ASAP Van Lines Responds To Complaint Alleging $400 Bilking

Tiffany from ASAP Van Lines reached out to us regarding a complaint we posted. Our reader felt she had been unfairly hoodwinked into paying $400 more and was subject to abusive telephone calls. Tiffany offers a different version of the events.

The short version is the Colorado Weights and Measures department is going to reweigh the truck later this week and find out who is right and who is wrong. The long version follows…

tiffany: hi, i have a question in regards to the article on your website
benpopken: k
tiffany: how do you judge the accuracy or facts
tiffany: or how can u pose a rebuttal
benpopken: What post is this regarding?
tiffany: the moving company one
benpopken: do you work for a moving company?
tiffany: yes
benpopken: which one?
tiffany: the one in question
tiffany: Considering the volume of your website, I would like to either show you evidence or talk about the move from our side
benpopken: what company?
tiffany: ASAP Van Lines

benpopken: You’re welcome to send a rebuttal letter to
benpopken: or I can give you a comments login
tiffany: Thank you very much. I did leave a comment but I guess I feel that people should be able to see both sides and understand while maybe there are scams out there, we are not doing that
tiffany: I am a definite believe in rights for the consumer
tiffany: But I also believe in fairness of the story and accuracy of the facts
benpopken: so these people just have a vendetta against ASAP Van Lines?
tiffany: no
tiffany: I don’t think it’s a vendetta
tiffany: I think it’s just a lack of knowledge about moving perhaps. Because she feels that a moving company cant move 2000 lbs but that is considered a minimum for many companies
tiffany: The customer is always offered a reweight if they feel the weight is not accurate
tiffany: It is their right and we will gladly do it to show accuracy
tiffany: I personally take offense to her implying the name is fake and we are lying. The colorado scales and measures people were more then willing to work with us to get the reweigh agreed to
benpopken: What’s your version of the scenario of events?
tiffany: She was given a quote in weight (lbs) through the moving software based on her items list. She had a few extra items we picked up. Her weight was over the original estimate. We called both her and her niece to confirm the balance and delivery information. She did not call back but her niece responded via phone. Agreed to her balance and said to send her shipment as we had a truck leaving that day and she was already in colorado. She apparently talked to her aunt before the aunt called us. she was very mad, yelled, told us she was refuting her card and to keep the items. I offered her a reweigh upon delivery to see the accuracy and we have weight scale tickets. We can easily fax or mail copies and she can have a reweight. The last word she gave me was that we should keep the items and she would be doing a chargeback. I asked her if she could send me something over saying that she was relinquishing items because I didnt want to be accused of theft
tiffany: Then we called her niece who said her aunt was handling it and to not send it. I also told her about the reweigh but she basically kept telling me to call her aunt and was very mad and I told her if she raised her voice I was hanging up, she kept cutting me off, I finally was like fine mam this conversation is done and I will call you aunt and i did hang up. At this point both parties told us to not send it and keep it. I left for out of town and arrived home monday.
tiffany: Monday I came to work to find an email linking me to your site and also some harassing emails. I went to the site and found a completely different version of events.
tiffany: We do not and will not work by cubic feet. Also she said she was awaiting a response but her last word to us was to keep the items and she was charging her car back. Then she accuses me of making up my name and I still dont see why if I was or was not hispanic would matter in terms of her move.
tiffany: So i called her and asked her what she wanted to do, again offered a reweigh, she called me a liar said I wasnt who I said, she was recording everything which I said was fine as I wasnt hiding anything.
tiffany: We readily agree to a reweigh and she has copies of her paperwork
tiffany: all the things she sign have carbon copies for the customer
tiffany: all bill of ladings talk about weight, reweighs, etc
benpopken: Did you ever leave a screaming message?
tiffany: no I did not
tiffany: what i said was
tiffany: very specific
benpopken: Did Aaron ever call her and say the scales were broken and you would now work by cubic feet?
tiffany: From what I was told by Aaron, the only thing mentioned about CF was that we dont work by it, plus he was not trained and does not know about CF, he only knows lbs based on our moving system
tiffany: Plus
