Even Reporters Can Not Get Capital One To Act Responsibly

Capital One is so evil that not even media inquiries phase it. Around here we tend to roll our eyes just a little bit at consumer reporters who praise companies for doing the right thing post-media inquiry. After all, what company wouldn’t fix a situation rather than suffer a public shaming by a newspaper? Finally, the answer has been found. That company is Capital One.

Over at the News & Observer staff writer Dennis Rogers cannot get Capital One to respond to his calls. He’s inquiring about a woman who is trying to close her husband’s credit card account because he no longer uses it and is currently deployed in Iraq. She’d like to close the account because for some ungodly reason this particular Capital One card comes with a monthly fee of $6.95. Since her husband has no balance on the card, and is currently fighting in a war, she’d rather not have the account. The story that unfolds includes mysterious disappearing letters, unreturned phone calls, and lies about the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act.

Will Capital One ever explain itself? Will they ever call the reporter back? The real question is, why on earth does anyone use Capital One? —MEGHANN MARCO

Wife beat corporate horde [News & Observer] (Thanks, Myron!)
(Photo: bluepoint951)

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