Help New York Sue Dell By Filling This Complaint Trough

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is suing Dell and he wants your help.

If you’ve ever experienced a problem with Dell, fill out a complaint here.

Cuomo seeks restitutions for consumers, civil penalties for Dell, and end of their deceptive business practices.

The website also has more info on the lawsuit particulars. — BEN POPKEN

Form for Complaints on Dell [NYAGDELL] (Thanks to Liam!)


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  1. d0x says:

    Perfect because Dell screwed me over once! Sent me a dead pc, i was suppose to get support from an American cause I bought their top of the line PC (Dimension XPS $3200!!!). Instead I got India and i was always on hold for HOURS and being hung up on daily.

    After 3 weeks they admitted the pc was DOA (i told them EXACTLY what was wrong the day I got it, the HDD was toast). Then i said I wanted to return it for a full refund. They let me after I argued for like 3 days. Then they charged me for shipping (I financed) which they said they wouldnt…I got that removed after 3 weeks.

    Then when i thought i was free and clear of Dell forever they started sending me a bill for $1 which I called and they said I didnt owe (which i didnt) and then they would send me late fee’s and non payment notices which were put on my credit report! It took almost a year to get that fixed on there end. I ended up having an Attorney who was a friend of the family call them.

    Screw Dell, Screw them hard! I have never dealt with service this bad in my life and i PRAY nobody ever has an experience like mine.

    Every day for 3 weeks i spent 4+ hours on the phone trying to get them to send me a new $20 hard drive to replace the broken one that came with my $3200 pc + $400 monitor…all i got was stress and a lowered credit score.

  2. VisualVillain83 says:

    Last PC I ever owned was a Dell. Paid $5000 for it, top of the line and had every piece of hardware burn out one after another. Landed up rebuilding it with custom parts, and then switching over to mac. No problems since the switch. Ill definitely fill this form out.

  3. Chicago7 says:

    Wow, I have owned about a dozen Dell products and everything they have done is just wonderful. My hard drive broke and they sent me a new one and it got here the next day. My radio on my Dell DJ was acting strange and they replaced it immediately, no questions asked.

    If it weren’t for their support for the Bush administration, I would buy MORE Dell.

  4. Uriel says:

    well, whatever planet you inhabit, it’s likely Dell will eat your lunch sooner or later.

  5. Uriel says:


  6. d0x says:


    Well you’re incredibly lucky then because everyone I’ve ever known with a dell has had it break down.

    Open up the case sometime, you wont find a name brand reliable part in the damn thing except for the CPU and GPU.

    Look a tatsumoto x13 motherboard and funkyasha ram!

  7. Notsewfast says:

    @ d0x & Visual Villain

    It seems like if you were willing to shell out $5k for a PC, and savvy enough to rebuild one, you’d be smart enough to realize that you could build high end PC’s for half the price of places like Dell.

    Also, Dead HDD’s and other components not being up to your standards is not necessarily Dell’s fault.They assemble parts from a variety of manufacturers and you knew what was in your PC before you bought it.

    I’m not saying Dell has no fault, customer service is where they should be the strongest and it sounds like their not. I just don’t think its fair to rake a company over the coals because you bought a $5,000 PC with an itemized parts list and weren’t happy with the parts you chose.

  8. roothorick says:

    You know… ever since I was 12 I have been assembling every PC I’ve ever owned by hand. And it has nothing to do with hatred for computer companies — quite the contrary, I’m fairly happy with Dell’s acceptance of Linux as a potential desktop alternative. However, if you have the skill to build a PC from separately purchased parts, you don’t even consider prefab systems, ever, unless you’re looking for a laptop. Learning what connector is for what and how to set up basic BIOS settings isn’t something you can learn in a five-minute tutorial, but once you’ve built your first completely custom PC, you never, ever, go back.

  9. VisualVillain83 says:

    @Secret Agent Man – I totally get your point. Problem was that at the time, i was way too lazy to build one from scratch and I figured “hey for $5000 I can buy the top thing they had and just get on with my life”. Unfortunately that wasnt the case. I will say that if I ever were to use a PC again, I would build my own.