tiffany: I am the office manager and I was the one that confirmed with her the job closing giving her the weight
tiffany: The sales rep does not close the job or give the final balance
benpopken: Did the driver assert that they would have to pay $400 more for the cubic feet?
tiffany: no
tiffany: The driver only told her the balance which I had told her and when he would deliver
tiffany: No one will ever work by cubic feet plus her weight which was 2300 is not even 400cf
benpopken: What were the additional items shipped that were not on the initial list she provided?
tiffany: I am getting her file
benpopken: Thanks, we appreciate you reaching out and being open to our questions.
tiffany: Not a problem
tiffany: We picked up 16 items, 5 over her list. She added 2 boxes, The saw was bigger then described, and There was more to the hutch and more to the table
tiffany: Basically the computer gives an estimate based on the average weight for items, so they are estimating. If the table is something Ikea it is probably less and if the wood if heavier, maybe more.
tiffany: So we picked up her items, the truck has an empty weight and then we weigh it with the items and then subtract for the final weight
tiffany: We do not have an additive rate, the price per lb stays the same
tiffany: She also initialed all the spots where this is stated
tiffany: There in nothing hidden
tiffany: Our bill of landings, estimates, and order for services say all this
benpopken: How did it work out after you talked to Colorado Weights and Measures? Did they contact you?
tiffany: Jonathan contacted me, was very nice, we set up a rescale
tiffany: he was very nice and willing to help us with the reweigh
tiffany: we want the reweigh to show this is true
tiffany: So she does not want it until tuesday after memorial day
tiffany: She sent us an email saying either we delivery her with no extra charges, and she had $150 in packing which she signed for and she only wants to pay her weight. Or she continues her chargeback and abandons the items
tiffany: We are happy she is agreeing to the reweigh
benpopken: When are you going to do the rescale?
tiffany: She does not want it until after Tuesday
tiffany: So whenever she wants after Tuesday
benpopken: How does that work, do you send the truck to a CWM facility?
tiffany: They will pick the scale
tiffany: We will send the truck with her items only
tiffany: She will verify they are only her items
tiffany: We will have it weighed with our rep, her rep, and the cwm rep
tiffany: then they will unload her items there
tiffany: and reweigh the truck empty in front of everyone
tiffany: Subtract the empty truck weight from the weight with her items
tiffany: and that is the weight
tiffany: The only real variable might be 50lbs based on fuel said the CWM people
tiffany: But it will be very accurate and certified and the CWM are the neutral party
benpopken: It looks like we’ve got a date then
benpopken: For us to contact CWM after the rescale
tiffany: Definitely
benpopken: Are they pretty open about sharing that info?
tiffany: I would think so, but we will also offer our tickets from them to
tiffany: And will allow them if needed to release the info
tiffany: They will also verify my name
tiffany: Because as silly as it may be
tiffany: It is my birth name and to be told I am a poser and lying, is very unfair
tiffany: The only reason I will not give her my last name is I don’t feel safe for my personal privacy
tiffany: Considering the emails I have received
benpopken: I apologize for that
tiffany: Either way, you can contact us via email or phone after the reweigh
tiffany: Thank you
benpopken: That couldn’t have been enjoyable at all
benpopken: esp. if her claims are groundless or based on a misunderstanding
benpopken: We really appreciate your being so forthright. Other companies could stand to learn from your example
tiffany: Thank you very much for also being willing to allow my story and to work with me
tiffany: This will hopefully all have a good ending for everyone
tiffany: you can reach us at [redacted] or [redacted] if needed and we will stay in touch for the reweigh
benpopken: Awesome, thanks. I will follow up with you by the end of the week if I don’t hear from you
tiffany: Thank you. Have a good night.
benpopken: Cheers, you too

It’s also noteworthy that ASAP Van Lines has a satisfactory record with the Illinois BBB. They are also not on the blacklist. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. Buran says:

    My brain is melting just trying to parse that. *explodes*

  2. SOhp101 says:

    Summary for the lazy:

    – Moving company was using estimates given by computer program.
    – Stuff was actually heavier and they told customer.
    – Offered a reweigh but customer became belligerent.
    – The moving company does NOT work by cubic feet.
    – They are willing to go to a CWM facility and have her verify it is only her items.

