Morning Deals

TheTechGeek: Wii Remote Charging Dock + Rechargeable Battery Pack for $14.99

Woot: Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone 2-Pack for $29.99

Dell: Z-5500 Digital Speaker System from Logitech

for $203.15

Highlights From Bargainist

Apple Store: Factory refurbished Apple TV $249
Sheba: Free Sheba cat food sample
The Levi’s Store: Clearance Sale up to 60% off

Highlights From Dealhack

Old Navy: Save with Summer Swimwear and Gear From $4 Pick Either 1 Cent Shipping or Extra 5% off Orders
Meritline: Linksys Wireless USB 2.0 WiFi Network Adapter $10 Shipped


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  1. junkmail says:

    Hmm… doesn’t bode well that there are already refurb Apple TVs out there…

  2. jackdangers says:

    I can’t say I’m about to jump all over that free cat food, either…

  3. getjustin says:

    @junkmail: I thought the same thing. I’ve never been a fan of Apple hardware build quality. And this isn’t a laptop that get thrown around and beaten, this just collects dust.

  4. Sugarcoated says:

    Refurb doesn’t always mean “junk’. Sometimes the product is simply a return that a customer couldn’t figure out how to use or a gift that someone didn’t want. The company can’t just turn around and sell those as “new”. That being said, I love and use Apple products, but I think AppleTV, at this point in time, is a waste of money.