    The parts that actually failed were the motherboard, harddrives, dvd writer drive, power supply, RAM slots, and Video Card. Reason for failling each time was that the wiring harness that had been installed by Dell was incorrectly installed (and never fixed the 3 times I had sent it back).

    Thats my experience.

  10. d0x says:

    @Secret Agent Man:

    You’re right but at the time I was only about 19 and didnt have the cash on hand to build what I wanted so I had to finance it through Dell. After that went sour I financed through Alienware and got a nice Area 51, more power, better parts, amazingly less money.

    Building your own is all well and good but if you cant afford to drop all the money at once you dont have much choice unless you want to wait and considering I was using a really craptastic Compaq and im a gamer…waiting doesnt fly.

  11. d0x says:

    @Secret Agent Man:

    also I know a dead HDD isnt dell’s fault despite the fact that they said they tested before it shipped. My problem was I told them the day I got the PC the hard drive was toast and I had to argue with them everyday for 3 solid weeks performing the same stupid tests before they would even consider admiting this was the problem. Every damn day my friend…it gets old. They told me to install Windows about 50 times, had me run these dumb little apps over and over and wouldnt move on till i gave them the results. You would think they would keep support records; yes?

    If they did what they were suppose to do I might have been and continued to be a happy Dell customer. But it started bad and if you read my whole post you would see it only got worse and worse.

  12. swalve says:

    d0x, visual- How long ago was this? Because Dell has been building hard drive diagnostics into their machines for at least 3 years now.

    And Dell owns Alienware, don’t they?

    But you guys sound perfectly reasonable, I’m sure it was completely Dell’s fault.

    And d0x, please tell me where I can get one of those $20 hard drives. I’d like to pick one up. Also, you might want to reconsider your statement about not using name brand parts, because it’s simply untrue to the extent you are characterizing it.

    visual- Wiring harness? Did you accidentally buy a Poweredge?

  13. Harvey Birdman says:

    I would highly recommend submitting a complaint to your own state attorney general as well. The BBB, not so much.

  14. imajoebob says:

    I had already sent an email to Cuomo’s office telling them about the memory selection choices for Core 2 Duo notebooks. They offer 1, 2 or 4GB of memory (1x1GB, 2x1GB, or 2x2GB). Dell is very aware that C2D motherboards can only support a maximum of 3GB. So they’ll sell you 4GB for $1500 (yep, 1.5 grand!), even though you can’t use all of it. (by comparison, Apple will not install more than 3GB, even if you want to pay for it)

    ….this is your brain on Dell. Any questions?

  15. SlyMaelstrom says:

    [QUOTE]Dell is very aware that C2D motherboards can only support a maximum of 3GB.[/QUOTE]Ex-squeeze me? Are you mental? This is my new quote of the week.

    [QUOTE]So they’ll sell you 4GB for $1500 (yep, 1.5 grand!), even though you can’t use all of it.[/QUOTE]This load of crap comes in close second… it’s like you think we don’t live on this planet.

  16. Mario says:

    I have had my Dell for 7 years, no broken parts, it was a optiplex with a 760Mhz processor with 256mb RAM running Windows 2000, still works like a charm and i use CAD with it.. an amazing piece of equipment. We also have a 4 year old Dell Deminsion 2400 desktop that was one of those Cheap-O ones, but yet it has yet to have more than 2 or 3 problems, its Optical Drive is starting to fail (it takes 2 or 3 or 4 pushes of the “eject” butten for it to actually open up)but other than that I have had absolutely Zero problems with Dell, Same experience with HP, Zero problems. and thats more than I can say for gateway…

  17. capitalass says:

    I experienced issues with Dell when the company lost my order. They would not expedite the pc at their cost to make up for their failure. I just wanted to receive it for Christmas (within about a week and a half when I was trying to get them to fix the prob–I initially ordered about two weeks before the holiday), but they said that I would have to pay the additional shipping cost of like $90. Then they said they had no systems in place for lost orders and insisted that they are just a “mail order company.” Ha! They are Dell, not some special hair product you buy on TV, and they have local stores now.

    Anyways, after the struggle, they had me feeling like I was trying to take advantage of them. I did not ask for a discount or an upgrade. I just wanted the product that I ordered to arrive at the time for which I had initially ordered it.