    There are always two sides to a story and sounds like if they’re willing to go to a CWM then they’re pretty legit.

  3. nickripley says:

    You’re welcome! (I tipped her off!!!)

  4. raceroh says:

    As a local freight driver using certified scales shouldn’t even be questioned,we use the scales for light weight(empty)and loaded(gross weight),they are also used when sliding axles to distribute the weight legally.The weight tickets can be used when pulled over randomly by any law enforcement agency(including puco).The idea of using a scale that isn’t correct could cause some severe penalties for the company and drivers involved…no scale house is going to falsify weights and stay in business.The company is right in getting a certified weight…guestimating a weight is a big fine waiting to happen.

  5. Skeptic says:

    Not much to say until the re-weigh…

  6. MikeB says:

    @Skeptic: Not much to say until the re-weigh…
    True, but this is something easily verified and it would be pretty idiotic for Tiffany to lie. I would hazard a guess that they have weighed the stuff already and know what the actual weight is. One good thing in her favor, at least to me, is that she did not say, “Take down the original post, it is wrong”, as has been seen before, but “can I post a rebuttal of the original post.”

  7. chrisgoh says:

    benpopken: Did you ever leave a screaming message?
    tiffany: no I did not

    Simple enough, can the niece provide a copy of the alleged screaming message? Someone is lying and that might be the easiest way to see who it was.

    tiffany: Monday I came to work to find an email linking me to your site and also some harassing emails.

    Shame on anyone who harassed someone based on what is posted here.

  8. krunk4ever says:

    benpopken: We really appreciate your being so forthright. Other companies could stand to learn from your example.

    honestly, if you want companies to respond, i think it would be in consumerist’s best interest to send a nicely formatted email or call the company and ask for their side of the story.

    i mean if you look at a regular newspaper article, they usually try to get both sides of the story, before publishing it. If the other side is unreachable or has no comment, that is stated so in the article itself.

    however, for consumerist, you tend to just post stories. Readers, even when you tell them not to, will go and harass the company in question.

    I mean, are you expecting every company to actually read Consumerist and respond whenever you post a story about them? I would think it would be better if you guys actually go do the questioning and not wait for them to contact you, assuming you want to provide facts and truth and not just fuel your readers into hating a particular company.

  9. homerjay says:

    I for one would like to hear from crayonshinobi on these new developments.

  10. yahonza says:

    While ASAP may be deserving of praise, I would like to praise Ben for the way he handled it, and his general fairness. Great job, another reason The Consumerist is a great site.

  11. Uriel says:

    I donno, Jane says she agreed to cubic feet, tiff says they don’t deal in cubic feet. Sounds like they baited Jane. Ask her to produce the screaming messages. We’ll see sho’s lying.

  12. The_Shadow says:

    @chrisgoh: About the harrassing emails – I whole-heartedly agree. All the readers who sent such messages should definitely be ashamed of themselves.

  13. Bourque77 says:

    @krunk4ever: Most major companies already read this site on a regular basis and never seem to have a comment, i.e. wal-mart and sprint. It would be a good idea for ben and co. to try to get in touch with the companies though but if they dont thats up to them.

  14. rdm says:

    I was just threatened and harassed by a local moving company on a move 30 miles down the road here. We are waiting what the result is – if the owner pays for what they broke – before we post here/call lawyer/complain to BBB.

  15. Tallanvor says:

    It’s a moving company, Tiffany is going to have to do a lot better than that to convince me that the company is the reasonable party here.

