyone else, but being huge, the real number is higher, and those people are then over-represented here at the Consumerist.

  24. plim says:

    is commerce bank big enough nation wide to be included in these kinds of posts?

    i wonder if there is a correlation between the bank’s customer base vs. number of consumerist complaints, but then again, the nature of this site is that it only takes one (or in the case of boa, 100 =P) to get noticed. so maybe no such correlation exists?

  25. quagmire0 says:

    Chase is second? I’ve had zero issues with them. Really, to me, it doesn’t matter where my checking account is. I just want a bank to hold my interim money in my checking account for paying bills. I then transfer the remainder to a high yield internet savings. The only purpose for checking, to me, is to give me PLENTY of ATM’s where I can get my money for free. In Chicago, Chase does that.

  26. wowiecom says:

    One evil credit card trick-come-lately is designating SUNDAY as a payment due date. If you happen to miss that an upcoming due date is a SUNDAY and think, on Friday, that you still have two days to get a check to the bank, so no sweat, you’re toast. Pay the bill on Saturday which the banks call a “courtesy day,” (as opposed to a real day with real people working in the real bank) and your check posts the following Monday. And you get stuck with a late fee.

  27. I have been a customer of Bank of America for last sixteen years and I have never had a single problem.


  28. See, I’m not the only person to have had issues with HSBC.

    However, I still voted for BoA for their refusal to let that woman close her account when it was being raided.