    I am not 2.5 times more likely to shop with Dell again.

  18. Mario says:

    What i think is that HP is the best Laptop Company, they offer GREAT selection, GREAT cooling systems, GREAT pricing, GREAT warranty, GREAT service. I have bought 2 laptops total, I cannont remember the exact number, but they were both the pavilion, on was the 15 incher and the other was a 19incher (my favorite)

    Dell, however, i have had a few bad experiaces with laptops, #1 is the price…. Hell even Apple (King of high prices) is cheaper than Dell (ONLY IN LAPTOPS), and dell laptops arent that good, my friend got one with 7 dead pixles! 7!!! i can expect one or 2, but 7!!!. then lets not even go to the heating. And as the one guy with the Futurama as the display image said about the 4gb RAM not even being compatable with the Laptop, yet they sell it!… tisk tisk.

    but again, Dell PCs (desktops) KICK ASS (at least from my experiances)

    HP Laptops KICK ASS

  19. LauPan says:

    I have owned a number of Dell products over the years and have had no complaints with the product or service.

    Dell came on the scene a number of years ago with a great business model and plan.

    They blew away the competition and helped offer quality, inexpensive PC’s for an affordable price, with great tech support, a modern day “Hank Ford” if you will.

    They lead the market away from overpriced PC’s and the rest of the industry followed because they had to or fold up shop.

    We the consumers greatly benefited from this success story and we should keep in mind what benefits to the consumer Dell has brought to the game. Not that we should not hold Michel’s feet to the fire, we should, however we should not “hang him high” because they stumbled.

  20. guroth says:

    I have had a Dell Inspiron 6000 (laptop) for over 2 years with absolutely no problems with it (except the hard drive is getting a little slow now but that is to be expected with a laptop that gets moved around a lot [lots of shock/impact on the hdd])

    3 of my best friends also have various dell laptops and have never had any problems with them.
    Aside from that, the only thing anyone I know has ordered from Dell was their lcd monitors (all of us which are happy with and never had any problems with)

    The only gripe I’ve ever really had with dell is how much they charge for additional ram, it is pretty outrageous, usually at least twice the retail cost of the ram.

  21. MrFlashport says:

    I own a Dell Dimension 4550 (P4 2GHz/512/160HD) have had it since early 2003. Stays on 24/7, no problems. It replaced an Optiplex P2 400, which still works all original hardware, circa 1998. Have two Dell laptops, one a Latitude C600 (P3 800) which just turned 6 years old, still works original battery at that. The other is a Latitude CPi (P2 233!) and still works, battery still takes a charge, it’s as old as the Optiplex desktop.

    I think the key is to how people use PC’s. I keep my desktops clean, every year I use a micro-vac and get the dust out of them. I don’t smoke, or spill drinks near any of my machines. The desktops are always kept on an APC UPS, and are never turned off. Believe it or not keeping your PC in a clean dust and smoke free environment can keep it running longer, especially your optical and hard disks.

    Another note, minus the Dimension 4550, all the other Dells are CORPORATE machines, which are built better than CONSUMER gear. I have a friend who owns an Inspiron 8500 and it is a complete POS, overheats, has had every part replaced including the mo-bo…and it still died just 5 days out of the 1 year warranty.

    I think Dell makes a great CORPORATE class notebook or desktop, and they do kiss butt when it comes to large government and corporate customers, but they could CARE LESS about Joe Consumer and his/her 500 dollar Dimension or Inspiron. I work in public safety and we use Dell’s, I’ve NEVER talked to India, most of our support calls go to Austin or Nashville. You get what you pay for.

    All the consumer PC vendors (HP/Compaq, Acer, and Gateway) all have outsourced consumer support. Let’s face it unless you are a corporate customer placing a large order, you’re gonna get India and cheap hardware. Welcome to consumer electronics, the PC industry has fallen victim to the cost-cutting approach the rest of consumer electronics industry has used for the past 10-15 years to get their crap on the shelves at GarbageMart. Compare a POS 299 dollar all-in-wonder box “home theater” receiver/DVD player component system to high end components like McIntosh.