    Hmm… I wonder if this is the same company as the one who was found to have charged excessive fees by an arbiter, and was refusing to refund the difference as required. Here’s that link.

  16. othium says:

    This has turned out to be a very interesting development in the story.

    Even if the complaint turns out to be a misunderstanding, I learned so much from the comments and the links to this story that I no longer have a deep, irrational fear of moving. Thanks!

  17. godai says:

    Can I start the conspiracy theories about them hiding lead weights inside the hutch?

  18. homerjay says:

    What? They hid lead weights and 50lbs of cocaine inside the hutch?? Someone should call the local Fox affiliate!

  19. VicMatson says:

    Just out of curiosity, when they weigh the truck how is gas(~10 lb/gal)accounted for?

  20. BK88 says:

    Gas is closer to 6 pounds per gallon.

    “1 gallon of gasoline equals 5.8 to 6.5 lbs”

  21. supersha says:

    …FYI – I’m pretty sure Diesel fuel weighs more than regular gas.

  22. FreemanB says:

    From what was said, they will weigh the truck with her items only. Then they will unload the truck there and weigh it again. The fuel difference will be negligible in this case. I have no idea what they do during normal operations.

  23. chimmike says:

    FYI to the rest of you….it is ILLEGAL to record a conversation without the person’s prior knowledge and consent.

    The consumer in question could be prosecuted for recording the first part of the conversation when “tiffany” didn’t know about it.

  24. chimmike says:

    Also, if the re-weigh isn’t taking place until next week, does this mean that the moving company has to keep posession of her items for that entire time, and not charge a storage fee which they’re entitled to because the items are taking up space in their trailer which could be generating other income?

    Seems to me this woman is getting off easy…..

    This should be a lesson to you, Consumerist….wait until the full story is heard!

  25. Smashville says:

    @chimmike: You must be new here. In the majority of the United States, only one party in the conversation has to be aware of the recording.

  26. Dibbler says:

    It could still be considered a scam. If the rep. gives a low weight estimate which in turn gives a lower fee, the consumer will pick this company to move their items. Once the contract is signed the items are weighed and “OH MY GOD they weigh a bunch more!” so we’ll need to get extra $$$$ from you. It’s called low-balling a bid and is illegal in a lot of areas and at the very least unethical.

  27. crayonshinobi says:


    Well, as I am a third party in this, I cannot speak directly for my mother and my cousin who did have direct contact with ASAP.

    Both of them are enroute to New York right now. I managed to speak with them by cell, but they won’t be able to get to a computer until late afternoon.

    I, of course, heard a very different story than what Tiffany is reporting, but one thing I can confirm is that weight documentation was never given and was asked for countless times. If ASAP had supplied the weight documentation as requested, then I think this would never have become an issue…

    I’ve also asked my cousin to try to get the voicemail message. I only hope that she didn’t delete it…

  28. crayonshinobi says:

    I’d also like to point out that the “satisfactory” record on the BBB for ASAP has a laundry list of issues, and although ASAP isn’t on the Blacklist at, it has a whole thread dedicated to it on their forum.

    Had I known that, I would have warned my family against their use.

  29. I’m glad we used ABT Freightlines ReloCubes for our last move. Cheaper than U-Haul, gentle handling, and no overweight penalty.

  30. Morgan says:

    @chimmike: In addition to Smashville’s comment about the many one-party states out there, people were asking to hear a VOICE MAIL left by Tiffany; in that she knew the message was being recorded (the entire point of leaving a message), there’s nothing illegal about sharing it.

  31. jurgis says:

    I’d say, from reading the other story, that the customer is a bit optimistic about the weight of some of those items… I mean, a decent tablesaw usually weighs around 600 pounds (lots of solid metal), definitely not 140. A bench top saw, yes… but not a table saw.

    And really, it’s incredibly silly to think that a tool would be able to estimate “generic” weights accurately. A bookcase could be made of plastic and weigh 50 lbs or it could be made of solid pieces of maple and plywood and weigh 200 lbs. Maybe the driver was harsh, but the woman sounds a bit vacant.

