Comcast: We're Sorry, Have Some Popcorn!

Todd and Comcast weren’t getting along, so Todd emailed the CEO. Not only did it get his problem fixed, but they sent him some apology popcorn. Todd writes:

I have attached a photo of something that arrived in the mail for me from Comcast. I had a problem with a bill where they had charged me twice for something. After exhausting the normal channels, I e-mailed the CEO. The very next day a nice woman from his office called me and said someone from the local office would be in touch. Not half an hour later did I get a call from the local office. Of course, it wasn’t just that easy, but eventually the situation was sorted out. So I was surprised to see a box with a big tin of popcorn waiting for me when I got home along with a card that says “Thank you for being a Comcast customer. We’re sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Our goal, as always, is to give you our best service. We appreciate your understanding.”

Anyways, I was really surprised and I actually am satisfied that not only did they fix the problem but they apologized. Just goes to show that if you have a legitimate gripe and you are nice to everyone, they will recognize that.


Thanks for the good example of how escalating your problem can bring results, and in this case, delicious carbohydrates. Do you have a complaint that Comcast has failed to resolve? Why not talk to CEO Brian Roberts, after all you are the reason he made $27.8 million bucks last year, so he’d hate to have you cancel. —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: Todd)


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  1. Moosehawk says:

    If Comcast sent me popcorn for every time I’ve had a fuck up, I’d be shitting full stalks of corn on the cob.

  2. Jon Mason says:

    @Moosehawl: LMAO…. I came to post a witty comment and figure there’s no way I’m topping that one.

  3. joopiter says:

    I wonder what the woman with the porn-obsessesed Comcast box will get if she emails the CEO?

  4. Canadian Impostor says:

    @joopiter: Sexy popcorn.

  5. QuirkyRachel says:

    @joopiter: Popcorn delivered by a scantily clad woman.

  6. Hoss says:

    It would be classic if next month’s bill said:

    Dale and Thomas Selection $129.99

  7. ptkdude says:

    I’d be afraid it was tainted Chinese popcorn.

  8. Rock-Ola 443 says:

    Mmm . . . Brain.

  9. kerry says:

    mmm . . . sexy popcorn. If someone could get me a recipe, that’d be great.

  10. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Wow, Comcast did something right this time. I’m in shock.

  11. mopar_man says:


    LOL!! Funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  12. dohtem says:

    @kerry: That would be caramel popcorn!!

  13. Xabora says:

    @Rock-Ola 443:
    We all want Brain Popcorn… only place you can get it is the Congo.

  14. DonLaFontaine says:

    Ah, a supersized tin of Dale & Thomas popcorn . . . hmmph, that works out to about one kernel of popcorn per defective Motorola HDMI-capable DVR box that I have had to return to Comcast for replacement . . . gee Comcast . . . great . . .

  15. 2Legit2Quit says:

    oh man, that’s baller right there. I’d love some free popcorn right now while im at work.

  16. tracilyns says:

    @Rock-Ola 443:
    you beat me to it! the CEO’s name is really Brian, isn’t it, not Brain?

  17. timmus says:

    You know, if this keeps up then -everybody- will be calling the executive office. Service will slide, of course, so you’ll then have to write the “executive executive” office to get help.

  18. Jon Mason says:

    You really won’t believe this, or nor do I – but just returned home to find a box on my doorstep. Inside – a huge tin of popcorn from Comcast, exactly as pictured. I had a lot of trouble with them recently and when I read this, I thought: “Bah, thats not fair they didnt send me one.” How wrong I was.

    Good to see that at least some part of the organisation is working well, they just need to trickle that down the the frontline CS and technician operation so we dont get into situations where we have to email executives about the problems…

  19. mopar_man says:


    I think if this keeps up, maybe the light bulb will come on at the top of the corporate ladder and they’ll straighten their shit out.

  20. Motor_Head says:

    Say what you will about comcast (and I did have a lot of problems with the HD motorola DVRs), they are 1000%* better to me than the jerks over at DISH network were. When I read stories about comcast here, I always think I must have the only comcast affiliate around that isn’t completely messed up.


    Of course, next week I am getting a Tivo Series 3, which requires cable cards…and all the forums are saying that it is worse than diarrhea on a first date. If I have problems, though, I know where to go!

  21. Sudonum says:

    Is she 2.5 times more loyal to Comcast now?

  22. royal72 says:

    so what’s the connection between comcast and dale and thomas popcorn? this has nothing to do with this story, but here’s one for all you conspiracy nuts out there :)

    dale and thomas are isiah thomas, president of the new york knicks and farmer dale humphrey of popcorn indiana (there are a few others involved as well).

    comcast will purchase from cablevision’s programming subsidiary, rainbow media holdings llc… cablevision’s rainbow media holdings llc operates several successful programming businesses, including amc, ifc, we tv and other national and regional networks. in addition to its telecommunications and programming businesses, cablevision owns madison square garden and its sports teams, the new york knicks, rangers and liberty.

    so did todd get a present that the ceo initially received as suck up present from isiah to his possibly new boss and/or investor?

  23. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    And I thought the cable industry had a lower satisfaction rating than the IRS.

  24. Chicago7 says:


    What are you saying? He “re-gifted”???

  25. royal72 says:

    @Chicago7: precisely… lol sorry i’m home sick today and have way too much time on my hands waiting for this damn flu to pass.

  26. DrTweeker says:

    Crap.. and all I got was a card just like the one mentioned. Guess I’ll just wait another couple of weeks.. there’s bound to be a new problem by then.. maybe then I’ll get some popcorn… maybe on a movie night at that!

  27. lizzybee says:

    @Motor_Head: Not really. Our Comcast affiliate is pretty decent also. When I was trying to swap out our defective cable modem with a new one, their telephone tech support was shockingly competent, nice and very helpful.

    I’ve had far worse from SBC/Yahoo, or whatever the hades it’s called now. In fact, because of their awfulness, when my husband and I moved, we went to Comcast…

  28. honu-girl says:

    We’ve recently had some horrible issues with Comcast. Briefly, we haven’t had decent broadband connection since we got it three years ago, and scheduling appointments for techs to come out has included such fun things as the tech not showing up, Comcast canceling the appointment and not telling us, coming at the wrong time, denying there ever was an appointment, and really rude CSRs who hang up on us. My husband emailed the CEO, and the problem was (eventually) fixed.

    @masonreloaded: I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing, how it was unfair that we didn’t get any popcorn. Lo and behold, there was a knock on our door at dinner, with a FedEX delivery of popcorn. Unfortunately, it won’t make me 2.5x more loyal — as soon as we can get some other choice for broadband, we’re dumping comcast.

  29. mconfoy says:

    i just had a great comcast experience! my internet went out yesterday. they wasted my time on customer support as usual, but they had someone here first thing this morning and now its up and working. the independent contractor really knew what he was doing, Jerry, in Loudoun County, VA. Kudos to Comcast!