    The 299 dollar POS uses a sinlge IC chip amp, a few caps, and a microprocessor. The Mc is crafted by hand, uses discrete outputs, large caps, a huge power supply, and a heavy housing. It ain’t no 299 dollar crapbox with a 90 day GarbageMart warranty.

    PC’s are no different. If you want business/professional class quality, service and support, expect to PAY for it.

  22. kwicherbichin says:

    I have used dell for server class hardware, and my own personal laptops. I would not buy a desktop from dell, only because I would prefer to build my own.

    Last week, I was at a trade show and my left click button on my dell laptop broke. I knew it was just a little crappy piece of plastic that needed replaced, so I called dell. Spoke to a rep who scheduled to have my laptop fixed and sent the part out to him. Had someone in my house fixing my laptop within two business days. Not only that, but the paint on the laptop was getting worn from the amount of use (I use this thing 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week). They also replaced the housing of the laptop just because I told the guy it was getting worn.

    No hassle, great service. Everyone has a bad experience every once and awhile, but in my experience, every time dell does an excellent job.

    I’m more pissed at Apple for the 4 piece of shit iPods that I bought. All of them died immediately after the warranty expired, and one of them had to be sent back 3 (yes, I said 3) times.

  23. QuirkyRachel says:

    That’s what I hear; that if your PC from Dell is ok, then you’re in the clear. But Lord help you if there’s even the smallest problem with it. I’ve have my Dell laptop for 4 years, and haven’t had any major problems (any I’ve had have been software related from Microsith). But then I’ve heard so many bad stories that I don’t want to buy one again.

  24. othium says:

    @roothorick: I agree with your comment about building your own system. Once you get the hang of it, you are never satisfied with the “boxed” models. The last system I put together for a co-worker cost her about $200. She sat down and explained all her requirements and off we went to shop for parts. It was a lot of fun picking out the case, motherboard, etc. and as we went along I explained how these parts worked together. Installed the operating system herself after some prompting/tips from me and now she is helping a friend of hers do the same thing. Such a liberating experience..

  25. Iron_Dragon says:


    “The net result is that a high performance x86-based computer may allocate 512 MB to more than 1 GB for the PCI memory address range before any RAM (physical user memory) addresses are allocated.”

    At max 32 bit systems support 4 Gigs of ram. The problem is a portion of it is taken to support PCI devices before windows gets it’s share. For a full read up on 32 bit vs 64 bit ram: Go here.

  26. jeffj-nj says:

    Until just last month, I was using a Dell Optiplex GX 110 on my desk at work. That thing has a Pentium III chip inside, and a “Windows 98” sticker outside. When I was given a new computer, I asked if I could keep the old one, and take it home. My boss asked why, and I responded honestly…

    Because this thing is amazing. I can’t believe it’s still running. I wanna use it until it dies, because really, I wonder that will even be!

    I upgraded it from Win98 to Win2k. I tried XP once, but that was a little painful. Besides, Win2k gets done most of what I need.

    Anyway, point is, it’s a Dell, and it’s running great. So’s my notebook. So are both of the desktops in my office. Really, I don’t understand the hate.

  27. swalve says:

    The neat thing about Dell is that if you pay for better service, you get it. Go to the site and spec out a computer, and check out the prices for the different warranties.

    I deal with Dell business equipment on practically a daily basis, and every warranty has been handled on a “next day” or “second day” basis. The only time I’ve ever had an issue was one time when a 21 inch Trinitron CRT went dead, and they sent a 19 inch LCD as a replacement. The difference in viewable screen size was negligible, but the maximum resolution on the LCD was too small for the user. Dell fixed the problem with one easy phone call, and they said that I was the first person to complain, as most people considered the LCD an upgrade. Problem solved.

    I’ve had much more trouble with various exalted companies like Apple.

  28. dhuey says:

    I got a used Dell xp professional from a family member. When they bought it brandnew a restore disk did not come with the computer. This morning I applied to Dell for the disk and they want to charge me for it. I thought that after HP got sued for this type of issue Dell would know better…I guess not! I tried to file a complaint on the link provided but it is not there. Dell sells crap and what is even worse when you do call them you cant understand a damned thing the people who answer the phone says.