  32. Trick says:

    Here is the Moving Scam thread…

    With the two sides presenting their case I guess we will know who is more truthful after the reweigh on 05/22/07.

    The original poster has been very quiet after tell their story vs. Tiffany’s complete explanation on what has happened…

  33. Uriel says:


    Yes, that was pretty dumb chimmike, I hope you’re quite ashamed of yourself. Didn’t know a voice-mail was recording her…pfft.

  34. MommaShenobi says:

    Good Morning, I am posting from NY and this is the first chance I had to stop back in. First let me say to Dan that it is always good to get both sides of the story. I appreciate reading what Tiffany had to say because I have not ever been able to carry on a conversation with her. Between her rapid fire speech and screaming over me when I am trying to talk it has been completely frustrating. So thank you Dan, it is helpful to me as well.

    I am only going to respond to the issue’s and not be bogged down in the emotional aspects.

    #1: The moving truck arrives at the residence, packs and puts everything on the truck. Driver returns to my sister (who was at the house specifically for this move). Hands her documents stating she must now be responsible for additional costs of over $300.00. My sister calls me and states that we are being charged more because we took up more space in the truck.
    We are paying for pounds and not space?

    I made the necessary phone calls and have emails backing up this information to the ASAP Van Lines Company. I was assured this is not correct and the scales were broken and that is correct way. It will be corrected when the truck is weighed.

    Forms are given to my sister, one of which states she WILL NOT DISPUTE THE ADDITIONAL CHARGES. She refuses to sign her rights away because there IS a problem with the charges.

    The truck then arrives in Colorado the very next morning (phone calls to my niece verify that they want to make the delivery).

    At this point I am alarmed as I did not AUTHORIZE the truck to leave Chicago. The very least they were to do was weigh the truck and provide the documentation and ammend the contract to reflect the additional charges. THEY DID NOT DO THAT.

    No weigh slips were ever given to me and ASAP was trying to force my niece into accepting this and pay additional charges of $528.00. My niece again refers them back to me and I did not hear from them until this story was posted.

    My previous complaints went to the BBB (filed 5/17)and to FTC (filed on 5/18)have been acknowledged only at this point.

    I called the Colorado Dept. of Weights and Measures and requested their help after reading the post from Steve from Arizona. Thank you Steve!!!

    Logically speaking, would I go through all this IF proper documentation had been given? All they had to do was provide me the truck weights to verify the amount of pounds put on the truck.
    And yes I DID request this information. Being logical again, let’s use Tiffany’s scenerio that I said I didn’t want them. Wouldn’t you as a business owner and a professional send them to me with a written statement saying even though you did not want the weigh tickets, here they are. CYA (cover your arse). An email stating this same information would have been a simple fix, now wouldn’t it?

    This should have been done BEFORE leaving Chicago and MY signature was necessary for the approval of additional costs. An ammendment to the quote in writing to me should have been given to me for my acceptance.

    IF the set was so heavy and the addition of the table saw was a problem then I should have been informed about the increase of pounds. To ship quoting one price and demanding additional money afterwards is fraud.

    Tiffany further states that boxes were added. There were 2 table leafs (18″wide) one set of custom made table pads in ONE box. These items were accounted for on their quote to me. The table saw was not on the original quote, because according to Aaron it would not be a problem to add it since I am not going to meet the minimum of 1800#’s. He said a few times that I still had to pay for minimum pounds even though I was not meeting it.

    The facts are and remain, the set was loaded on the truck and INSTANTLY we were overweight of the minimum. A 33% increase of weight! This from a company that does this for a living. AND we are to believe that Aaron did not compute this properly because he is new.

    I have now requested that ASAP VAN LINES contact me ONLY through email. I am weary of the unprofessional and less than civil phone calls to me. This request has been met with silence.

    To my knowledge (as of this morning) weight slips have not been given to Jonathan of the Dept. of Weights and Measures (Colorado). I had asked him to please forward them to me so that I could see them. Perhaps before the end of this week and before we go to the scales? I hope so.

    So, that’s where things stand right now. I am flying my sister (who was at the house)to Colorado for this procedure. She also took pictures of the entire pack. I am told by Jonathan that the truck weigh is fascinating (I’ll take his word on that). My niece will also
    witness this procedure. Tiffany told Jonathan they will unload the set and weigh it again right there on the spot. That will give our inspectors time to unwrap the furniture.

    As Jonathan said, I can at least provide you documentation and the results. It does not dismiss the legal aspects of price quoting bait and switch (I believe one of your astute posters had pointed out that fraud).

    Thank you again Dan, you run a top notch site. I hope my experience will help the next person – and that is really what this about!

  35. chrisgoh says:

    So what about the screaming phone message? Were you able to provide a copy to Ben?

  36. homerjay says:

    I think Dan Popken sounds better anyway…

  37. coloradogem says:

    My aunt apologizes for writing “Dan” instead of “Ben.” She’s been dealing with Dan Quayle all day and its been driving her nuts! :)

    It appears that Tiffany wants to engage in a he said, she said. The problem is, she cannot produce an ounce of proof for her claim and has not answered some pointed questions or behaved in a professional manner. If she could produce the necessary paperwork, than why doesn’t she share those papers with those that she is supposed to be serving – the customer.

    So again, here’s the facts:
    1) Person contacting, contracting, and working with ASAP Vanlines: mommashanobi

    2) As such, who is the one to give authorization for shipping and accepting higher weight than originally quoted: mommashanobi.

    3) DID mommashobi give permission for extra weight to leave chicago and to pay extra cost: NO NO NO NO

    4) Did I (niece) receive or even learn through Tiffany or an employee of ASAP Vanlines that there was additional weight and an additional charge: NO

    5) Does that matter: not really as I am not the contact with the company (he said she said – did not even give permission to leave chicago or state that I was “already in Colorado” or that I would pay charges. Additionally in he said she said land, she was referred back to contact mommashanobi about the move – did Tiffany do this: FACT – NO)

    6) Did the ASAP Vanlines moving employees attempt to have a waiver signed at the house after stating that it would be more money to pay, without weighing the truck, that gave up a right to dispute the cost and weight: YES

    7) Moreover, was this form signed: NO and the employees were told that there was going to be a dispute as the charges were incorrect

    8) As such, is it reasonable even from this that ASAP vanlines knows that there is most likely going to be a dispute where the truck and items would have be weighed/reweighed: YES

    9) Was contact made with ASAP regarding additional charges being questionable prior to the truck leaving Chicago: YES

    10) Response given by ASAP employee to mommashanobi: “It will be adjusted once we weigh the truck”

    11) Did Tiffany state that shipping generally takes 4 to 7 days: YES

    12) Did it: NO

    13) Did the truck leave Chicago with the furniture prior to having the weight issue/money issue resolved: YES

    14) As such, is this theft by ASAP Vanlines: Possibly. Now, in the process of talking to police to file complaint/report and legal counsel about this issue.

    15) Who contacted weights and measures because they were refused weigh documents: mommashanobi

    16) Line of logic: Would mommashanobi go through the trouble to contact weights and measurements if she had been the one who denied documentation or was provided proof that the items weighed over the estimated value: NO; mommashanobi contacted weights and measures to obtain what she had been denied

    15) More logic: would mommashanobi involve legal counsel and police if she had given permission for the truck to leave chicago at an extra weight and documentation of that extra weight (speaking about fraud here): NO; she contacted these people to seek their advice.

    16) Logic one more time: How could weight be given when the scales were broken, as stated to the mommashanobi by Aaron an employee at ASAP Vanlines?

    17) Did ASAP Vanlines provide a credit for a deposit: NOT that we can tell

    18) Did ASAP Vanlines/Tiffany ever recontact mommashanobi when instructed to do so to straighten out this mess: NO

    Now lets deal in theory (want to take a poll?):
    Who thinks the truck left Chicago early to avoid being reweighed? I do

    Who thinks the truck left Chicago early in attempts to squeeze more money from a customer? I do

    Who thinks these items, if ever delivered, are unharmed? Hard one, but I don’t think they will show up in one piece.

    Who thinks that the items will actually show up to weights and measures? I don’t know. Maybe not unless they figure out how to hide weights in the items – and those items will be thoroughly reviewed by the way.

    Just for me:
    I want to see evidence that states that mommashanobi agreed to this Tiffany as you have claimed she has done and/or evidence/documents that I have given you permission to do anything in any form though I am not the one who hired your company.

  38. chrisgoh says:

    It is all a she said/she said. It seems that the easiest lie to catch one or the other in would be the screaming phone message. If MommaShenobi can produce said recording, it proves Tiffany a liar on that particular fact and puts validity of the rest of her statements in question. If MommaShenobi can’t produce it, then the validity of the rest of her claims comes into question.

  39. MommaShenobi says:

    chrisgoh: My niece is the person who received the screaming voice mail. It is not mine to release.

    It is impossible to have a civil conversation with Tiffany because of her rapid fire speed of talking and she talks over you when you are trying to speak. This results in total frustration and the reason I have directed ASAP VAN LINES that they must email me only. I will not take their phone calls.

    At this point in time I want to focus on the issues and not the treatment we received. That is an emotional issue and not helpful to this case at this point in time.

    I spoke to Jonathan of the Colorado Weights and Measures this afternoon. He stated that Tiffany has assured him he will have the proper weight documentation faxed to him tomorrow. I eagerly await seeing the documentation that we were entitled to and never given.

    I understand from Jonathan the weigh was done in Illinois before they left for Colorado. I have contacted the Illinois Department of Weights and Measures and they said they will be happy to assist us.

  40. chrisgoh says:


    This comment is from a total outsiders perspective based only on what has been presented here.

    Both sides sound completely reasonable here, so that message might be the only piece of tangible evidence to sway the argument.

    If she won’t release it, then from an outsiders perspective it does leave doubts as to whether it exists, which as I said, puts your side of the story in question.

  41. Bobsyouruncleagain says:

    Damn, to much crap over a few hundred dollars. Filing police reports, weaights and measures inspectors, trashing people online and in other forums, all for what? To save a few hundred on a move you added products too? Come on, pay the money and get on with your life. It sounds like you added stuff then set these people up for a free move. You sound way over aggravated over a few hundred dollars, especially when you had others at your move instead of you.

    Its an easy scam. You play as if your out of town on your move, have others at the move location to claim stupidity, play on the new guy out trying to handle your move, then when its all said and done, complain to everyone that they screwed you. The real scammers are shown when it was said that you would let them keep your stuff, which means to me that it isn’t even worth the money to move it.

    Anyone who had decent valued property would have just paid the 200 and moved on. Instead it looks as if you tried to move junk and get someone else to pay for it, which in this case is the moving company. Then you make all these wild claims of irritaing screaming phone calls, which you now claim someone else owns and cannot provide. Then you demand a company to produce paperwork in public or in a public venue, when you know privacy laws keep them from doing so. Then if they did produce anything you would sue them for doing so.

    You sound like some ragged out ghetto junkie who has one of those pre-paid credit cards and cant afford to move your useless junk, so you conned some moving company with a decent rep to move your garbage so you could then flame them to death over some simple mistakes all in the nature of getting a free move out of them.

    I would like to see pictures of your junk out of the truck to even see if its worth anything. Especially after you told them to keep it. No one would tell a moving company to keep their things unless it was total garbage.

    Your a scammer until proven different.

    I say the moving company is probably in the right.


  42. crayonshinobi says:

    @Bobsyouruncleagain: Wow…You’re a moron.

  43. chrisgoh says:

    While Bob is very blunt in his point, the point is still pretty valid. Crayons response just makes be doubt their story more.

    You chose the use this public forum to help your case, now that you are being questioned the best you can do is insult the person questioning you? Had Tiffany responded in a similar manner to questions, you’d be jumping all over her.

  44. MommaShenobi says:

    chrisgoh, the only point Bob covered is the one on his head.

    I chose not to respond to Bob because of his obvious lack of reading comprehension.

    For you to put validity in what is obviously a total misrepresentation of the facts is beyond comprehension. Bob cherry-picked information that is felt was beneficial to making his case about us, omitting pertintent information.

    Bob’s recollection of fact is inaccurate, his intrepretation of of them is confused, and the logic is flawed beyond comprehension.

    Of course Crayon is able to state and sum up in one word to Bob what just took me a few paragraphs.

  45. chrisgoh says:


    Thanks for reinforcing my point by also insulting Bob. Like I said, he may have been pretty blunt, but he still made a point, which you are free to disagree with.

    While I am sure the facts of this matter look crystal clear to you, you have to admit that you are hardly impartial with regards to this matter.

    Both sides tell completely different stories. Clearly one is lying.

    With zero documentation for us to see here, it comes down to deciding who is believable and that really is a matter of character. So with that in mind, here is how I see it based on the few things we can know for sure. You claimed a screaming message from Tiffany, she denies it. That she screamed or not is really relevant, but your refusal to turn it over leads to the conclusion that it did not really happen, putting the rest of your story in doubt. And frankly, your insults of Bob are really another shot at your character. Finally, Tiffany had an actual conversation with Ben making it harder to tell consistent lies than it would be to do in an e-mail. If they really were in the wrong, I doubt they would be so open in this manner, as it would make them look even worse if they are caught trying to cover it up.

    Produce the voicemail, you can prove Tiffany lied about it in the conversation with Ben, seems easy enough. You don’t even have to let everyone listen to it, I think just letting Ben here it should suffice.

  46. Ponygirl says:

    I did not find Tiffany’s story compelling at all. Tiffany’s story lacks the details of the original. Mommashenobi details smack of honest outrage and righteous indignation of a truly wronged person. Ultimately that shipment should have never left Chicago without the customer’s signature on the adjusted price. That flat out ends the discussion for me. The rush to Colorado seems a little suspicious to me.

    Re: the message, I hardly think the fact that it hasn’t been produced casts doubt on the situation. Personally if there was screaming message in my voice mail I wouldn’t keep it. Perhaps it would be better to do so in the long run, but Christ, don’t we all throw out something that in retrospect it might have been better to keep?

  47. Ponygirl says:

    Nor would I (or most people) know how to get a message off my Voice Mail and onto the internets for ya’ll to listen too.

  48. chrisgoh says:

    Ponygirl –

    Very simple if you have a microphone on your computer, put it next to the speaker on the phone, play message and record with your choice of software (windows has a recorder built in).

  49. chrisgoh says:

    and if someone left a screaming message in my phone about me owing them money, you can be sure I would keep it.

    Also, they never said they deleted it, in fact from my perspective they carefully danced around the status of the message, which to me makes it seem like they were caught in a lie.

  50. Bobsyouruncleagain says:

    Ok, so, where did this end up? Its way past the time for a resolution. Who won, who lost?

  51. chrisgoh says:

    There was an update posted on the 30th, but now it seems to have disappeared from the site. It will come up if you search ASAP, but you can’t get to the detail. Here is all I could get from the summary on the search page –

    “Update On That ASAP Van Lines Dispute
    30 MAY 2007 – The reweigh for the reader in a dispute with ASAP Van Lines over her moving bill has been moved forward to sometime after June 3rd.The reweigh was planned for yesterday, but according to Tiffany at ASAP, “[b]ecause of the timing for the holiday … »”

  52. FinanceGuru says:


    Here’s your crow.

    Dig in.